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Havoc Demon Hunter Guide – Dragonflight 10.1.7


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on playing Havoc Demon Hunter in World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion. In this guide, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the spec, its core abilities, best gear options, rotation strategies, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this guide will help you excel in both PvE and PvP content.

Havoc Demon Hunter Pros and Cons

Our WoW Havoc Demon Hunter guide starts with a discussion of the spec’s strengths and weaknesses. This information allows you to understand whether you would like to try this specialization in action or not.


  • Overwhelming mobility: The spec has a variety of abilities that allow you to move quickly and easily around the battlefield, making it great for both PvE and PvP content.
  • Great damage output: With a focus on quick attacks and high burst damage, you can deal significant amounts of damage to enemies.
  • Unique abilities: The specialization has several unique abilities, such as its ability to double jump and glide, that set it apart from other specs and make it enjoyable to play.
  • Strong self-healing: You have access to several abilities that allow you to heal yourself, making you more durable in combat.
  • Easy to learn the basics: Relying mostly on melee auto attacks, this specialization remains one of the easiest ones to learn. However, this only concerns the core gameplay mechanics, as you need to practice a lot to master the spec completely.


  • Limited utility: You do not have too many utility abilities to use during battle. This makes you less desirable in group content compared to other specs. Nonetheless, your Chaos Brand is definitely worth the attention, as no other classes provide this type of debuff.
  • Weak survivability: While having strong self-healing, you can still be quite squishy, especially in situations where you are focused hard and has to take heavy damage.
  • Resource management: You rely on a unique resource called Fury to use most of your damaging abilities, which can be difficult to manage in certain situations.
  • Downtime can be punishing: To maximize your DPS, you just cannot go without certain abilities and talents. Having them on cooldown reduces your damage output, which is especially noticeable in single-target talent setups.

Havoc Demon Hunter Basics:

This is a melee damage-dealing specialization that focuses on dealing high burst damage to its enemies. The main part of the Havoc Demon Hunter Dragonflight gameplay is the process of the Fury generation. This resource is gained through abilities and spent on powerful attacks. With the ability to double-jump and glide through the air to quickly navigate around the battlefield, the spec is overwhelmingly mobile. It also has strong self-healing abilities, making it capable of surviving prolonged fights.

In terms of role, you act as a pure damage dealer and can deal with any foes that stand in your way. You can wear leather armor and can use both one-handed swords and glaives, as well as fist weapons and daggers. To play this specialization efficiently, good situational awareness, quick reflexes, and a willingness to take risks are required.

Havoc Demon Hunter Core Abilities:

No matter what type of content you prefer, you mainly use a standard set of abilities. Most of them are aimed at dealing damage or moving around the battlefield. Since this specialization lacks defensive talents, you do not want to take too much direct damage. Besides, you have a few spells to retreat from foes when the situation becomes too dangerous. Down below, you can find a list containing the strongest WoW Havoc Demon Hunter abilities, which includes the following options:

  • Demon’s Bite: Deals moderate damage and generates Fury.
  • Chaos Strike: Consumes Fury to deal a significant amount of damage to the enemy. After being cast, you have a chance of restoring half of Fury spent.
  • Eye Beam: A channeled ability that deals damage to all enemies in front of you.
  • Blade Dance: Your primary AoE ability that strikes foes around you for 4 times.
  • Fel Rush: Use to dash in the direction you are moving. It also deals an insignificant amount of damage to targets you come across.
  • Metamorphosis: Leap to a chosen area and become a demon, stunning enemies in this location. You also gain a damage and Haste increase. On top of that, your Chaos Strike and Blade Dance abilities are empowered.
  • Immolation Aura: Grants you a bunch of Fury when cast. The active effect deals Fire damage to surrounding enemies in melee range.
  • Vengeful Retreat: Allows you to leap away from the target and deal a bit of AoE damage to nearby enemies.

This list is far from complete, as it can be enlarged with other abilities. However, these are the most powerful and unique ones. Most of them have long cooldowns meaning you should use them wisely and timely. Otherwise, you risk finding yourself in a situation where you cannot escape the fight and can die quickly.

