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Dungeons are dangerous spots in an already perilous world. Marked on your map with gate icons, dungeons are scattered throughout Sanctuary, often appearing as ruins or caves. These treacherous places are infested with monsters, requiring you to fight your way through while completing various objectives. Your journey typically ends with a battle against a dungeon boss. Vanquishing foes and looting chests in dungeons not only grants you valuable loot but also rewards you with experience points and gold. Additionally, clearing a dungeon for the first time will earn you a unique aspect specific to that dungeon, which can empower your gear. This article focuses on the Cultist Refuge dungeon in Diablo 4. It provides guidance on how to locate the dungeon, complete its objectives, and defeat the final boss.

Finding the Cultist Refuge in Diablo 4

Situated beneath the Stronghold Nostrava, the Cultist Refuge is one of the more obscure dungeons within the Fractured Peaks. To access it, you must first conquer and pacify Stronghold Nostrava, which lies to the east and somewhat south of Kyovashad. Nostrava nestles between the Desolate Highlands (the same vast region that houses Kyovashad) to the north and The Pallid Glade to the south. Once Stronghold Nostrava is under your control, return to the smoldering ruins of the church on the eastern edge. Search the northern end of the building to find a cellar door leading down to the Cultist Refuge.

Once inside the dungeon, which surprisingly remains intact despite its fiery origins, you will be tasked with completing the following objectives:

  • Slay all enemies in the Halls of Assembly.
  • Defeat The Overseer and acquire the Cultist Key.
  • Use the Cultist Key to open the Sanctum Door.
  • Journey to the Inner Sanctum.
  • Destroy the Construct.
  • Slay the High Priests.
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Clearing the Cultist Refuge in Diablo 4

While reaching the dungeon may prove bothersome, clearing it is relatively straightforward. The Cultist Refuge is filled with cultists and the demons they worship, all of which must be eradicated. Most objectives involve variations of this overarching task.

Begin by slaying all enemies in the Halls of Assembly. This requires traversing the initial section of the dungeon and eliminating every hostile creature you encounter. Once you have dispatched a satisfactory number of cultists, you will face Rakshasi The Overseer. Our encounter with this boss revealed traits such as Teleporter, Terrifying, and Shadow Enchanted. Defeat Rakshasi and claim the Cultist Key, enabling you to open the Sanctum Door.

Passing through the Sanctum Door, you will find yourself in a room adorned with retractable spike traps. These traps engage randomly, dealing damage and inflicting the Vulnerable debuff if they strike you. Unfortunately, enemies will soon flood into the room, adding to the challenge. Your objective in this room is to destroy a Bone Pile, as indicated by the “Destroy the Construct” task. It is essential to prioritize the Bone Pile amid the chaos, as your assailants will continue to spawn until it is destroyed. Once you have vanquished the Bone Pile, you can proceed by climbing down a ladder into the Inner Sanctum.

In the caverns that comprise the Inner Sanctum, your final objective is straightforward: defeat two High Priests, who serve as the dungeon bosses. However, these high priests are rather ordinary enemies, merely elite cultists. In our case, we encountered Clouse (Poison Enchanted, Plaguebearer, Waller) and Chesna (Mortar, Multishot, Vampiric). No special tactics were necessary to overcome them. As you hunt down these high priests, keep an eye out for Resplendent Chests. During our exploration, we discovered two of them lining the cavern walls, offering a substantial haul.

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Once you have eliminated the two high priests, you will have successfully completed this dungeon. Your efforts will be rewarded with Renown and access to the Flamewalker’s Aspect.

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