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Burden of Guilt: Uncovering the Optimal Rolls and Perks in Destiny 2

Fusion rifles are a formidable weapon in Destiny 2’s PvP landscape, but their true potential lies in finding the perfect combination of perks. Enter Burden of Guilt, a powerful Stasis fusion rifle from Trials of Osiris in the Season of the Haunted. With a perk pool that leaves little room for disappointment, this legendary weapon has quickly earned its spot among the best. And the fact that it’s only the second Legendary fusion rifle in the Kinetic slot makes it a must-have for any Guardian.

No matter how much time you invest in Trials of Osiris or how many rolls you pursue, you can always acquire a promising Burden of Guilt. Whether it’s the Harmony, Successful Warm-Up, or High-Impact Reserves perks, the road to a formidable weapon is clear, without being cluttered by lackluster options. Additionally, the recent enhancements to the Trials of Osiris rewards system, focusing engrams at Saint-14, offer an easy path to obtain additional rolls.

Burden of Guilt sets itself apart from the competition as an Adaptive Frame fusion rifle. Although Adaptive Frame fusion rifles are not the conventional choice, Burden of Guilt’s superior range and aim assist make it an exceptional option that stands out from the rest.

Unveiling the Perfect Rolls and Perks

Burden of Guilt PvP God Roll

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake
  • Battery: Projection Fuse or Particle Repeater
  • First perk: Perpetual Motion
  • Second perk: High-Impact Reserves or Successful Warm-Up (Honorable mention: Harmony)
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Burden of Guilt PvE God Roll

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel
  • Battery: Enhanced Battery
  • First perk: Elemental Capacitor or Killing Wind
  • Second perk: Harmony or Swashbuckler (Honorable mention: Chill Clip)

Burden of Guilt exemplifies a weapon with a build suited to every Guardian, ensuring only the best perks rise above the rest. High-Impact Reserves have long been a reliable option for enhancing a fusion rifle’s effective range in Crucible encounters. With additional barrel and battery choices that complement its focus on range, Burden of Guilt ensures consistent, quick kills within short to medium ranges.

Constructing the perfect PvE roll may prove more challenging, as fusion rifles are often outshined by other weapon types. However, for those who relish the feel of a fusion rifle against the Traveler’s enemies, perks such as Harmony and Chill Clip bring out the best in Burden of Guilt, especially when paired with a Stasis subclass.

While Burden of Guilt’s total perk pool is not as extensive as playlist weapons, there may still be alternative choices that suit different playstyles better. Take a closer look at Burden of Guilt’s perk options to ensure you select what works best for you.

First perk column

Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion has gained popularity across seasons, becoming a staple in PvP gameplay. It offers one of the lowest activation costs for significant stat boosts, requiring only brief movement to activate its effects. With recent stability changes that impact flinch reduction, a stability boost like this can greatly influence moment-to-moment gameplay.

Elemental Capacitor

Often overlooked by many players, Elemental Capacitor provides substantial boosts. While it depends on using specific subclasses for specific boosts (e.g., Void subclass for stability), it’s relatively easy to build around. The bonuses it provides outweigh those from other options in the barrel, battery, or perk columns.

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Solar offers a 50% bonus to reload speed, Arc offers 50% bonus handling, Void grants a 20% stability boost, and Stasis enhances recoil direction. Each bonus is impactful and can enhance your playstyle.

Killing Wind

Killing Wind is a classic perk frequently found on primary weapons, but it becomes a riskier choice when applied to special weapons like Burden of Guilt. With limited Crucible ammo, only confident players who can secure an initial kill, retain ammo, and effectively utilize Killing Wind’s range and movement speed boosts should consider it for their god roll.


With a build designed around it, Well-Rounded holds potential. Its substantial boosts to range, stability, and handling for 10 seconds are promising, but the requirement cost may be high for most players. Sacrificing a cooldown of over one minute for a short-lived boost comparable to Perpetual Motion may not be ideal. Well-Rounded functions best with high discipline or strength builds, making it a formidable choice for those who can efficiently utilize its benefits.

Steady Hands and Stats For All

Both Steady Hands and Stats For All are reliable perks that improve a weapon’s statistics, providing a long-term advantage. However, they often take a backseat to other options in this column. Stats For All can be useful for players who rarely use their abilities, while Steady Hands struggles to compete with Killing Wind, which offers essential range boosts for fusion rifle performance. While Steady Hands finds its place in PvE, there are likely better choices available.

Second perk column

High-Impact Reserves

High-Impact Reserves has remained a top choice for fusion rifles since the weapon class received a PvP buff. With each player starting with only two fusion rifle shots in the Crucible, High-Impact Reserves immediately come into play. This passive damage boost to your limited ammo is difficult to dismiss and can be the deciding factor in securing kills at longer ranges.

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Successful Warm-Up

Successful Warm-Up has emerged as a new contender for Crucible fusion rifle loadouts. Shorter charge times can prove vital when facing shotgun wielders, but often come at the cost of reduced damage. Unlike Accelerated Coils, Successful Warm-Up maintains impact damage even after the charge time is shortened following a kill. It can be a game-changer when outnumbered, without throwing off your muscle memory.


Harmony stands out as one of the most potent damage-boosting perks available for Burden of Guilt. Activating after a kill with a different weapon ensures a 20% damage increase to your fusion rifle, all without sacrificing precious ammo reserves. Harmony is the perfect choice for players who prefer opening fights with their primary weapon.

Chill Clip

As one of the few perks exclusive to Burden of Guilt’s Stasis identity, Chill Clip shines in PvE environments. While its functionality is limited to PvE, it offers a burst of slowing Stasis, providing the fusion rifle with crowd control capabilities it doesn’t possess otherwise. It synergizes perfectly with a Stasis subclass, amplifying its effects when paired with various Fragments.


Swashbuckler embodies the traditional damage-boosting option for Burden of Guilt, making it a reliable choice if you manage to get it on your roll. Equipping Swashbuckler grants an immediate 33% damage boost for 4.5 seconds upon securing a melee kill. For players who heavily rely on throwing knives or a Titan’s shoulder charge, Swashbuckler proves to be an ideal choice, perfectly aligning with their playstyle.

Vorpal Weapon

While overshadowed by other options in this column, Vorpal Weapon can still prove useful in activities such as endgame content. Its passive damage buff against bosses and champions remains a convenient option, especially if fusion rifles currently possess seasonal mods granting them anti-champion effects.

By understanding the optimal rolls and perks for Burden of Guilt, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to unleash its full potential and dominate any battlefield.

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