All the described abilities are your bread and butter in both PvE and PvP content. Nonetheless, you can never clear a dungeon all by yourself only. To complete a Mythic+ run, you cannot go without a skilled team. If you do not have one or simply wish to get the desired loot effortlessly, we have you covered. By ordering our Mythic Carry services, you can completely rely on our professional players. They will gladly clear out a dungeon of any difficulty for you.

Havoc Demon Hunter Stat Priority:

The stat priority for this spec varies depending on the player’s current gear and the content type they are participating in. However, your Havoc Demon Hunter stats should be distributed in the following way:

  1. Agility: Increases your attack power and ability damage, making it the most important stat for you in general.
  2. Critical Strike: Enhances your chance to critically strike, which is crucial for dealing burst damage. Having several crit-related talents only increases the value of this stat.
  3. Haste: Reduces the GCD (Global Cooldown) of your abilities, allowing you to use your attacks more frequently. On top of that, it makes some of your spells refresh a bit faster.
  4. Mastery: Boosts the damage done by your Chaos abilities, but it is generally considered less important than the other stats. Besides, it increases your movement speed.
  5. Versatility: Improves your damage output, reduces incoming damage, and increases healing received.

You should keep in mind that while these stats are important, you should also focus on balancing these stats and not sacrifice too much of one for another. It often turns out that your character lacks a particular stat, and this affects your in-game performance. To avoid a situation like this, we highly recommend that you sim your character to see how well it does in action.

Best PvE Havoc Demon Hunter Builds:

The talent system has received a complete rework in the Dragonflight expansion. Now, players can experiment with various talent setups and see how they suit different in-game situations. However, you need to be quite a skillful player to create a build on your own. If you do not know where to start and wish to try a ready-made solution, we are here for you.

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The two extracts of our guide share Raiding and Mythic+ talent builds you can use to excel in these combat types. Still, using them does not guarantee any success. While participating in these activities, you fully depend on your party/guild members and have to play as a team. So, if you have no friends to rely on, you can Buy Dragonflight Boost services and let our pros do the whole job for you. We provide fair prices and guarantee the result.

Havoc Demon Hunter Single-Target Raid Build

Taking part in a raid requires you to deal the maximum DPS to a solo target. For this, you can use the following Havoc Demon Hunter raid build, which focuses exactly on this goal. Besides, you save all your mobility tools to enter the fight and retreat from it where it is necessary.

Single-Target Raid Build

To try this build in action, you can export it by copying the code below:


Havoc Demon Hunter Mythic+ Build

Unlike the previous setup, this Dragonflight Havoc Demon Hunter PvE build focuses on maximizing your AoE damage. This is what you need while clearing a dungeon full of mob packs. It focuses on your Throw Glaive ability, which is enhanced by various talents to make it even stronger.

Mythic+ Build

By copying the code you see below, you can easily export this build into the game:


Best Havoc Demon Hunter PvP Build

Moving further, we have a Dragonflight Havoc Demon Hunter PvP build to discuss. When playing this spec in PvP, it is crucial to be aggressive and constantly apply pressure to your opponents. Make use of your mobility and gap-closing abilities such as Fel Rush, Vengeful Retreat, and Metamorphosis to get in and out of combat quickly.

Coordinate with your teammates and communicate your target focus, as this specialization is great at singling out and taking down enemies. Use your crowd control abilities, such as Chaos Nova and Imprison, to disrupt enemy players and set up kills for yourself and your team.

In addition, be mindful of your defensive abilities such as Blur, which can be crucial in surviving enemy attacks and turning the tide of a battle. Lastly, always be aware of your positioning and avoid getting caught in enemy crowd control, as you are highly susceptible to it.

PvP Build

To try out the above-presented setup, copy the following code:


To get access to all the abilities and talents you see in the screenshot above, you need to achieve level 70 first. Only then, you start shining in PvP for real. To do this quicker, you can use our WoW Powerleveling services. In this case, our professional players will get your character to the maximum level in no time. We guarantee the best market price and the fastest completion time.

