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Elden Ring Raging Wolf Build: A Comprehensive Guide

Elden Ring Raging Wolf Build
Image Source: Chinese Portal

In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of the Raging Wolf class from the Elden Ring Closed Network Test. By improving and refining its aspects, we will create a well-balanced and formidable build that can excel even in New Game + and beyond. Developed through my personal experience, this build focuses on both aesthetics and performance, ensuring that you look good while dominating your enemies.

The Appearance and Weapons

Image Source: Chinese Portal

To begin, let’s recreate the character’s appearance from the trailers and promotional artwork of Elden Ring. The Tarnished wears the Raging Wolf armor set, with a modified chest plate. Equip yourself with a Bastard Sword, easily obtainable from the nomadic merchant near the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace for 3000 Runes. Complementing the sword, acquire an Iron Roundshield from the Nomadic merchant southeast of the Coastal Cave in Limgrave for 900 Runes.

Besides meeting the minimum requirements of Vigour and Endurance, you only need 16 Strength and 10 Dexterity to wield these armaments.

Exploration is essential in the world of Elden Ring to acquire various items and equipment crucial for the Raging Wolf build. To obtain the Raging Wolf armor set, progress through the Volcano Manor questline and visit the Royal Capital in Leyndell. Avoiding spoilers, I won’t delve into the details of the quest.

Now that you’ve recreated the character’s appearance, let’s move on to customizing the build further.


Image Source: Chinese Portal

Adjusting stats according to your playstyle is crucial for this build. The main focus is stance-breaking and landing critical hits. The higher your level, the more effective this build becomes. Assuming a level of 200 or higher, you can wield multiple weapons without being encumbered. If your level is lower, prioritize leveling Strength to 66 or higher and Dexterity to around 15.

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Avoid investing points in Magic-related attributes. Focus on Strength, Vigour, and Endurance. Personally, with a character level of 200+, I have 99 Strength, 16 Dexterity, 80 Vigour, and 50 Endurance. Although these values can differ, allocate points reasonably based on your preferences.

The Weapons and Shield

If you desire a different sword instead of the Bastard Sword, consider using either the Banished Knight’s Greatsword or the reliable Claymore. Both exhibit excellent move sets and deal substantial damage when upgraded to +25. Your choice of wielding them one-handed or two-handed depends on the situation. If you prefer a Strength-focused character, consider imbuing your weapons with the Heavy affinity.

Image Source: Chinese Portal

For the shield, you can opt for a medium shield such as the Brass shield or the Banished Knight’s shield if you wish to upgrade from the Iron Roundshield.

There are two additional weapons worth mentioning—one as a backup and the other for critical damage. When facing formidable foes, utilize the max-level Heavy Nightrider’s Glaive, which boasts an S in Strength scaling. For critical hits, the Misericorde dagger performs magnificently, provided you upgrade it to the 25th level. Its staggering 140 Critical Damage ensures devastating blows upon repostes or stance breaks.

If three weapons seem excessive, replace the greatsword with the Nightrider Glaive. It is one of the best Strength weapons and synergizes perfectly with this build. I personally prefer using three weapons to harness different attacks and explore diverse gameplay strategies.

Arranging your weapons in a specific order allows for quick switching. Take the time to practice this technique if you’re a beginner.

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As for Ashes of War, equip the Lion’s Claw AoW on your greatsword. It significantly weakens enemy defenses. For the Nightrider Glaive, I recommend the Braggart’s Roar AoW. This transforms heavy attacks into charged, powerful combos that also help break enemy posture.

Choosing a specific AoW for the Misericorde is not crucial, but I prefer utilizing the Bloodhound’s Step to facilitate tactical retreats. For your shield, consider equipping the Carian Retaliation parry, widely regarded as the best parry in the game. It effectively parries magical projectiles, converting them into damage.

With high Endurance, you can carry all these weapons without being overburdened. I advise investing in Endurance, especially for NG+ and beyond.


Elden Ring Raging Wolf Build
Image Source: Chinese Portal

While you can choose any armor that suits your taste, sticking to the Raging Wolf theme enhances the build. Opt for the Raging Wolf helmet and chest plate. As for greaves and gloves, I recommend the Bull Goat Greaves and Gauntlets. This combination not only provides excellent protection but also presents an aesthetically pleasing overall appearance.


Talismans play a significant role in this build, tailored to complement your equipment and playstyle.

The Assassin’s Crimson Dagger replenishes lost health when landing critical hits. Use the Great-Jar Arsenal to manage weight effectively. Employ the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman to nullify physical damage, and utilize the Dagger Talisman to amplify critical damage further.


Entering the battlefield with both the greatsword and shield equipped sets the stage for combat. Parry using the shield, swiftly switch to the Misericorde, and deliver a crushing critical hit. This restores some lost health, thanks to the Assassin’s Crimson Dagger.

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For swiftly damaging enemies, rely on the Lion’s Claw AoW to weaken their stance. In the event of a stance break, swap to the Misericorde. If you encounter heavily armored foes with substantial health, adopt a two-handed grip on the Nightrider Glaive.

Image Source: Chinese Portal

By activating the Braggart’s Roar, you bolster your damage resistance, attack power, and stamina regeneration rate. Utilize the Nightrider Glaive’s heavy combo move set to overwhelm enemies before delivering a finishing blow with the Misericorde. Mastering the art of switching weapons swiftly requires practice, but you will gradually gain proficiency.

Regarding Mixed Physick, customize it to suit your needs. In most cases, this build operates optimally without assistance from Spirit Ashes. However, if assistance becomes necessary, consult the list of Best Ashes of War in Elden Ring.

This build is advanced and requires technical finesse. It may not be the most powerful or broken build in the game, but that was never the intention. It provides a sophisticated melee experience that enhances the enjoyment of combat.

Elden Ring Raging Wolf Build
Image Source: Chinese Portal

Now armed with the knowledge to create the Raging Wolf build, venture forth into the world of Elden Ring and leave a trail of defeated enemies in your wake. May your journey be perilous yet rewarding, as you embody the might of the Tarnished.

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