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How to Get Empirical Evidence in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen, the game’s 13th season, has arrived with new adventures and challenges for players. One of the exciting additions in this season is Battlegrounds, a new activity that allows players to team up and face formidable enemies. In this article, we will explore how to obtain the powerful sidearm weapon known as Empirical Evidence in Destiny 2, as well as its drop rates, god rolls, and crafting possibilities.

The Journey Begins

The main storyline of Season of the Chosen revolves around a new threat called the Cabal, led by Empress Caiatl. To protect the Last City and thwart the Cabal’s ambitions, players must join forces with Commander Zavala and Osiris. Along the way, they will discover new weapons, armor, and unique equipment. Among these new additions, Empirical Evidence has quickly become a favorite among players.

Best Way to Obtain Empirical Evidence

To increase your chances of obtaining Empirical Evidence, it’s important to complete the Battlegrounds activity. However, it’s worth noting that this weapon only drops at the end of Silver and Gold tier Battlegrounds. It does not appear in Bronze tier Battlegrounds. So, make sure to finish the activity to boost your chances of getting this powerful sidearm.

Empirical Evidence can also drop from the following activities:

  • Crucible matches: Engage in intense PvP battles against other players across various game modes.
  • Strikes: Team up with other Guardians to overcome challenging PvE objectives.
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal: Test your skills in difficult PvE missions, with unique rewards for completion.
  • Trials of Osiris: Form a three-person team and compete in high-stakes PvP matches for exclusive rewards.
  • Iron Banner: Participate in regular Crucible events that offer significant rewards for victorious matches.
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Drop Rates and Crafting

Empirical Evidence has a relatively low drop rate, meaning that you might have to put in some grind to acquire it. Completing the Battlegrounds activity, introduced in Season of the Chosen, provides a chance for the weapon to drop. However, the drop rate is not guaranteed. You may need to attempt it multiple times or wait for a future update that increases the drop rate. Teaming up with a fireteam can also enhance your chances of obtaining the weapon.

Unfortunately, Empirical Evidence cannot be crafted in Destiny 2. The only way to obtain it is by completing the Battlegrounds activity and hoping for it to drop at the end of the run.

Seeking the Perfect Roll

Empirical Evidence comes with several advantageous perks that make it a desirable weapon in Destiny 2. A god roll for this weapon would typically include perks like Feeding Frenzy, which increases reload speed after a kill, and Kill Clip, which provides additional damage after reloading. Zen Moment, which improves stability, and Snapshot Sights, which enhances aim-down-sights speed, are also coveted perks. It’s important to note that the perfect god roll may vary depending on personal preference and playstyle. Exploring different perk combinations and grinding for the right rolls will help you discover your optimum Empirical Evidence setup.

Empirical Evidence in Action

Empirical Evidence proves its worth as a reliable and versatile sidearm in both PvP and PvE activities. In PvP, its fast rate of fire and good stability enable it to excel in close-range combat. Its lightweight design allows for swift movement, making it easier to close the gap on enemies and evade incoming fire. Additionally, perks like Quickdraw and Moving Target enhance its agility and accuracy.

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In PvE encounters, this sidearm is particularly effective against weaker foes such as Thralls, Acolytes, and Dregs. Its rapid-fire frame can decimate swarms of lesser enemies. However, when facing tougher enemies or bosses, Empirical Evidence may struggle to deal significant damage.


If you’re a fan of Destiny 2, acquiring the Empirical Evidence sidearm should be high on your priority list. Although it may take some time due to its low drop rate, the benefits of obtaining this weapon are well worth the effort. Just remember that it cannot be crafted and must be earned through the completion of Battlegrounds and other related activities.

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