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5 Best Solar Fragments for Hunters in Destiny 2

Bungie’s revamped version of the Solar subclass in Destiny 2 has brought about a plethora of new aspects and fragments that offer endless possibilities for Solar Hunters. With the introduction of Cure, Restoration, and Radiant, Solar Hunters have become more formidable than ever before.

In this article, we will delve into the top Solar fragments for Hunters in Destiny 2 and explore their benefits. Please note that this list is subjective and reflects the writer’s opinions.

Understanding the Solar 3.0 Terms

Before we dive into the best Solar fragments for Hunters, it’s crucial to familiarize ourselves with the new terms introduced by Bungie. These terms include:

  • Cure: Provides a significant health regeneration.
  • Restoration: Continuously regenerates health and shields without interruption, even while taking damage.
  • Radiant: Increases weapon damage and stuns Barrier Champions.
  • Scorch: Inflicts damage over time on enemies, causing them to Ignite after accumulating a certain number of stacks.
  • Ignite: Triggers a large Solar explosion that deals damage in an area around the enemy and stuns Unstoppable Champions.
  • Firesprite: Grants grenade energy when picked up and provides Restoration if paired with Ember of Mercy.

Ember of Torches – Amplifying Radiant Power

Ember of Torches Fragment

Ember of Torches is undoubtedly one of the best Solar fragments in Destiny 2’s Solar 3.0 subclass. By attacking combatants with your powered melee, this fragment activates Radiant not just for you, but also for your allies. In PvE, Radiant enhances weapon damage by 25% and boosts it by 10% in PvP for a duration of 10 seconds. However, it comes at the cost of reducing your Discipline by 10.

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Ember of Torches is a must-have for Hunters looking to optimize their Solar DPS builds, as it provides a damage buff comparable to Well of Radiance and Weapons of Light. To maximize its potential, pair it with Hunter Aspects like Knock’ Em Down, which refunds your melee ability on every kill while Radiant.

Ember of Empyrean – Unleashing Infinite Abilities

Ember of Empyrean

For those who relish the idea of having constant Radiant and Restoration, Ember of Empyrean is the perfect choice in Destiny 2. This fragment extends the duration of Restoration or Radiant effects by three seconds with every final blow delivered through a Solar weapon or ability. However, it comes at the cost of reducing your Resilience by 10.

Ember of Empyrean allows you to maintain your Radiant and Restoration buffs indefinitely, making it indispensable for Solar Hunter PvE builds. Just remember to pair it with other fragments that activate Radiant and Restoration, as Ember of Empyrean does not proc these effects on its own.

Ember of Ashes – Mastering the Art of Scorch

Ember of Ashes

With the revamped Solar subclass, Bungie introduced a plethora of buffs and debuffs in Destiny 2. Scorch, one of the most potent debuffs Hunters can utilize in both PvP and PvE, takes center stage.

Ember of Ashes increases the number of Scorch stacks inflicted on enemies by 50% in both PvE and PvP. This Solar fragment enables you to easily trigger ignite with your grenades, melee attacks, or any other abilities that provide Scorch. To maximize its effectiveness, consider pairing Ember of Ashes with Ember Of Char, as the synergy between these fragments enhances the spread of Scorch to multiple targets.

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Ember Of Searing – Harnessing the Power of Scorched Enemies

Ember Of Searing

Ember of Searing focuses on granting melee energy and the Firesprite buff when defeating scorched enemies in Destiny 2. Firesprite, another buff introduced with the Solar 3.0 update, grants grenade energy when picked up. By utilizing Ember of Searing, you can replenish both melee and grenade energy upon defeating scorched enemies, while also increasing your Recovery by 10.

Solar Hunters can combine Ember of Searing with Ember of Mercy, which grants Restoration buffs from the Firesprites. This combination ensures unparalleled survivability in Destiny 2’s PvE content.

Ember Of Solace – Prolonging Restoration and Radiant Effects

Ember Of Solace

Ember Of Solace stands as another top-tier Solar fragment, offering a 50% increased duration for Restoration and Radiant effects applied to Guardians in Destiny 2. It’s important to note that Ember Of Solace differs from Ember of Empyrean; while the latter extends the timer with every Solar kill, Ember Of Solace increases the base duration, which cannot be further extended.

Ember Of Solace is a valuable addition to any Solar Hunter’s arsenal, ensuring extended Restoration and Radiant effects. Bolster your team’s resilience by equipping this fragment in your Destiny 2 adventures.

Remember, these Solar fragments for Hunters in Destiny 2 provide incredible opportunities to customize your gameplay and create synergistic builds. Choose the fragments that align with your playstyle and dominate the Solar subclass with confidence.

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