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The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing El Cid Builds in Rise of Kingdoms


Are you utilizing El Cid in your Rise of Kingdoms marches? Are you unsure about how to allocate talent points, what equipment to use, or which commanders to pair with El Cid? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will address all of these inquiries to ensure that you maximize El Cid’s potential in any situation.

Evaluating El Cid’s Ranking

El Cid is currently regarded as an S-Tier commander. However, it is important to consider his ranking in different game modes. Check out my up-to-date tier list, which provides insight into El Cid’s performance across various game modes in Rise of Kingdoms.

Skill Order

When you upgrade El Cid’s stars, you also unlock new skills. This allows you to strategically prioritize which skills to enhance first, as not all skills are equally valuable. By investing sculptures wisely, you can optimize El Cid’s impact on the battlefield. In my opinion, there is only one optimal path for skill upgrades for El Cid.

Begin by maximizing his 1st skill, Famous Warrior, before advancing to his 2nd skill, Poem of El Cid. The additional damage factor may appear insignificant, but it significantly boosts your overall damage output. It is crucial to prioritize this skill after maxing out El Cid’s primary skill.

Some individuals choose to upgrade El Cid to 4 stars to unlock his 4th skill. However, I recommend maxing out his 3rd skill first, as it provides a constant bonus. On the other hand, the 4th skill’s bonus only activates when your health falls below 50%. To summarize, prioritize maximizing El Cid’s skills in their designated order to maximize his effectiveness.

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Best Troops

As El Cid excels in open field battles, it is essential to include as many archers as possible in your march. Ideally, your march should consist solely of archers, as El Cid’s 3rd skill’s march speed bonus only applies to archers. Other troop types will slow you down.

Best Commander Pairings for El Cid

  • Frederick: If you enjoy open field battles, Frederick is an excellent commander to pair with El Cid. Check out the talent builds for Frederick to optimize this pairing.
  • Julius Caesar: Similar to Frederick, Julius Caesar complements El Cid’s strengths in open field battles. Explore the talent builds for Julius Caesar to further enhance this pairing.
  • Mehmed II: Alongside Frederick or Caesar, Mehmed II can be a formidable open field pairing with El Cid. Discover the talent builds for Mehmed II to maximize their synergy.
  • Yi-Seong Gye (YSG): Yi-Seong Gye is a phenomenal option for rallying with El Cid as the primary commander. Their cooperation yields incredible synergies. Don’t miss out on the talent builds for Yi-Seong Gye (YSG) to unleash their combined power.
  • Ramesses: Another excellent pairing for El Cid is Ramesses. The shared archer synergy between them is unquestionably worthwhile. Explore the talent builds for Ramesses to optimize this combination.

For more information on the most effective commander pairings, refer to our detailed guide.

Best Equipment

When it comes to equipping El Cid, follow this recommended route: As an Archery commander, begin with items from the Revival set, Golden Age, and Flame Threads. These provide a solid foundation before transitioning to stronger legendary equipment. However, as El Cid frequently takes on the role of a rally captain, you should prioritize the toughest archery-guided gear available for maximum effectiveness.

  • Horn of Fury: This equipment item enables El Cid to cycle through his active skill more frequently, allowing for more frequent use. When combined with the specified talent build, El Cid’s cycling speed will progressively increase.

  • Ring of Doom: This item provides a flat percentage increase in damage, affecting all damage inflicted by El Cid, including both normal attacks and skill damage.

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Best Talent Builds for El Cid

Below, you will find talent tree builds for El Cid that make the most sense when using him as the primary commander in any Rise of Kingdoms march. Each talent tree is accompanied by a description explaining the recommended talent allocation and additional insights that you will find beneficial.

El Cid Talent Tree

This build is optimal for open field activities that require extended range and march speed. To achieve the desired outcome, specifically when customizing this build for an incompletely maxed El Cid, you should follow these steps:

  • Skill (30 Points): Prioritize march speed to ensure you can catch up to other armies or prevent them from fleeing. In open field battles, speed is key. Aim to obtain the additional 6% march speed bonus.
  • Archer (46 Points): This talent tree adds the necessary damage, particularly when employing a full archer army, which is recommended for El Cid. Remember to allocate leftover points to the Archer Tree without neglecting march speed bonuses.

El Cid Talent Tree

This secondary build shares similarities with the previous one, but focuses less on rage. Personally, I favor the build that incorporates rage, as it accelerates the activation of El Cid’s disarming skill, providing a substantial advantage. However, I want to acknowledge that some players swear by this particular build. Here are the key differences:

  • Skill (30 Points): Allocate more points to the skill tree before transitioning to the Archer tree. This minor adjustment distinguishes this alternative build. Ultimately, the choice between the two builds depends on personal preference.

El Cid Talent Tree

As El Cid excels in rallying objectives, the following talent build is specifically tailored for rally leading. While this build was heavily utilized during KvK events, it remains a robust option for various scenarios. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Skill (44 Points): Prioritize unlocking Rejuvenate as quickly as possible to restore rage, which significantly contributes to your success. Following that, your goal should be to obtain Feral Nature in the skill tree.
  • Archer (30 Points): Transition to the Archer tree and unlock Razor Sharp and Venomous Sting. Once accomplished, you have achieved the most crucial milestones. Any remaining points can be spent at your discretion. I recommend obtaining Rapid Fire and Arrows Nocked, as they complement this build effectively.
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I trust that this guide has provided you with actionable insights to efficiently invest your time and resources in El Cid. If you found it helpful or have any questions, suggestions, or additional annotations that could enhance this guide, please feel free to share them in the comments section below. Thank you for reading, and have a fantastic day in the kingdoms!

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