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Destiny 2 Round Robin God Roll Guide: How to Get the Best Hand Cannon

Welcome to the ultimate guide on obtaining and optimizing the Round Robin handcannon in Destiny 2! This aggressive frame 120rpm hand cannon, available on Neomuna, has always been a fan favorite due to its high damage per bullet and ease of use. With its exceptional aim assist, impressive range, enticing perks, and compatibility with the new strand subclass, the Round Robin is a must-have weapon for any guardian’s arsenal.

How to Obtain Round Robin in Destiny 2

Neomuna Weapons and Armor Vendor
Image: Neomuna Weapons and Armor Vendor

Obtaining Round Robin drops is a straightforward process. Simply participate in public events, open chests, and complete activities on Neomuna to increase your chances of acquiring more rolls of the Round Robin. You can also obtain this hand cannon as a random drop from the Neomuna Location Vendor, Nimbus, or the Terminal Overload activity.

PvE – Round Robin God Roll

Round Robin PvE God Roll
Image: Round Robin PvE God Roll from


For the barrel perk, Fluted Barrel is the go-to choice. It provides a stability and handling boost, allowing you to maintain accuracy, reduce flinch, and quickly ready and aim the weapon.


Choose Flared Magwell for the magazine perk. This significantly improves the weapon’s reload speed and stability, which is crucial for an archetype known for its slow reload times.

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Column 3 Perk:

Fourth Times the Charm is the optimal perk in this column. It grants two bullets every time you land four precision shots. Given that handcannons rely on precision, this perk synergizes perfectly with the gun’s usage.

Column 4 Perk:

Hatchling is the recommended choice for the final perk. It grants a threadling on a precision final blow, enhancing strand synergy and complementing the other perks and weapon archetype.


A reload masterwork is essential for the Round Robin. With its slow reloading nature, this masterwork significantly boosts the reload speed, making the weapon feel less clunky and allowing you to maximize its damage potential.


The ideal mod choice is backup mag. With an already low base mag size, this mod increases the magazine capacity by 3, providing more opportunities to activate the other powerful perks.

PvP – Round Robin God Roll

Round Robin PvP God Roll
Image: Round Robin PvP God Roll from


For PvP, Fluted Barrel remains the optimal choice. It enhances stability and handling, improving accuracy, reducing flinch, and allowing for quicker readiness and weapon aiming.


Opt for Ricochet Rounds in the magazine perk slot. These rounds provide a slight boost in range and stability while also having the passive ability to ricochet around corners, ensuring you finish off enemies who may have just stepped out of your line of sight.

Column 3 Perk:

Choose Keep Away, a new perk that grants a reload, range, and accuracy boost when no enemies are nearby. This perk significantly enhances your stats as long as you maintain a safe distance from your adversaries.

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Column 4 Perk:

Opening Shot is a must-have perk for PvP. It increases range, accuracy, and aim assist for your first shot in an engagement. Given the fast time-to-kill in PvP, securing the first shot often determines the outcome, and this perk provides the best opportunity to secure that crucial advantage.


Stability is the preferred masterwork for the Round Robin in PvP. It helps reduce recoil and flinch while using the weapon. Although this archetype is known for low stability and handling in exchange for increased range, this masterwork effectively mitigates the downsides of using this archetype.


Equip Icarus Grip as your mod of choice. Since handcannons inherently possess excellent base aim assist and Opening Shot provides additional aim assist, focusing on an in-air playstyle can be beneficial. With the Airborne Effectiveness system in the game, this mod facilitates landing airborne shots with ease.


Aggressive frame handcannons may not be the most versatile archetype for general PvE use, but they excel as anti-champion weapons when equipped with the right perks. Round Robin, being one of the few strand weapons currently available, is a fantastic addition to any strand-based build or any guardian in need of a potent anti-champion handcannon.

In PvP, this archetype has experienced ups and downs but has regained popularity to rival pulse rifles due to its comparable range. With its impressive perks and well-rounded stats, the Round Robin is an excellent choice for PvP players seeking a formidable handcannon.

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Thank you for reading our comprehensive guide on the Destiny 2 Round Robin God Roll. Remember, this weapon is compatible with any class (Hunter, Titan, Warlock), any subclass (Solar, Void, Stasis, Arc, Strand), and any PvE or PvP mode in Destiny 2 (Strikes, Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Vanguard Operation, Dungeons, Raids, Crucible, Gambit, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner).

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