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Elden Ring: Locating the Grave Scythe and Its Whereabouts

In the realm of Elden Ring, the Grave Scythe stands as one of the superior options among the two ordinary Reaper weapons available. Whether paired with the Halo Scythe or the Winged Scythe to harness their unique Ashes of War or dual-wielded for maximum bloodshed, the Grave Scythe remains an enticing choice. For those seeking this weapon, fear not, as it is possible to farm it as well.

This comprehensive Elden Ring guide aims to reveal the exact location at which the Grave Scythe can be found in the vast expanse of the Lands Between. In addition, it will delve into its passive attributes, skill abilities, and base stats, allowing you to determine whether it aligns with your desired playstyle or build.

Unearthing the Grave Scythe in Elden Ring

Elden Ring: Locating the Grave Scythe & Its Location

To obtain the Grave Scythe, one must venture into the world of Elden Ring and search for the scythe-wielding skeletons that inhabit its graveyards. The most straightforward method to farm this weapon is to make your way to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. Descend the western hill, and you will come across a sizable graveyard, within which three skeletons brandish the coveted Grave Scythe.

Every scythe-wielding skeleton eliminated presents an opportunity for the Grave Scythe to drop. Remember to strike their glowing bones once they crumble to ensure a conclusive demise.

For higher drop rates, it is advisable to enhance your Item Discovery through the Arcane stat, as well as make use of the Silver Pickled Fowl Foot and the Silver Scarab acquired from the Hidden Path to the Haligtree.

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Grave Scythe Passives and Skill Abilities

Elden Ring: Locating the Grave Scythe & Its Location

Initially, the Grave Scythe does not possess any extraordinary abilities. However, its base damage, reach, and moveset effectively compensate for this “shortcoming.” Augmenting the Grave Scythe with Bloodflame Blade serves as an excellent means of increasing both its damage output and blood loss buildup. Furthermore, equipping it with Blood or Cold infusions further amplifies its potential for devastation.

By default, the Grave Scythe employs the Spinning Slash Ash of War. While this move suffices, utilizing the Double Slash or Sword Dance provides a multi-hit combo that induces blood loss or Frostbite buildup. The latter is particularly favored, as it propels your character forward a significant distance during the animation.

Keep in mind that Reapers possess a sweet spot damage mechanic. Thus, aim to strike with the blade of the Grave Scythe rather than its haft. Equipping this weapon additionally enhances your Vitality and Immunity attributes, augmenting your resistance to Death and Poisons/Blights, respectively.

Grave Scythe Stats

Elden Ring: Locating the Grave Scythe & Its Location

To provide greater insight, here are the base stats of the Grave Scythe:

  • Damage type: Slash
  • Ability: Spinning Slash (FP cost — 6, 12 for the full combo)
  • Weight: 7.0
  • Attack Power:
    • Physical: 114
    • Magic: 0
    • Fire: 0
    • Lightning: 0
    • Holy: 0
    • Critical: 100
  • Guarded Damage Negation:
    • Physical: 49
    • Magic: 33
    • Fire: 33
    • Lightning: 33
    • Holy: 33
    • Guard Boost: 33
  • Attribute Scaling:
    • STR: D
    • DEX: D
  • Attributes Required:
    • STR: 17
    • DEX: 13
  • Passive Effects:
    • Blood loss buildup (55)

While obtaining the Grave Scythe early in your Elden Ring journey poses little challenge, its potency remains unhindered. Armed with the information provided, you are now equipped to embark on your quest to secure this formidable weapon. Do note that other weapons, such as the Uchigatana and Moonveil, are similarly accessible early on and complement the Grave Scythe beautifully. For further guidance, our Elden Ring guides hub offers an abundance of information regarding weapons, abilities, and equipment.

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