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The Ultimate Guide to Defeating Enemies in Hogwarts Legacy

Are you ready to take on the challenges of Hogwarts Legacy? As you embark on your magical journey, you will encounter a wide variety of enemies that will test your skills and courage. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about the different types of enemies you will face and how to overcome them. So grab your wand and let’s dive in!

Dark Wizards: The Masters of Sorcery

Witches and wizards will be the primary foes you encounter in Hogwarts Legacy. There are two enemy groups in the game: the Poachers and the Ashwinders, each consisting of nine different subtypes. These dark wizards possess a range of formidable abilities and will stop at nothing to ensure your defeat. Here are some of the dark wizards you will face:

  • Ashwinder Duellist: These swift witches will catch you off guard with their back-to-back attacks.
  • Ashwinder Scout: Unskilled in Shield Charms, they are vulnerable to various forms of attack.
  • Ashwinder Assassin: These sinister witches have transformed the peaceful dead into an army of their own Inferi.
  • Ashwinder Soldier: Masters of Shield Charms, breaking their defenses is crucial to defeating them.
  • Ashwinder Executioner: With the power to conjure lightning bolts, they pose a significant threat to their opponents.
  • Ashwinder Ranger: These witches specialize in the Full Body-Bind Curse, capturing and terrorizing their victims.
  • Poacher Animagus: Some poachers have the ability to transform into ravenous wolves, making them even more dangerous.
  • Poacher Duellist: These agile agents will surprise you with back-to-back attacks.
  • Poacher Tracker: Vulnerable to a wide variety of attacks, they have not mastered Shield Charms.
  • Poacher Stalker: Skilled at deflecting simple attacks, breaking their Shield Charms is essential for victory.

These dark wizards are formidable adversaries, but with the right strategy and a mastery of different spells, you can emerge victorious. Be prepared to face notorious foes such as Ailsa Travers, Gwendolyn Zhou, Tempeste Thorne, and more, who will stop at nothing to thwart your progress.

How to Beat Dark Wizards

To defeat dark wizards effectively, it’s crucial to exploit their weaknesses. Each subtype of dark wizard has different vulnerabilities and requires a unique strategy. For example, some may have strong Shield Charms that need to be broken before launching an attack, while others are susceptible to specific spells. Pay close attention to their abilities and adjust your approach accordingly.

Goblins: Unleash the Power of the Rebellion

Goblins play a significant role in the story of Hogwarts Legacy, as a Goblin rebellion becomes a central plot point. Like dark wizards, goblins have various subclasses, indicated by the term “Loyalists” in their names, which hints at their allegiance to Ranrok. Here are some of the goblin enemies you will encounter:

  • Loyalist Assassin: These Ranrok Loyalists have mastered corrupted ancient magic, granting them unnatural speed.
  • Loyalist Sentinel: Masters of both offensive and defensive magic, they can go toe-to-toe with the most powerful witches and wizards.
  • Loyalist Warrior: Armed with heavy goblin weaponry, they pose a significant threat.
  • Loyalist Ranger: These goblins prefer to keep their distance and use crossbows imbued with Ancient Magic.
  • Loyalist Commander: Wielding hammers with impressive skill, they attack with rapid succession.
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Get ready to face notorious goblin rebels such as Ogbert the Odd, Pergit, Belgruff the Bludgeoner, and Grodbik. Each of them poses a unique challenge, and defeating them will require all your skills and cunning.

How to Beat Goblins

To defeat goblins effectively, you must understand their weaknesses and exploit them. Each subtype of goblin has its own set of vulnerabilities. Some are susceptible to specific spells, while others may have unique weaknesses related to their weaponry or fighting style. Tailor your tactics to exploit these weaknesses and emerge victorious.

Spiders: Confront the Creepy Crawlers

Spiders in Hogwarts Legacy are large and menacing. They move swiftly and often attack in groups, making them formidable opponents. Most spiders are weak to fire, so employing spells that harness the power of flames can be particularly effective. Here are some of the spider enemies you will encounter:

  • Acromantula: Although not technically a spider, this aggressive creature behaves like one. Its powerful attacks can break Shield Charms, so dodge its strikes and strike quickly between its assaults for a chance at victory.
  • The Absconder: This aberration is not native to the region but has quickly become a threat. Exercise caution while combating it, as it may have spawned other acromantulas in the area.
  • Thornback Ambusher: These spiders prefer to stay at a distance and immobilize their prey with webs.
  • Thornback Hatchling: These small creatures deal light damage individually, but their collective attacks can be overwhelming.
  • Thornback Matriarch: A formidable foe, this giant spider can break through Shield Charms with its powerful bite.
  • Venomous Ambusher: These agile spiders shoot webs to immobilize their prey from a distance.
  • Venomous Hatchling: Although individually weak, these hatchlings can overwhelm you with relentless attacks.
  • Venomous Matriarch: This monstrous spider strikes with a powerful bite that can break through Shield Charms.
  • Venomous Scurriour: Its venomous attacks will poison you, causing damage over time. To counter the poison, use a Wiggenweld Potion to heal yourself.
  • Venomous Shooter: These spiders prefer long-range attacks, spitting acidic venom from a distance.

