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Diablo IV Heart of Mold: Locating Nuroth the Vile Fang

In the vast region of Hawezar, Diablo 4 Heart of Mold stands out as one of the lengthier quests, comprising part of a larger questline. This particular quest, Heart of Mold, requires you to find a remedy to save Yolanda’s life. Yolanda is a skilled healer hailing from the town of Wejinhani. As one of the 49 side-quests in Hawezar, completing Heart of Mold becomes essential for completionists. To assist you in swiftly finishing the D4 Heart of Mold side-quest, we have prepared a comprehensive walkthrough.

Getting Started with the Heart of Mold Quest in Diablo 4

Before embarking on the Heart of Mold quest, there are a few prerequisites you must meet. Firstly, you need to progress through the main story until you reach Act 5 and gain access to the Hawezar region. Secondly, you must have completed the previous two quests in the questline: Gift of the Swamp and Fungal Remedies. After attempting to heal Yolanda in the Fungal Remedies side-quest without success, you must speak to an NPC to learn that only Zurke might hold the answers to this affliction.

In case you’re uncertain about Yolanda’s location, head to the hut northeast of the Wejinhani Waypoint, as depicted on the D4 map below:

Diablo 4 Heart of Mold becomes available after completing the Fungal Remedies side-quest

To proceed, you must find this elusive Zurke and acquire a specific offering. Make your way to the village’s gate and retrieve the werewolf head that has been nailed to it:

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The Grotesque Trophy is found nailed to the Wejinhani village gate

You can easily locate the gate by following the blue marker on your minimap. Once you have the Grotesque Head in your possession, journey to the clearing in the Corpsewail Deluge and search for Zurke.

Locating the Corpsewail Deluge Clearing in Diablo 4

The Corpsewail Deluge is situated on the northern side of Blightmarsh. You can find the exact location of the clearing on the map below, saving you valuable time during your search:

The Clearing in the Corpsewail Deluge is found on the north side of the Blightmarsh area

Upon reaching the clearing, you must ignite the two Mossy Torches and place the Grotesque Head in the Offering Bowl. If you encounter difficulties locating the Torches and the Bowl, follow the blue markers displayed on your minimap. After completing these tasks, Zurke will materialize, providing an opportunity for you to engage in conversation.

Zurke will inform you that he requires the eyes of Nuroth the Vile Fang to assist you further. Consequently, you must now locate Nuroth in the nearby search area.

Finding Nuroth the Vile Fang in Diablo 4

To pinpoint Nuroth’s location precisely, head to the northeast section of the search area, as indicated in the screenshot below:

Nuroth the Vile Fang location map

Be aware that Nuroth is an Elite enemy and is accompanied by a few companions:

Nuroth is found in the northeast part of the search area

Rest assured, Nuroth will be no match for your skills. After defeating the Elite enemy, retrieve the Oversized Snake Eyes from the ground. Return to Zurke and place these Eyes in the Decaying Animal Corpse next to him. Now, with the Moldy Heart in hand, make your way swiftly to Yolanda, preferably by utilizing the Wejinhani Waypoint’s fast travel feature. Luckily, the remedy works wonders, and Yolanda immediately begins to feel better.

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Congratulations, dear Nephalem friend! You have successfully completed the Diablo 4 Heart Mold questline, reaping the rewards of Gold, XP, Renown points, and a Cache. However, your journey doesn’t end here. There are more captivating side-quests in Hawezar, such as Lost Cause, for you to embark upon.

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