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Ever Legion Tier List – Unleash the Best Heroes

Ever Legion is an exciting RPG game with turn-based battles, offering the chance to earn incredible rewards and compete against other players. As the game evolves and new scenarios unfold, it becomes crucial to optimize your team by summoning and leveling up the heroes with the best stats and skills. Our comprehensive Ever Legion Tier List is here to guide you in making the right decisions, featuring the top-tier heroes and the ones you should avoid.

What Sets the Tier List Apart

We have categorized the heroes into four tiers, ranging from C to S, with S being the highest. Our evaluation is based on their skills, classes, and overall usefulness in battle. It’s important to note that we haven’t taken into account the rarity of heroes because their rank can be increased, giving them a chance to shine. Additionally, we excluded non-Mythical rarity heroes as it wouldn’t be fair to compare them to Mythical heroes.

While the C tier lists the heroes with the least impact in the late game, it doesn’t mean they are completely useless. They might not be as effective as the higher-tier heroes, but they can still contribute to your team’s success. With that said, let’s delve into the Ever Legion Tier List.

Ever Legion Tier List: S Tier (Best Heroes)


Niviana - best hero in Ever Legion

Niviana is the epitome of strength and versatility, making her the overall best hero in Ever Legion. Not only does she possess one of the highest base attack stats, but she also wields powerful area-of-effect spells and critical buffs that boost the attack power of her allies. Equipping her with artifacts like Daios’ Blessing or Farman’s Vision can further enhance her stats. You can recruit Niviana through Tavern, S1 The Fearless, S3 Evil Awakens, or Seer’s Gifts.

  • Faction: Illuminated
  • Main Role: AoE
  • Class: Mage
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Malakith hero Ever Legion

Malakith is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is he a formidable damage dealer, but he also possesses the ability to deal heavy damage to backline enemies. Moreover, his fourth skill allows him to transform into a spirit upon defeat, continuing to attack enemies while remaining immune to damage and crowd control. Summon Malakith through Tavern, S1 Born to Lead, or Seer’s Gifts.

  • Faction: Eternal
  • Main Role: Assassin
  • Class: Ranger


Godfrey - best tank hero Ever Legion

Godfrey stands as the paragon of tank heroes in Ever Legion, boasting impressively high HP and defense stats. With these attributes, he can endure massive amounts of damage and protect his allies from harm. Additionally, his fourth skill grants him immunity to damage when his HP drops below 40%, allowing him to heal himself. Enhance Godfrey’s battle prowess with artifacts like Cyansel’s Nourishment. You can summon Godfrey through Tavern, S2 Fear Spreads, S2 The Stalwarts, and Seer’s Gifts.

  • Faction: Illuminated
  • Main Role: Tank
  • Class: Tank

Esia & Arnoth (Support)

Esia Arnoth hero Ever Legion

Esia and Arnoth are a dynamic duo that elevates any team they join. They provide powerful buffs that can turn the tide of battle. When one is hurt, the other protects them, creating a symbiotic bond. For instance, when Esia is affected by control spells, Arnoth removes them and shields her. Similarly, when Arnoth takes damage, Esia teleports to his side, knocking back enemies and dealing damage. Obtain Esia & Arnoth through Tavern, S2 Fear Spreads, S2 The Stalwarts, and Seer’s Gifts.

  • Faction: Euda-Anointed
  • Main Role: Buffer
  • Class: Support


Seithmann - best healer hero in Ever Legion

Seithmann stands as the pinnacle of healing in Ever Legion, excelling not only in healing but also in buffing allies, making them stronger in battle. Surprisingly, he also deals an impressive amount of damage for a healer, making him an all-rounder worth considering. To enhance his potential, equip him with Farman’s Vision, which accelerates energy recovery. Acquire Seithmann through Tavern, S1 Golden Few, and Seer’s Gifts.

