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Frost Death Knight DPS Tips for Mythic+ Dungeons


The Frost Death Knight is a formidable melee class in Mythic+ dungeons, excelling in both burst AoE (Area of Effect) damage and consistent AoE damage. If you’re new to Mythic+ and its mechanics, you can find more information on our dedicated Mythic+ page. Additionally, if you want a comprehensive overview of Frost Death Knight talents, head to our main talent page.

Recommended Talents for Mythic+

For optimal performance in Mythic+ dungeons, we recommend the following talents, regardless of affixes or keystone levels. For more detailed information on specific talents and when to use them, refer to our Builds and Talents page. You can easily copy the build in-game using the “Copy Export String” feature in the calculator.

The go-to Mythic+ build for Frost Death Knights is the 2H Obliteration build. This build excels in cleave damage with Cleaving Strikes and short cooldowns, making it highly effective on every pull. While there are a few relevant options within the talent tree, adding a second point in Enduring Strength for added single-target DPS with Absolute Zero is recommended.

Alternatively, Glacial Advance into Enduring Strength provides more single-target damage at the expense of AoE damage. In the class tree, choosing Insidious Chill and Will of the Necropolis instead of Blood Draw and Death’s Echo results in a DPS decrease, as it eliminates the secondary Death and Decay window. Another option is sacrificing one point in Unholy Bond to pick up Death’s Echo, although this still results in a DPS loss in a slightly different way.

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If you enjoy using Breath of Sindragosa, it can be a viable alternative. However, it requires coordination with your tank to maximize its effectiveness. Chaining packs is crucial to ensure high uptime of Breath, resulting in significant damage output.

Frost Death Knight Mythic+ Rotation

To maximize damage in Mythic+ dungeons as a Frost Death Knight, it’s essential to optimize your Obliteration windows and Death and Decay cleave. Follow this opener for optimal performance:

  1. Use Abomination Limb and Remorseless Winter before your pillar.
  2. Activate Pillar of Frost.
  3. Generate two stacks of Killing Machine using Howling Blast and Glacial Advance.
  4. Cast Death and Decay.
  5. Execute Obliterate cleave.

By following this rotation, you’ll achieve excellent damage output on every pull. Remember to use Frostwyrm’s Fury at the end of your Pillar of Frost and utilize Remorseless Winter whenever it’s off cooldown. For a more detailed breakdown of the rotation, refer to our rotation page.

Important Death Knight Abilities for Mythic+

As a Frost Death Knight, several abilities are crucial in Mythic+ dungeons. Here’s a breakdown of their uses:

  • Death Grip: This iconic Death Knight spell pulls an enemy towards you. Use it to stack enemies that are scattered, maximizing your cleave damage. Death Grip can also serve as an extra interrupt or to interrupt casts that are immune to Mind Freeze. Additionally, it’s handy for pulling mobs out of Sanguine pools.

  • Blinding Sleet: This 1-minute cooldown ability interrupts AoE abilities and slows enemies after the blind effect wears off. It’s highly useful for interrupting casts and aiding your tank in kiting enemies.

  • Mind Freeze: Mind Freeze is your interrupt ability. To minimize tank damage, use it near the end of an enemy’s cast time when they are not attacking. Coordinate your interrupts with the rest of your group to prevent overlapping interrupts.

  • Anti-Magic Shell: This ability soaks magic damage and can generate Runic Power. By timing Anti-Magic Shell before a magical debuff, such as Bursting, is applied, you can prevent the debuff from affecting you.

  • Wraith Walk: Wraith Walk is a movement talent that increases your movement speed by 70% for 4 seconds and removes root effects. It’s beneficial when you expect multiple instances of slowing or rooting within a short period. However, its value has diminished due to Death’s Advance being baseline and providing a similar effect.

  • Dark Succor: Dark Succor is a proc that grants you a free cast of Death Strike whenever you kill an enemy. This ability is valuable when your group is taking significant AoE damage.

  • Death Pact: Death Pact is a utility talent that allows you to heal for 50% of your maximum health. It’s particularly useful in situations with Grievous or Bursting affixes, where the group’s damage can overwhelm the healer.

  • Anti-Magic Zone: Anti-Magic Zone is a powerful utility cooldown, especially against heavy group-wide magic damage from affixes like Bursting or enemies like the Tormented Lieutenants Arkolath.

  • Control Undead: This ability allows you to control Undead mobs for 2 minutes, but it prevents you from using Raise Dead. Utilize Control Undead to crowd control incorporeal mobs. The most valuable mob to control is the Fallen Deathspeaker, which provides a 10% haste buff every 30 seconds.

  • Death Coil: Death Coil can be used to heal afflicted mobs, although the heal amount is relatively low. Reserve it for emergencies when the extra heal prevents the mob from casting.

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With a deep understanding of the Frost Death Knight’s talents, rotation, and key abilities, you’ll be well-equipped to excel in Mythic+ dungeons. Remember to communicate effectively with your group and adapt your tactics to each encounter. For more information on Frost Death Knight gameplay and strategies, visit our comprehensive guides.

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