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How to Complete the Vexcalibur Quest / NODE.OVRD.AVALON in Destiny 2

The Vex Glaive, an Exotic weapon that has been highly anticipated, is finally available in the second week of the Season of Defiance. With Winterbite being removed as a potential Raid Weapon, now is the perfect time to embark on the Vexcalibur Quest and obtain this powerful weapon. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to complete the Vexcalibur Quest / NODE.OVRD.AVALON in Destiny 2.

Step 1. Enter the Vex Network

To begin the quest, enter the mysterious AVALON node of the Vex Network. Speak to the Harpy at the hidden entrance in the cave, and you will find yourself in a luminous purple cave. Jump down the Vex slide in front of you to enter the geometric maze of the Vex network.

Explore the Vex Network

Navigate through the maze, following the platforms and defeating the Harpies along the way. Eventually, you will reach a long platform with the option to go left or right. It doesn’t matter which way you choose, as both paths lead to the same destination. Along the way, you will encounter Vex Milk rivers and face off against enemies.

Input Access Codes 0/3

After navigating through the maze, you will come across a section where you need to input access codes. This can be challenging if you are playing solo, as any death will send you back to the beginning. However, with a fireteam, the task becomes much easier.

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Clear out the mobs of Goblins and Minotaurs, making sure to take out the Hobgoblins on the platforms. Once enough enemies are defeated, you will receive the task to “Enter Access Codes.” Look for a Vex pillar in the center that displays three shapes. Shoot the shapes in the correct order, from top to bottom, to progress.

Once the first set of codes is input correctly, another set will appear on the left-hand side of the platform arena. Shoot these shapes in the correct order as well. Finally, jump onto the far platform and locate the last code near the Vex portal on the left side.

Clear Vex and Enter the Access Codes

Upon completing the previous step, a Vex wall will open, and you will face a swarm of Vex enemies. Clear them out carefully, as dying will set you back to the beginning. Make your way to the top of the arena, where you will encounter two Wyverns and face more resistance.

After defeating the enemies, you will need to input three access codes into a tower. The first code is located to the left of the Vex portal, the second code is to the right of the Vex portal, and the final code can be found between the two Vex portals, near a small hole.

Defeat the Vex

Once the access codes are input correctly, the Vex barrier will fall, allowing you to progress. Prepare to face a significant resistance of Minotaurs, Goblins, and a yellow-bar Wyvern. Take them down strategically and proceed along the blue pathway.

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Explore the Vex Network

As you continue exploring the Vex Network, you will come across a Vex waterfall and a narrow crawlspace that you can walk through. Be cautious of the triangle doors, as they can pose a threat. Utilize the narrow ridges and platforms to navigate through the Vex milk, and carefully make your way through the tunnel.

Defeat Brakion

After traversing the tunnel, you will reach a large platform. Jump across towards the orb and touch it to be transported into the first boss arena, Corrupted Data Management.

To complete this encounter, you must clear out the Vex enemies and wait for the Corrupted Fanatics to arrive. They will drop pink triangles, known as Data Fragments, that you need to slam into the Vex artifact in the center of the ring. Collect a specific number of these Data Fragments to progress.

Survive three rounds of Vex Gambit and defeat Data Nullifier, a yellow bar-Hydra. Once the Hydra is defeated, the Vex barrier will drop, allowing you to enter the Node Core.

Enter the Node Core

Head towards the giant Vex Barrier along the wall and descend towards the platform. Beware of the Wyvern below and land on the platform where it was. Navigate through the narrow ridges, crouching under a wall to reach the other side.

Defeat Brakion (Stage 2 and 3)

In the next phase, Brakion will be confined in a cage. Clear out the mobs until a Vex artifact appears in the center. Look for pyramid-shaped windows on the floor, located on either side of Brakion. One of the windows will display the code that you need to input into the Vex artifact. Take down the Cyclops before checking the windows, and once the code is input correctly, you can enter another damage phase.

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For the final stage, continue damaging Brakion while being mindful of the small arena and Brakion’s stomping attacks. Defeat him, and his head will pop off, signaling the end of the battle.

Claim the Vexcalibur

Approach the Vex waterfall, where an Awoken figure is suspended within. Claim the Vex Glaive, known as Vexcalibur, and take it to the H.E.L.M. to claim it as your own.

That concludes the guide on how to complete the Vexcalibur Quest / NODE.OVRD.AVALON in Destiny 2. Embark on this challenging quest and obtain the powerful Vex Glaive to enhance your arsenal in the fight against the Vex. Good luck, Guardian!

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