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Destiny 2: How to Acquire Gallu RR3 and Find the Perfect Roll

Destiny 2’s new season has brought a wide range of weapons for players to enjoy. From sidearms to sniper rifles, there’s something for everyone. Each weapon has its own strengths, whether it excels in Player v Player (PvP) combat or Player v Environment (PvE) encounters. One such weapon is the Gallu RR3, a dominant Sniper Rifle in PvP battles. But don’t underestimate its potential in PvE situations either, as it comes with an Adaptive Frame that deals Arc energy damage.

The Journey to Gallu RR3

To obtain the Gallu RR3 in Destiny 2, you can’t craft it like other weapons. As a result, this rifle won’t have access to the higher quality perks that crafted weapons typically possess to enhance their power. However, the available perks still make the Gallu RR3 a fantastic choice for the upcoming Arc 3.0 in Season 19.

The Gallu RR3 can be obtained from the World Drop weapons pool, meaning you can complete any activity that doesn’t offer specific rewards. Legendary Engrams dropped by enemies also carry the potential for a Gallu RR3 roll. This method requires patience, as you’ll need to rely on luck to acquire the rifle. However, there are a couple of other avenues you can explore.

By focusing Umbral and Prime Engrams to Master Rahool in the Tower, you increase your chances of obtaining the Gallu RR3. Additionally, reaching a higher rank with Banshee-44 allows you to receive Legendary and Prime Engrams from him, which could potentially contain the rifle.

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Unveiling the God Roll

Now that you have your hands on the Gallu RR3, it’s time to discover the ideal perks for it. When it comes to barrel and magazine perks, players have several options to consider. Here are the top picks:

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake, Chambered Compensator, Extended Barrel, and Corkscrew Rifling. For PvP sniper situations, Arrowhead Brake is the ultimate choice.
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds and Tactical Mag. These magazine perks shine in Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit activities.

Moving on to the third and fourth-column perks, here’s a list of what you should aim for to achieve The God Roll of the Gallu RR3 in D2:

  • Overflow/Golden Tricorn: This roll shows great potential for PvE activities once Arc 3.0 is released. Make sure you grab it.
  • Heating Up/Snapshot Sights: Improves accuracy and stability with each final blow, making it perfect for PvP engagements.
  • No Distractions/Snapshot Sights: The god roll of the Gallu RR3, although its usefulness is limited to PvE activities.
  • Shoot to Loot/Dragonfly, Golden Tricorn: Another excellent option for PvE scenarios when Arc 3.0 is launched.


With the Gallu RR3 in your arsenal, you’re equipped to dominate in both PvP and PvE encounters. Remember to hunt for the perfect perks listed above to unlock the weapon’s full potential. Whether you’re a crack shot or prefer taking down enemies at a distance, the Gallu RR3 will be a valuable addition to your Destiny 2 journey.

Destiny 2 - Gallu RR3

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