Havoc Demon Hunter Best in Slot Gear:

Thanks to the Crafting Order system implemented with the Dragonflight expansion, average players no longer depend on the equipment they get from end-game activities so much. Instead, you can craft decent substitutes by buying or crafting necessary reagents and passing them to another player. Of course, these gear pieces will be less powerful, but the difference is mere.

It is necessary to keep in mind that while BiS gear can provide significant advantages in combat, acquiring it can be time-consuming and may not always be feasible. Players should aim to acquire equipment that is as close to BiS as possible, while also prioritizing gear with high item levels and relevant secondary stats.

If your character lacks certain stats, this can significantly lower value in various high-level activities. So, make sure to sim your character to see what stat mix combination you better. Then, you want to try it out in action to see if it actually works as expected. If not, change it accordingly and give it another shot.

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible Best in Slot Gear for Havoc Demon Hunter

If you are still striving to get the most powerful equipment, you cannot go without high-level content. We are talking about Raiding in particular now. Below, you can find a table containing the gear pieces from Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. Collecting all of them is quite a tough task. So, we recommend that you pay less attention to this and play for your enjoyment.

It is important to keep in mind that BiS gear is not a guaranteed path to success. Your individual skill and execution will always be more crucial than the equipment you are wearing. Furthermore, obtaining BiS gear can be a time-consuming and demanding process. In cases where you are not aiming for the very top of the leaderboards, the performance differences between BiS gear and alternative one are often negligible.

This is especially true in PvP scenarios, where strategy and tactics are more significant than raw stats. Additionally, gear upgrades are constantly being introduced, and new patches or expansions can bring in new gear with superior stats and bonuses. As a result, BiS gear can quickly become outdated and need to be replaced.

It is highly recommended that you enjoy the game rather than become overly focused on grinding and farming. The game’s developers continuously release new patches to keep players engaged, so have fun and continue exploring the Dragon Isles!

Mythic+ Best in Slot Gear for Havoc Demon Hunter

Up next, we would like to discuss another type of the best Havoc Demon Hunter gear you can currently find in the game. The latter is obtained by clearing out Mythic+ dungeons, which become more difficult with each level you pass. It is definitely one of the most exciting and rewarding activities you can take part in. If you enjoy this concept, then you can try to collect the equipment pieces included in the table below.

Again, collecting all the listed items should not be your priority and the main game’s goal. Enjoy exploring the Dragon Isles and pay less attention to acquiring high-rank equipment.

Best Upgrade, Spark of Shadowflame, and Embellishment Options for Havoc Demon Hunter:

If you have always dreamt of increasing your favorite item’s ilvl, you can finally do it now. Flightstones is the currency designed exactly for this purpose. It lets you increase your PvE equipment level up to 441.

To obtain this currency, you are to participate in dungeons, world quests, raids, and other in-game activities. Keep in mind that you will never have too much of this currency. Therefore, it should be spent wisely and you need to upgrade the most crucial gear pieces first. As a DPS spec, you always start with enhancing your main-hand weapon followed by the off-hand one. After that, you can focus on your trinkets, as they are not replaced that often and provide powerful on-use effects. Here are a few examples of the items that are worth your attention when it comes to upgrading them with Flightstones:

  1. Bile-Stained Crawg Tusks
  2. Elementium Pocket Anvil
  3. Beacon to the Beyond
  4. Voice of the Silent Star

Moving further, we have Spark of Shadowflame, which serves to replace items from high-end content. This reagent is used to create items similar to those you get from Mythic+ and Raiding in terms of stats. Still, they are a bit worse but can work just fine for most players. Since it should be also spent wisely, we recommend that you craft the following items first:

  1. Elemental Lariat
  2. Toxic Thorn Footwraps
  3. Life-Bound Chestpiece
  4. Primal Molten Warglaive or any other high-lvl weapon that you like better.

