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Genshin Impact Pyramid Puzzle Guide: Find the Luxurious Chest at the Peak

Gaining access to Luxurious Chests in Genshin Impact is a rewarding way to collect Primogems. This comprehensive guide will provide the solution to a puzzle located inside a radiant pyramid, enabling gamers to obtain one of these coveted chests. However, players must first complete the following quests to unlock the puzzle:

  1. Lost in the Sands
  2. An Introduction to Indoor Archaeology
  3. The Secret of Al-Ahmar
  4. Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand
  5. Dual Evidence

It’s important to note that players who haven’t started the Golden Slumber quest series should be aware that it will take several hours to reach the Luxurious Chest. However, completing the mentioned quests will reward players with a generous amount of Primogems.

Genshin Impact Guide: Solving the Luxurious Chest Puzzle inside the Glowing Pyramid

Use this Teleport Waypoint

To navigate this guide effectively, several accompanying photos will be provided as underground locations can be perplexing for some Genshin Impact players.

  1. Begin by using the Teleport Waypoint located directly south of The Mausoleum of King Deshret.
    Head straight from here
  2. Once you’ve teleported, make a right turn and continue straight ahead until you reach the glowing pyramid at the end.
    Enter the glowing pyramid
  3. Walk through the glowing door to enter the pyramid, and you’ll be teleported to a different location.
    This is where you get teleported
  4. In this new area, you’ll find several Everlight Cells, but your first task is to deactivate the lower platforms.
    An example of a low platform
  5. To accomplish this, step on each platform. If you prefer not to climb, characters like Kazuha can assist you in reaching these platforms.
    An example of a platform disappearing
  6. Repeat this process for the remaining three platforms at a lower height. The objective is to align all the beams of light to converge on the center platform. The next step involves an hourglass mechanism.
    An example of one of those hourglasses
  7. Interact with the hourglass to summon a Four-Leaf Sigil. Teleport to it to reach the middle platform, which is crucial in solving the Luxurious Chest puzzle.
    You will arrive here
  8. Rotate the Genshin Impact mechanism twice, directing a beam of light toward a giant obelisk. Once accomplished, return to one of the two hourglasses (either one will suffice).
    You should be back here
  9. The next step involves teleporting to different Four-Leaf Sigils and rearranging cells. Effective use of the Four-Leaf Sigils will greatly expedite this part of the puzzle.
    This is what you need to move
  10. There are three cells that require relocation. While it’s not mandatory to use the Four-Leaf Sigils to access them, doing so significantly simplifies the puzzle.
  11. With this final step, Genshin Impact players are on the brink of completing the puzzle.
    Go up here
  12. Ascend to the top floor, referring to the image above. If you’re unable to reach this area, reactivate the hourglass mechanism to summon the Four-Leaf Sigils for quicker access. Rotate the designated cell twice.
  13. The Luxurious Chest will manifest itself.
    Open it
  14. Glide down to the Luxurious Chest and open it, thus concluding this Genshin Impact puzzle guide.
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Please note that this guide assumes readers have already completed the quests and primarily focuses on the Luxurious Chest puzzle.

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