Prepare yourself to face these eight-legged foes and develop a strategy that exploits their vulnerabilities, especially their weakness to fire.

How to Beat Spiders

To defeat spiders effectively, use fire-based spells whenever possible, as they are highly vulnerable to flames. Additionally, some spiders may have weak spots or particular attack patterns that can be exploited. Study their behavior and tailor your offense accordingly for the best chances of success.

Mongrels: Conquer the Vicious Beasts

Mongrels are canine creatures that roam the world of Hogwarts Legacy. These untamed beasts are known for their viciousness and can prove to be formidable opponents, even for skilled wizards. However, with the right strategy, you can overcome them. Here are some of the mongrel enemies you will encounter:

  • Dark Mongrel: If this mongrel gets too close, repel its attacks with Shield Charms, then counter with any mastered spells.
  • Death’s Dark Mongrel: These murderous beasts serve only Death, leading souls to their demise at every opportunity.
  • The Grim: Once thought to be an omen of death, this black wolf and its companions possess enchanted powers.

Confronting these fierce mongrels will require a combination of defensive tactics and well-timed offensive strikes. Study their attack patterns and adapt your strategy accordingly.

How to Beat Mongrels

To defeat mongrels effectively, use your defensive skills to repel their attacks and strike back when the opportunity arises. Shield Charms can be particularly useful in deflecting their assaults. Stay vigilant and time your offensive moves carefully for the best chance of success.

Trolls: Conquer the Giants

Trolls are gigantic, hulking creatures armed with powerful clubs. They possess high amounts of HP and require careful planning to defeat. Here are some of the troll enemies you will encounter:

  • Alexandra’s Troll: This troll has made a train tunnel its cave, tempting fate with its choice of residence.
  • Armoured Troll: Their club swing pattern attacks can break through common Shield Charms. Dodge their strikes to stay safe.
  • Death’s Troll: These monstrosities are conjured by Death himself and require the most powerful magic to overcome.
  • Fastidio’s Monster: A creation of Fastidio the poltergeist, this combination of crates, barrels, and bits of furniture is as mischievous as its creator.
  • Fighter Troll: Be wary of their forehand-backhand club swing pattern, as both attacks can break through common Shield Charms.
  • Forest Troll: Like their counterparts, their club swing pattern attacks can break through common Shield Charms.
  • Fortified Troll: These trolls possess the same club swing pattern attacks that can breach common Shield Charms.
  • Mountain Troll: Another troll with the same club swing pattern attacks, requiring you to dodge their strikes.
  • Quagmire Troll: Known for its mean nature, this troll thrives in boggy areas and should be approached with caution.
  • River Troll: Their club swing pattern attacks can break through common Shield Charms, requiring you to dodge their strikes.
  • The Riparian Troll: Misunderstanding a common wizard gesture, this troll wreaked havoc on a small hamlet east of Hogwarts.
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Trolls are some of the most challenging enemies you will face in Hogwarts Legacy. Approach these encounters with caution and utilize your defensive skills to dodge their attacks and strike back when the opportunity arises.

How to Beat Trolls

To defeat trolls effectively, focus on evading their powerful attacks and employing well-timed offensive strikes. Study their club swing patterns and learn to dodge their strikes while waiting for the perfect moment to counter-attack. Trolls can be formidable opponents, but with the right strategy, they can be overcome.

Undead: Confront the Resurrected

Undead creatures are enemy corpses that have come back to life and pose a unique challenge. They are impervious to damage under normal circumstances, so it is essential to assign the proper spell to defeat them. Here are some of the undead enemies you will encounter:

  • Bardolph Beaumont’s Corpse: The reanimated corpse of Bardolph Beaumont, the brother of Upper Hogsfield’s Claire Beaumont. His connection with Rockwood’s lot broke the hearts of the Beaumont family.
  • Inferius: Though invulnerable to most types of damage, Inferi cannot abide warmth and light, making them susceptible to fire.
  • Lord of the Manor: This Inferius was once rich and now serves as a reminder of its former life.
  • Mannequin: Possessed by poltergeist trickery, these animated mannequins are relentless in pursuing their targets but can be easily destroyed by many spells.