Before we move to another paragraph of the article, we would like to add a few words concerning the Embellishment system. The latter allows you to get extra bonuses and stats. Nonetheless, you cannot have more than 2 items with this type of effect equipped simultaneously. Usually, you go for standard alternatives and choose from the following:

  1. Shadowflame-Tempered Armor Patch – Grants you a small chance to deal Shadowflame damage when attacking a target.
  2. Blue Silken Lining – Unlike the previous item, this one suits Mythic+ content more. It provides you with additional Mastery if you stay above 90% HP.
  3. Elemental Lariat – This is an all-purpose choice for your necklace slot. The latter grants you a bunch of stats, which can never be extra.
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Getting your hands on all the described-above items can be particularly difficult if you do not have enough gold in your pocket. Farming it can partially solve this problem. Though you can Buy WoW Gold with our company’s help instead and save plenty of time. We offer the best market price and guarantee the fastest delivery to any server you play on.

Best Havoc Demon Hunter Enchants and Consumables:

Using various enchantments and consumables can also make your character more powerful. They provide you with additional primary and secondary stats, which are essential to excel in any type of content. Currently, there are dozens of options to choose from, but we have gathered the strongest alternatives for you.

No matter what type of content you prefer, neglecting certain consumables is impossible. For example, Phial of Elemental Chaos has no drawbacks and lasts through death. Make sure to use it every time you enter the fight and do not have it up. Up next, we have Iced Phial of Corrupting Rage, which comes with a serious drawback. However, you will not suffer much from it if you manage to finish off the opponent before it procs. For Mythic+ fans, it is essential to use Phial of Glacial Fury to increase your damage output and deal with larger mob groups quicker.

Moving to the potion section, you always want to use Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power, as it provides you with a ton of Agility. Being a squishy DPS, you cannot go without Refreshing Healing Potion to restore HP when it drops to a critically low rate.

Finally, we would like to cover the gem topic, as it is also an essential part of your equipment:

  • Inscribed Illimited Diamond – Provides you with a bunch of Agility and Critical Strike, the stats you value more than any others;
  • Crafty Alexstraszite – Grants you extra Critical Strike and Haste stats enhancing your overall DPS.

Having all the mentioned improvements combined significantly increases your chances of outbattling even the toughest boss. However, you still rely on your teammates, and they play the biggest role in any group content. If you are never lucky with a party, you can use our WoW Raid Boost services to let our pros slay any boss for you. All you are left to do is to enjoy the desired loot and keep doing things you like to do.

Havoc Demon Hunter Rotation Guide:

Seeming as an easy-to-master specialization first, playing it efficiently requires you to know various rotations. You cannot find an all-purpose WoW Havoc Demon Hunter rotation and should learn each of them separately. Depending on the combat situation, the sequence of abilities and how you use them may vary. However, we have tried to gather the strongest rotations you can use when playing this spec.

Before you start practicing in a chosen rotation, you always want to keep an eye on your Fury bar. The latter is your bread and butter, as it allows you to use your most powerful attacks. On top of that, you need to learn to press buttons right after they refresh. Otherwise, you can lose tons of potential damage and break the rotation completely.

No matter what rotation you are using in a particular fight, you should be the initiator. This specialization is all about applying pressure. If you do not attack first, you are more likely to be immobilized and take a heavy portion of incoming damage.

Havoc Demon Hunter Opener Rotation

  1. Immolation Aura before you enter the fight completely;
  2. Felblade to gain extra Fury;
  3. The Hunt allows you to change your positioning and disorient the opponent;
  4. Eye Beam;
  5. Essence Break;
  6. Death Sweep when surrounded by a group of foes;
  7. Metamorphosis to empower your basic skills and change your positioning;
  8. Death Sweep;
  9. Eye Beam;
  10. Annihilation.

Havoc Demon Hunter Single-Target Rotation

  1. The Hunt to initiate the fight and get closer to the squishy target you want to focus on;
  2. Death Sweep (use it only if you have Essence Break on a long cooldown);
  3. Eye Beam;
  4. Essence Break;
  5. Metamorphosis (make sure you have your empowered abilities ready when casting it);
  6. Blade Dance;
  7. Annihilation;
  8. Immolation Aura;
  9. Chaos Strike;
  10. Felblade;
  11. Throw Glaive.

Havoc Demon Hunter Multi-Target Rotation

  1. The Hunt to initiate the fight as always;
  2. Death Sweep (use it only if you have Essence Break on a long cooldown);
  3. Eye Beam;
  4. Essence Break;
  5. Metamorphosis (make sure you have your empowered abilities ready when casting it);
  6. Blade Dance;
  7. Immolation Aura;
  8. Annihilation;
  9. Felblade if you lack Fury;
  10. Chaos Strike;
  11. Throw Glaive.

