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The Ultimate Guide to the Top Arc Warlock Fallen Sunstar Build in Destiny 2 Season of the Deep

Destiny 2 enthusiasts have been eagerly anticipating the rise of the Fallen Sunstar Exotic, which has become even more powerful in Season of the Deep. This spiky helmet has breathed new life into Arc Warlocks, allowing them to reclaim their glory.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a build that maximizes the synergy between Aspects, Fragments, Exotics, and Mods to transform you into a formidable force. With this setup, you’ll be able to unleash devastating Arc damage, support your teammates with healing abilities, and withstand massive amounts of incoming damage.

Building the Best Arc Warlock with Fallen Sunstar Build in Destiny 2

When it comes to weapons, you have some flexibility, but I highly recommend equipping an Exotic that excels at dealing heavy single-target damage. I’ve discovered a surprising option that has quickly become my favorite, which we’ll delve into later in this guide.

If you’re already well-versed in Destiny 2 build crafting and don’t need an explanation of the mechanics and reasoning behind my choices, feel free to skip to the end for a quick summary. Just click the “Take Me To The Summary” link provided.

Breakdown of the Build

The core component of this build revolves around maximizing ability uptime and survivability through the use of Ionic Traces. This build has proven its worth in challenging content, allowing you to stay in the thick of battle and save your team in critical moments.

You’ll rely on healing rifts, clever resistance management, and intelligent use of healing mechanics to endure powerful enemy attacks. Additionally, you’ll constantly unleash a barrage of damage by skillfully rotating your abilities. Get ready to spam your rifts to keep your team safe, dominate your enemies with a plethora of grenades, and generate an abundance of Orbs of Power to empower your teammates.

Let’s dive into the detailed breakdown:

Exotic Weapons and Armor, Legendary Weapons

Exotic Armor – Fallen Sunstar

The Fallen Sunstar is equipped with the Ionic Conductor perk, which vastly improves Ionic Traces. These traces, resembling slivers of Arc energy inching toward you, now grant a whopping 25% melee energy, 25% grenade energy, and 30% class ability energy for each trace collected.

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Exotic Weapon – Activity Dependent

Choose an Exotic weapon that excels at dealing heavy single-target damage. While your overall kit and ability uptime make short work of mobs, you’ll want the ability to ramp up damage against Champions or bosses when necessary. Personally, I’ve fallen in love with Grand Overture, an Arc Slug Heavy Machine Gun. Its ability to charge up to 20 projectiles and unleash them all at once packs an incredible punch. Although it may seem slow, the potential damage it delivers is staggering. I recommend charging it up on yellow-bar enemies, melting them effortlessly, and stowing the weapon until you need it.

Legendary Weapons

An Arc Legendary weapon is crucial for this build. I’ve relied on the trusty Ikelos SMG with Voltshot, which not only allows me to Jolt enemies but also create Orbs thanks to my Siphon Mod. It’s an excellent way to take advantage of Arc surges during specific playlists. However, if you haven’t chosen an Exotic for heavy single-target damage yet, consider adding a Rocket Launcher or a potent Linear Fusion Rifle to your loadout.

To adequately deal with various situations, I recommend having a Special weapon on hand. Shotguns are particularly effective due to their fantastic ammo economy, especially when paired with the Lead From Gold perk, ensuring a steady supply of Special Ammo drops.

Super and Abilities

Super – Chaos Reach

Chaos Reach has received a 25% buff in Season of the Deep, making it a formidable tool for taking down tougher targets. Combine this with the Thunderous Retort mod from our Artifact, which grants a significant damage boost while Amplified, and Chaos Reach becomes even more potent. Only consider switching to Stormdancer if you absolutely need exceptional ad-clear capabilities.


  • Class Ability – Healing Rift: This ability provides constant healing and an Arc Soul, thanks to one of our Aspects. If you manage to convince all five Fireteam members to run around with an Arc Soul, the additional damage output will be substantial.
  • Jump – Burst Glide: This jump ability outshines the others in terms of performance. There’s no argument here.
  • Melee – Ball Lightning: Unleash a literal ball of lightning that can be thrown across a room, dealing damage from afar. It replenishes your ability energy and causes additional damage through extra explosions when you’re Amplified. It’s the superior choice for discerning space magicians.
  • Grenade – Pulse Grenades: These grenades inflict decent area-of-effect damage over time. Our build is designed to extend their duration and add the Jolt effect, making them highly effective against mobs and Overload Champions.
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For those interested, I’ve also included a link to The Best Titan Arc Heart of Inmost Light Build in Destiny 2 for a comprehensive guide on a different but equally potent build.


To further enhance our build, we’ll be utilizing two Aspects: Arc Soul and Electrostatic Mind. These Aspects synergize remarkably well with our chosen playstyle and allow us to select four Arc Fragments to refine our build.

