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Best Classes in South Park: The Fractured But Whole

In the game South Park: The Fractured But Whole, players are faced with the task of choosing a character class. While more classes become available as you progress, initially you are presented with three options. This article aims to help you determine the best class for your play style, as well as the ideal secondary and third classes once they become accessible.

The Current Top Class: Brutalist

Currently, there is no one definitive best class in the game. However, if you enjoy being on the front lines and dealing heavy damage, the Brutalist is hard to beat. Pairing a Brutalist with a Cyborg or Elementalist secondary class can significantly enhance their defensive capabilities. The Brutalist specializes in inflicting massive amounts of damage, although most attacks require you to be in close proximity to your target. If you prefer to keep your distance, there are other classes you can explore.

The Starting Classes

When you first begin the game, you must choose from three starter classes: Blaster, Brutalist, and Speedster. Your choice should align with your preferred combat style. The Blaster is a ranged damage dealer, while the Brutalist excels in heavy damage and close-quarters combat. The Speedster can execute double attacks within a single turn.


The Blaster is primarily a ranged damage dealer, with the ability to dish out considerable damage over time. However, positioning can be a challenge, as you may obstruct your allies or be targeted by enemies. The following are some notable Blaster abilities:

  • Triple Burn: This moderate-damage attack inflicts a “Burn” effect, causing additional damage over time.
  • Heat Wave: A high-damage attack that hits enemies in a vertical line, potentially causing extra damage from knock-back effects.
  • Plasma Beam: Although the least damaging of the Blaster’s attacks, it compensates with long-range and the ability to hit multiple enemies.
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The Brutalist is a damage dealer who hits hard but lacks range. All attacks possess knock-back effects, allowing for repositioning of enemies. Consider the following Brutalist abilities:

  • Brutal Bash: A high-damage attack that also knocks back the target, potentially causing damage to additional enemies.
  • Wrecking Ball: The Brutalist’s longest-range attack, delivering moderate damage and repositioning the character.
  • Gastro Smash: This attack not only inflicts moderate damage and knock-back but also applies a Gross Out effect for additional damage over time.


The Speedster specializes in fast attacks but has minimal range. They can execute two attacks in one turn by sacrificing their next turn. The following Speedster abilities highlight their unique skills:

  • Quantum Fist: A moderate-damage attack with a range of two squares in any direction, making it effective for close-quarters combat.
  • Double-Edge: A self-buff that grants two additional actions in the same turn, perfect for quickly finishing off enemies.
  • Supersonic Dash: The only Speedster ability that can hit multiple enemies, but they must be lined up directly in front.

Secondary Classes

After completing the mission to bring Cartman an item from Freeman’s Tacos, you will gain access to secondary classes: Psychic, Elementalist, or Cyborg. These classes offer new abilities and an ultimate attack, allowing you to mix and match with your primary class.


The Cyborg emphasizes repositioning enemies and applying status effects. This class synergizes well with the Brutalist, making them even tankier. Key Cyborg abilities include:

  • Faraday Uncaged: This attack inflicts moderate damage, knock-backs the target, and applies a Shock effect for damage over time.
  • Fatal Attraction: This attack not only strikes enemies in all directions but also pulls them closer to your character.
  • Ganz Technique: By using this ability, you can apply Block to one ally and Enrage to one enemy.
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The Elementalist supports the party through buffs and enfeebling attacks. Combining this class with the Blaster allows for both offensive and support abilities from a distance. Keep an eye on these Elementalist abilities:

  • Hydro Helper: This ability heals and buffs nearby allies, cleansing negative status effects and boosting attack damage.
  • Ice Prison: A low-damage attack that immobilizes the target, preventing them from taking their next turn.
  • Sand Trap: This attack hits multiple enemies in a cross-shaped pattern, inflicting moderate damage.


The Psychic’s role is to buff allies and debuff enemies. When paired with the Speedster, the Double-Edge ability allows for two ability uses in a single turn. The Psychic offers the following abilities:

  • Cerebral Blast: This low-damage attack decreases the defense of the targets hit, making them more susceptible to damage.
  • Dazzling Flash: By using this ability, you can confuse an enemy, causing them to attack nearby allies or enemies randomly.
  • Psi-Shield: Granting the Protection buff to an ally, this ability acts as a temporary shield against damage.

Triple Classes and Beyond

By completing “The Talk 2: The Gendering” side mission, you unlock the ability to choose between Gadgeteer and Assassin. Each class provides additional abilities and an ultimate attack. With three normal abilities and one ultimate attack active at any given time, mixing classes creates a more versatile character.


The Assassin deals heavy damage but has minimal range and relies on becoming invisible after each attack. Choosing this class as a secondary or third class is ideal for offensive Brutalists or Speedsters. Noteworthy Assassin abilities include:

  • Quick Cut: This high-damage attack inflicts the Bleed effect, causing additional damage over time.
  • Shadow Swap: Attack in any direction, then go invisible until your next turn, staying relatively safe.
  • Spin Slash: This low-damage attack hits enemies in each cardinal direction, providing coverage against adjacent foes.
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The Gadgeteer class feels like an extension of the Blaster and Elementalist, utilizing robots and guns to assist in combat. All abilities in this class are Brains-based, making them highly compatible with the Blaster and Elementalist. Gadgeteer abilities include:

  • Boom-Boom Buddy: Deploying a robot that self-destructs and damages adjacent enemies at the end of its turn.
  • Gigavolt Globe: Delivering low damage, this attack hits enemies in front of your character, adding a Shock effect.
  • Straight Shooter: Placing a turret that shoots enemies in a straight line, hitting multiple foes if lined up correctly.

Remember that when playing South Park: The Fractured But Whole, you have the option to switch classes by returning to The Coon’s lair and sitting at the table. Experiment with different combinations to find the class or classes that suit your play style the best.

That’s it for the best classes in South Park: The Fractured But Whole! Stay tuned for more information on other classes as you progress in the game.

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