Havoc Demon Hunter Leveling Guide:

As we mentioned earlier, you need to get to the level’s cap ASAP to unlock the spec’s full potential. This paragraph of the guide is devoted exactly to this topic. By reading it, you will learn what talent build you can use for the fastest leveling. On top of that, we will share the names of the most efficient consumables specifically for this process. Starting with the build, you can see in the screenshot below.

To try it in the game yourself, copy the following code:


Up next, we have a list of the must-have consumables. They are used to increase your damage output or restore HP when it is necessary. As a rule, they do not cost that much and can be easily found at the Auction House:

  • Spectral Flask of Power – Grants you a slight Agility boost that lasts for an hour;
  • Potion of Spectral Agility – Provides you with a ton of Agility for a shorter period of time;
  • Cosmic Healing Potion – Can be used in a critical situation to restore Health;
  • Fried Bonefish – Gives you an excellent movement speed buff after you kill an enemy. One can also eat it to restore a large portion of HP;
  • Iridescent Ravioli with Apple Sauce – Works in a similar way if compared to the item before yet provides you with additional Mastery after you eat it;
  • Shaded Sharpening Stone – Simply boosts your attack power for an hour, which is a lot.

As for the leveling rotation, it can vary depending on what enemy you are fighting. The main rule here is to check on your Fury and use all damaging abilities on cooldown. This is more than enough to defeat any enemy you encounter.

Once you make your way to level 70, you get access to all types of end-game content. However, participating in it and getting no unique rewards makes no sense. If you always wish to obtain the loot you are dreaming about, you need a reliable team to play with. Or you can use our World of Warcraft Boosting services instead. In this case, our professional players will gladly slay any boss or clear a dungeon for you. This will take us a minimum of time, and the result is guaranteed.

The Best Primordial Stones for Havoc Demon Hunter:

One of the most anticipated features of the 10.0.7 patch was the Onyx Annulet ring. Its mechanic revolves around various Primordial Stones you can insert into it. The latter provides you with unique effects and bonuses, which can only be unlocked if you wear this ring. In this paragraph of the article, we are going to share what Primordial Stones you should use when playing this spec for different content types.

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Raiding Content

  • Desirous Blood Stone – Grants you a chance of dealing extra Shadow damage and healing for the amount of damage dealt. This is a superb option for long fights where you need an additional self-sustain source.
  • Prophetic Twilight Stone – Your Primordial Stones sync with each other, allowing damaging effects to activate healing ones, and vice versa.
  • Freezing Ice Stone – Lets you deal extra Frost damage and apply a slowing effect on a target. This is a perfect alternative for this spec, as you always want to stay in melee range when fighting someone.
  • Storm Infused Stone – Inflicting a critical strike deals Nature damage to the priority target and two nearby enemies. The effect procs quite often thanks to the fact we prioritize Critical Strike above all other secondary stats.
  • Humming Arcane Stone – When you deal Magic damage, you hit your target with Arcane missiles. The number of them increases for each Primordial Stone family you have.

Mythic+ Content

  • Desirous Blood Stone – Grants you a chance of dealing extra Shadow damage and healing for the amount of damage dealt. This is a superb option for long fights where you need an additional self-sustain source.
  • Prophetic Twilight Stone – Your Primordial Stones sync with each other, allowing damaging effects to activate healing ones, and vice versa.
  • Storm Infused Stone – Inflicting a critical strike deals Nature damage to the priority target and two nearby enemies. The effect procs quite often thanks to the fact we prioritize Critical Strike above all other secondary stats.
  • Pestilent Plague Stone – Works in a similar way if compared to the previous item. However, its effect is activated just by dealing damage.
  • Freezing Ice Stone – Lets you deal extra Frost damage and apply a slowing effect on a target. This is a perfect alternative for this spec, as you always want to stay in melee range when fighting someone.

