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Here Are the Top Perks for Nation of Beasts in Destiny 2

The weapons in Destiny 2 have always been a topic of discussion among players, and the Last Wish weapons were no exception. With their unique aesthetics and powerful perk combinations, such as Rampage/Kill Clip Transfiguration, they quickly became highly sought-after. However, with the arrival of Season of the Deep, these weapons received a much-needed overhaul, making them even more coveted.

Among the Last Wish weapons, Nation of Beasts stands out as a 140rpm hand cannon, competing with Cantata-57 and Waking Vigil. Thanks to its new perk pool, Nation of Beasts gained some extra firepower, making it a weapon worth considering. But what exactly makes a god roll for this hand cannon? Let’s find out.

What is the Nation of Beasts PvE God Roll in Destiny 2?

When it comes to choosing the perfect god roll for Nation of Beasts, there is a lot of flexibility due to the impressive perks it offers. In terms of barrels, Polygonal Rifling, Corkscrew Rifling, or Smallbore are all excellent choices. For the magazine, you can’t go wrong with Flared Magwell or Light Mag.

In the first perk slot, Dragonfly and Perpetual Motion are standout options. Moving on to the second perk slot, Voltshot, Explosive Payload, or Kill Clip are all worth considering. These perks are the heavy hitters in their respective playing spaces, adding significant value to the overall performance of Nation of Beasts.

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Now, let’s take a look at the best PvE perks for Nation of Beasts. In the third perk column, Dragonfly and Perpetual Motion compete for prime real estate. While Eddy Current can be a fun option, Dragonfly offers more benefits, especially when paired with the right parts to mitigate the long reload speed. As for the fourth column, Voltshot shines as the god-king of Arc builds, providing excellent add clear. However, Explosive Payload and Kill Clip are also solid choices, with Explosive Payload offering more benefits against sturdier targets.

What is the Nation of Beasts PvP God Roll in Destiny 2?

The PvP god roll for Nation of Beasts is slightly more restrictive, as certain perks stand out in terms of strength. To maximize engagement room, Hammer-Forged Rifling or Full Bore are the preferred barrel choices, although Full Bore comes with some downsides to stability and handling. For the magazine, Accurized Rounds is the way to go.

In the first perk slot, Keep Away is considered the best in slot for PvP. This Lightfall perk provides significant boosts to range and aim assist, allowing you to keep your enemies at a distance while still benefiting from the increased range. In the second perk slot, Explosive Payload is the ideal choice, as it softens the damage dropoff and synergizes well with Keep Away. Honorable mention goes to Kill Clip, which remains a decent alternative.

Now, let’s delve into the best PvP perks for Nation of Beasts. In the absence of Keep Away, Opening Shot and Perpetual Motion are both solid options. Opening Shot enhances your ability to land the first hit in an engagement, while Perpetual Motion improves stability, handling, and reload speed when you’re on the move.

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By following these recommended perks for both PvE and PvP, you can ensure that your Nation of Beasts hand cannon is optimized for any situation. So, whether you’re taking on challenging PvE activities or engaging in intense PvP battles, Nation of Beasts will undoubtedly be a valuable asset in your arsenal.

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