  • Arc Soul: This Aspect summons a glowing, floating Arc Soul that attaches to anyone passing through your Rift. It not only improves your class ability recharge rate when allies are nearby but also fires faster and deals more damage when Amplified.
  • Electrostatic Mind: Defeating enemies with Arc abilities affected by Jolt or Blind will generate an Ionic Trace, thus amplifying our abilities.


Now, let’s explore the Fragments. If you haven’t acquired them all yet, don’t worry—Ikora in the Tower can sell you the missing ones. Keep in mind that some Fragments are optional, allowing you to select the ones that best suit your needs.

  • Spark of Resistance: Reduces damage taken when surrounded by enemies. This Fragment is an excellent pick if you find it challenging to stay alive in demanding content.
  • Spark of Shock: Applies the Jolt effect to your Arc grenades. Remember, Jolt can stun Overload Champions, increase damage dealt to regular enemies, and chain lightning to nearby foes. This greatly enhances the already impressive wave-clear potential of Pulse grenades.
  • Spark of Magnitude: Extends the duration of your Pulse grenade. This means increased damage output and more opportunities to generate Ionic Traces.
  • Spark of Ions: Defeating a Jolted target creates an Ionic Trace, further amplifying your ability feedback loop against trash mobs.

Artifact Mods

Our Artifact Mod choices are fairly self-explanatory, with a strong focus on Arc mods. Additionally, make sure to equip any Champion Mods that you require.

  • Authorized Mods: Arc: Significantly reduces the armor energy costs of all mods affecting your Arc weapons.
  • Authorized Mods: Melee: Significantly reduces the armor energy costs of all mods affecting your melee abilities.
  • Electric Armor: Amplified state lasts longer while your Arc subclass is equipped.
  • Thunderous Retort: Grants bonus Arc Super damage when cast while critically wounded or Amplified. This bonus damage persists until the end of the Super activation.
  • Amped Up: Gain damage resistance while Amplified.
  • Shock and Awe: Arc final blows, while you’re Amplified, summon a burst of lightning that damages and Jolts targets.
  • Lightning Strikes Twice: After throwing an Arc grenade, your grenade recharge rate increases for a short time. Arc final blows extend the duration of this benefit.
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Armor Mods

The armor mods bring everything together, so be prepared to invest time into upgrading and potentially Masterworking your armor, especially if you’re a newer player.


  • Arc Siphon: Rapid Arc weapon final blows create Orbs of Power.
  • Heavy Ammo Finder or Dynamo: If you struggle with obtaining Heavy Ammo, equip this mod. Otherwise, utilize the class ability near enemies to recharge your abilities faster.
  • Ashes to Assets: Grenade kills provide Super Energy.


  • Bolstering Detonation: Dealing damage with a grenade replenishes your class ability energy.
  • Grenade Kickstart: Using your grenade fully refunds some of its energy. Picking up an Orb of Power grants a temporary Armor Charge, and Armor Charges refund additional grenade energy.
  • Firepower: Grenade final blows create an Orb of Power.


  • Resistance Mods: Select Resistance Mods based on the activity you plan on participating in.


  • Recuperation: Picking up an Orb of Power restores your health.
  • Insulation: Picking up an Orb of Power reduces your class ability cooldown.
  • Absolution: Picking up an Orb of Power reduces all ability cooldowns. Swap this out with Better Already if survivability becomes an issue. Instant healing from Orb pickups can make a significant difference.

Class Item

  • Bomber: Reduces your grenade cooldown when using your class ability (Thruster).
  • Outreach: Reduces melee cooldowns when using your class ability.
  • Reaper: The first weapon kill after using your class ability generates an Orb of Power.

Feel free to select any additional Stat mods for your first column. Ideally, aim for resilience and discipline stats as close to 100 as possible. Resilience grants damage reduction, while discipline significantly reduces your grenade cooldown.

Build Summary

To summarize, here’s the complete breakdown of the build:

  • Exotic Armor: Fallen Sunstar
  • Exotic Weapon: Grand Overture
  • Legendary Weapons: Arc weapon of choice
  • Super: Chaos Reach
  • Abilities: Healing Rift, Burst Glide, Lightning Ball, Pulse Grenade
  • Aspects: Arc Soul, Electrostatic Mind
  • Fragments: Spark of Shock, Spark of Magnitude, Spark of Ions, and Spark of Resistance
  • Artifact Mods: Authorized Mods: Arc, Authorized Mods: Melee, Electric Armor, Thunderous Retort, Amped Up, Shock and Awe, Lightning Strikes Twice
  • Armor Mods:
    • Helmet: Arc Siphon, Heavy Ammo Finder or Dynamo, Ashes to Assets
    • Arms: Firepower, Heavy Handed, Grenade Kickstart
    • Chest: Resistance Mods
    • Legs: Recuperation, Insulation, Absolution
    • Class Item: Bomber, Outreach, Reaper

And that’s it! This build has proven its mettle in the new dungeon, ensuring your survival even in the most challenging encounters. I only succumbed to mechanics like depleting air or boss mechanics—I never fell victim to mobs, no matter how intense the battle became.

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