  • Faction: Ardent
  • Main Role: Healer
  • Class: Support
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Ever Legion Tier List: A Tier (Good)

Here are the heroes in the A tier who are still exceptional choices for your team:


Edward hero Ever Legion

Edward is a capable hero with the ability to deal substantial damage through skill attacks. Not only can he target multiple enemies simultaneously, but he can also reduce their HP recovery speed, making him invaluable in prolonged battles. His passive ability increases his critical strike rate, further augmenting his attack power. While not as formidable as Malakith, Edward is a fantastic alternative. Summon Edward through Tavern, Seer’s Gifts, and S1 The Stalwarts.

  • Faction: Illuminated
  • Main Role: Continuous
  • Class: Ranger



Iya’thill is an excellent choice for swiftly eliminating multiple enemies. With an impressive skill set, she can attack multiple enemies while significantly boosting her own attack power and reducing the max HP and defense of backline enemies. Although her base HP stat is relatively low, she thrives when teamed up with a strong tank. Tik’s Rage is a perfect artifact to increase her crit rate and attack speed. Summon Iya’thill through Tavern, S2 Fear Spreads, Seer’s Gifts, and S2 Born to Lead.

  • Faction: Vitalus
  • Main Role: AoE
  • Class: Ranger

Alexios (Tank)

Alexios hero Ever Legion

Alexios, a versatile tank, brings a combination of defense, debuff, and area-of-effect skills to your team. His ultimate skill grants him the ability to block all enemy attacks for a few seconds while relentlessly attacking the weakest enemy. Enhance his effectiveness with Daios’ Blessing, increasing his HP and dodge stats. Acquire Alexios through Tavern, Seer’s Gifts, S3 Evil Awakens, and S3 Born to Lead.

  • Faction: Euda-Anointed
  • Main Role: Tank
  • Class: Tank
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Melusine (Support)

Melusine hero Ever Legion

Melusine is a proficient healer, almost on par with Seithmann. Her impressive skill set not only allows her to recover her allies’ HP but also forces enemies to attack each other. With her ultimate skill, she can restore HP and increase the defense of nearby allies. Get Melusine through the Tavern, Seer’s Gifts, or S1 The Fearless.

  • Faction: Vitalus
  • Main Role: Healer
  • Class: Support

Ahasver (Support)

Ahasver hero Ever Legion

Ahasver specializes in debuffing enemies with his potent skill set. He excels at reducing the attack speed and power of his foes. With his third skill unlocked, he can block enemy attacks temporarily whenever one of your heroes uses their ultimate skill, providing significant assistance in challenging fights. Summon Ahasver through Tavern, S2 Fear Spreads, Seer’s Gifts, or S2 Born to Lead.

  • Faction: Daeva Anointed
  • Main Role: Debuffer
  • Class: Support

Ever Legion Tier List: B Tier (Average)

These mythical heroes possess unique strengths and weaknesses, but their overall performance is average compared to heroes in higher tiers. They can be viable options for the mid-game, bridging the gap until your team is ready to face tougher battles.

  • Elyarill (Ranger)
  • Razhul (Mage)
  • Robert (Ranger)
  • Mawi (Warrior)
  • Oroth (Tank)
  • Melial (Mage)
  • Alexandria (Support)
  • Grukzag (Tank)
  • Wadjetta (Support)
  • Anne (Support)

Ever Legion Tier List: C Tier (Worst)

These mythical heroes in the C tier should be avoided in the late game as their overall performance falls short compared to other heroes in the game.

  • Rogrys (Ranger)
  • Nefertari (Mage)
  • Holech (Warrior)
  • Keelia (Mage)
  • Llyr (Warrior)
  • Globnik (Tank)
  • Theadril (Support)
  • Xayl’thir (Support)
  • Aravis (Tank)
  • Genevieve (Support)

Remember, building a strong team is essential for success in Ever Legion. Choose your heroes wisely based on the Ever Legion Tier List, and conquer the game with the best of the best by your side.

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