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For The King Forgotten Cellar: A Comprehensive Guide

by Samuel Franklin

The For The King Forgotten Cellar is a crucial objective in the primary campaign, yet many players find themselves unsure of its location and how to conquer its challenges. In this mini guide, I will provide detailed information about the Forgotten Cellar, how to quickly locate it, and strategies to overcome its obstacles.

Please note: The following content contains minor spoilers for the For The King campaign. However, these spoilers are general in nature and should not detract from your overall story experience.

Finding the Forgotten Cellar

To embark on the quest to find the Forgotten Cellar, players must first complete The Shattered Key challenge. This challenge becomes available after clearing the Glittering Mines and visiting Parid. Upon arriving at Parid, players will be informed of three locations where they must obtain a key. While two of these locations are revealed in the overworld, the Forgotten Cellar remains hidden.


To locate the Forgotten Cellar in For The King, follow these steps:

  1. Pay close attention to the biome mentioned in the quest summary at the top right of your game screen. This will indicate whether to search in the Golden Plains, Rogue Isles, or the Burning Forest. You can check your current biome at the top of the screen or left-click on the quest objective to move the camera to the appropriate biome.


  1. As the Forgotten Cellar is hidden, you must visit every hex within the quest-specific biome. Unexplored hexes are indicated by a strong yellow border and a question mark. Explore these hexes by moving adjacent to or landing directly on them. Note that certain items in the game, such as Find Distance items, can increase your exploration range. The most effective strategy often involves splitting your team while staying close to each other to maximize your exploration range.
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  1. Once you are close enough to the Forgotten Cellar, you will receive an in-game pop-up and gain access to the cellar, just like any other dungeon.


  1. Keep in mind that unlike normal dungeons that reward lore, the cellar can only accommodate a single character. Choose your character wisely for this crucial decision.


Conquering the Forgotten Cellar

Conquering the Forgotten Cellar in For The King can present a challenging hurdle. As with the broader campaign, selecting the best class and understanding game mechanics are crucial initial steps.


Within the Forgotten Cellar, you will encounter a formidable Acid Jelly with a sizable health pool (difficulty level-dependent) and immunity to bleed, shock, and stun. The true threat, however, lies in the acid it can inflict, which can destroy your weapon or a piece of armor. It is crucial to eliminate the Acid Jelly threat swiftly.


Here are some useful tips for conquering the Forgotten Cellar:

  • Since the cellar battle is a 1v1 encounter, choose your strongest fighter to face this challenge. The decision will vary from game to game but should be based on the character wielding the most powerful damage output weapon. If no clear choice presents itself, select the character with the largest pool of Focus Points, as this resource will prove invaluable.
  • Do not use a fighter who is underleveled compared to the cellar level. Ideally, choose a fighter who is at least the same level as the cellar.
  • Ensure that your selected fighter has full health and focus. These attributes, along with any consumables you have acquired thus far, such as Godsbeard and items that boost damage or defense, will be vital.
  • The Acid Jelly’s acid attack poses the greatest risk. Therefore, every move you make should be focused on ending the fight swiftly. Utilize Focus Points and items early in the battle to help you achieve this goal.
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By following these guidelines and strategies, you will increase your chances of successfully navigating the For The King Forgotten Cellar and emerging victorious.

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