Engage these undead foes with confidence and utilize spells that exploit their vulnerabilities, particularly fire-based spells for Inferi encounters.

How to Beat Undead

To defeat undead effectively, you must find their vulnerabilities and exploit them. Some undead enemies may be weak to specific spells or elements. Fire-based attacks are particularly effective against Inferi. Discover their weaknesses and use the appropriate spells to overcome them.

Animated Statues: Uncover the Secrets of Ancient Magic

These animated statues are imbued with Ancient Magic and are tasked with protecting the secrets of this ancient art from the unworthy. Here are some of the animated statue enemies you will encounter:

  • Pensieve Guardian: The ultimate test for those seeking the deepest secrets of Ancient Magic.
  • Pensieve Sentry: Created to guard the secrets of Ancient Magic, these statues strike hard and fast but are vulnerable to a variety of spells.
  • Pensieve Sentinel: Ancient Magic ensures that their weapons will always re-form in their hands after being thrown or disarmed, granting them the ability to attack from a distance indefinitely.
  • Pensieve Protector: Expelliarmus can disarm these sentinels, making them more vulnerable once their weapons leave their hands.
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Engage these animated statues with caution, utilizing spells that exploit their weaknesses and disarm them when possible.

How to Beat Animated Statues

To defeat animated statues effectively, identify their vulnerabilities and use spells that exploit them. Each type of animated statue requires a specific approach. Disarm them when possible to create openings for attack. Study their attack patterns and adjust your strategy accordingly for the best results.

Dugbogs: Conquer the Slimy Giants

Dugbogs are gigantic frogs that pose a unique challenge due to their high damaging tackles and ranged spit attacks. To defeat them, timing your spells and dodges is crucial. Here are some of the dugbog enemies you will encounter:

  • Cottongrass Dugbog: These camouflaged beasts blend in with the environment, making them hard to detect until they attack.
  • Great Spined Dugbog: Similar to their counterparts, they blend in with the environment to avoid detection.
  • Rampant Dugbog: This Dugbog has been corrupted with some form of magic, making it unknown to the villagers who previously trapped it.
  • Stoneback Dugbog: Similar to other dugbogs, they rely on camouflage to catch their prey off guard.

Fighting these slimy giants requires a careful balance of offense and defense. Time your dodges to avoid their attacks while launching a well-timed assault of your own.

How to Beat Dugbogs

To defeat dugbogs effectively, exploit their vulnerabilities while avoiding their powerful attacks. Some dugbogs blend in with their surroundings, making them hard to detect. Utilize spells such as Revelio to locate them quickly. Adapt your strategy to their attack patterns and exploit their weaknesses for the best chance at victory.

Tips for Defeating Enemies

Now that you are armed with knowledge about the different types of enemies you will face, here are some additional tips to enhance your combat prowess:

Check Enemy Levels While Fighting

To succeed in battles, keep an eye on the levels of your foes. The enemy’s level is indicated by the color of the digits on their HP bar. Green digits signify that the enemy is the same or lower level than you, while red digits indicate a higher-level enemy. This information can help you strategize and approach the battle more effectively.

Exploit Enemy’s Weaknesses

Each enemy type in Hogwarts Legacy has specific weaknesses that can be exploited for an advantage. Study each enemy’s behavior and abilities to uncover their vulnerabilities. Some enemies may have weaknesses to specific spells or elements, while others may have weak spots that can be targeted for extra damage. Exploit these weaknesses to gain the upper hand in combat.

Complete Dueling Feats for Additional XP

During combat, keep an eye out for Dueling Feats. These feats offer additional XP when completed and can provide a significant boost to your overall progress. Depending on the enemies you are facing, the available feats may change. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities to maximize your XP gains and improve your abilities.

Enemy Encounters Complete Collectibles

Encountering an enemy for the first time will unlock them in your List of Enemies in the Collections Menu. By defeating all enemies and completing this collection, you can achieve 100% completion in the game. Keep track of the enemies you have faced and seize every opportunity to add new entries to your collection.

Completes the Finishing Touches Trophy

Defeating all enemies in Hogwarts Legacy, excluding those exclusive to quests or Infamous Foes, will unlock the prestigious Finishing Touches Trophy. Show off your mastery by using Ancient Magic on every enemy you encounter.

As you progress through Hogwarts Legacy, remember to utilize these tips and strategies for overcoming the challenges presented by each enemy type. Adapt your tactics, fine-tune your spells, and rise triumphant against your foes. Good luck, young wizard!

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