World Content

  • Desirous Blood Stone – Grants you a chance of dealing extra Shadow damage and healing for the amount of damage dealt. This is a superb option for long fights where you need an additional self-sustain source.
  • Prophetic Twilight Stone – Your Primordial Stones sync with each other, allowing damaging effects to activate healing ones, and vice versa.
  • Storm Infused Stone – Inflicting a critical strike deals Nature damage to the priority target and two nearby enemies. The effect procs quite often thanks to the fact we prioritize Critical Strike above all other secondary stats.
  • Freezing Ice Stone – Lets you deal extra Frost damage and apply a slowing effect on a target. This is a perfect alternative for this spec, as you always want to stay in melee range when fighting someone.
  • Humming Arcane Stone – When you deal Magic damage, you hit your target with Arcane missiles. The number of them increases for each Primordial Stone family you have.

How to Become a Better Havoc Demon Hunter in Dragonflight:

To perform exceptionally well and outbattle any enemy that comes in your way, you are to follow certain Havoc Demon Hunter 10.1 patch tips. They look as follows:

  1. Master your mobility tools: Having several abilities that allow you to quickly move around the battlefield, this spec is superbly mobile. Learning to use your movement abilities effectively will not only help you avoid damage but also position yourself for maximum damage output.
  2. Pay attention to your resource: As we stated earlier in the article, your main resource is Fury. Managing it effectively is crucial to maximizing your damage output. Make sure to use your abilities in the right order and avoid wasting the resource on unnecessary actions.
  3. Practice your timing: Many of your abilities have specific timing requirements. Learning when to use each ability in your rotation will take some practice, but it will significantly improve your performance in combat.
  4. Analyze your performance: Take the time to review your gameplay and identify areas where you can improve. Look for patterns in your mistakes and make a conscious effort to avoid them in the future.
  5. Experiment with different builds: While there are some recommended builds for this spec, do not be afraid to experiment with different talent and gear combinations. This can help you find a playstyle that suits your preferences and playstyle better.
  6. Know your enemies: In PvP situations, knowing your enemies and their abilities can be a game-changer. Take some time to research other classes and their abilities so you can anticipate their moves and counter them effectively.

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Final Words:

In conclusion, mastering this specialization requires a combination of knowledge, skill, and experience. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, you have surely learned how to play Havoc Demon Hunter. All you are left to do is to work on your gameplay improvement to enhance your chances of success in both PvE and PvP content.

Remember to prioritize your core abilities, focus on the right stats, and select the best gear for your needs. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, there is always room for improvement, and the SkyCoach team is here to support you in achieving your gaming goals. So, keep practicing, have fun, and enjoy exploring the exciting world of Dragonflight!


Q: Are Havoc Demon Hunters good in Dragonflight?
A: This has been one of the strongest specs in WoW for quite a long time. With their high mobility and burst damage, they excel in both PvE and PvP content, making them a valuable addition to any group.

Q: Is Havoc Demon Hunter hard to play in WoW?
A: It can be considered a relatively easy specialization to pick up, especially for players who are familiar with melee classes. Its core abilities are straightforward and simple to understand, and the rotation is not overly complex. However, mastering the specialization and maximizing its potential can take time and practice, especially in high-end content such as Mythic+ and Raiding.

Q: What is the best weapon for a Havoc Demon Hunter?
A: Your choice comes down to warglaives, daggers, swords, axes, and fist weapons.

Q: What is the best profession for a Havoc Demon Hunter?
A: Many players prefer Engineering and Alchemy. This allows you to create rare flasks and useful utility items. This can be especially useful for end-game content since they noticeably influence your damage output.

Q: Is Havoc Demon Hunter good in PvE WoW?
A: It is considered a strong damage-dealing specialization in PvE content, such as raids and dungeons, due to its high single-target and AoE damage output, mobility, and survivability.

Q: How do I maximize DPS as Havoc Demon Hunter?
A: Make sure you use your Fury effectively and timely, as it allows you to utilize the most powerful attacks in your skill arsenal. You also want to press your damage-dealing abilities right after they refresh.

Q: What is the best rotation for a Havoc Demon Hunter?
A: It depends on what combat situation we are talking about. Earlier in the guide, we described the strongest rotation you can use when playing this spec. Master them all and use them accordingly.

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