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Heir of Light Tier List: Discover the Best and Worst Characters!

Are you on a quest to find the most powerful characters for your team? Look no further! We’ve curated an exclusive Heir of Light tier list that showcases the crème de la crème and the characters you should avoid. From the heavenly S tier to the underwhelming D tier, we’ve got you covered. And don’t worry, we’ll keep this guide up to date with new character releases, so be sure to bookmark this page!

Unveiling the Heir of Light Tier List

Let’s dive right into the tier list…

S Tier

  • Leto (Dark)
  • Heylel (Dark)
  • Lucien (Light)
  • Henri (Dark)
  • Lucien [A] (Forest)
  • Enoch (Light)
  • Lucien (Fire)
  • Xita (Light)
  • Carmilla (Water)
  • Leto (Light)
  • Rem (Fire)
  • Opehelia (Light)
  • Lucien (Dark)

A Tier

  • Dunkelhund (Dark)
  • Gretel (Light)
  • Torhino (Forest)
  • Enoch (Dark)
  • Torhino (Water)
  • Laura (Fire)
  • Xita (Fire)
  • Rem (Water)
  • Xita (Water)
  • Carmilla (Light)
  • Xita (Forest)
  • Rem (Forest)
  • Lucien [A] (Dark)
  • Mary (Water)
  • Hopkins (Dark)
  • Reynar (Light)
  • Lucien (Forest)
  • Carmilla (Dark)
  • Heylel (Light)
  • Gwyllgi (Dark)
  • Griselda (Forest)
  • Laura (Light)
  • Leto [A] (Forest)
  • Bjorn (Fire)
  • Mary (Light)
  • Leto (Water)
  • Xita (Dark)
  • Leto [A] (Water)
  • Koume (Fire)
  • Miya (Forest)
  • Belladonas (Fire)
  • Ishmael (Dark)
  • Hern (Light)
  • Koume (Water)
  • Leto [A] (Fire)
  • Lucien [A] (Water)
  • Hern (Forest)
  • Lucien (Water)
  • Saighead (Water)

B Tier

  • Charlotte (Dark)
  • Henri (Forest)
  • Hopkins (Forest)
  • Belladonas (Dark)
  • Henri (Light)
  • Charlotte (Forest)
  • Belladonas (Light)
  • Hopkins (Light)
  • Usher (Fire)
  • Heylel (Forest)
  • Enoch (Fire)
  • Lucien [A] (Light)
  • Koume (Light)
  • Hern (Water)
  • Hopkins (Fire)
  • Griselda (Dark)
  • Koume (Dark)
  • Hern (Fire)
  • Leto [A] (Light)
  • Charlotte (Water)
  • Heylel (Fire)
  • Rem (Light)
  • Laura (Forest)
  • Torhino (Fire)
  • Leto (Forest)
  • Rem (Dark)
  • Carmilla (Forest)
  • Enoch (Water)
  • Enoch (Forest)
  • Henri (Water)
  • Leto (Fire)
  • Belladonas (Water)
  • Hopkins (Water)
  • Griselda (Light)
  • Laura (Dark)
  • Charlotte (Light)
  • Charlotte (Fire)
  • Heylel (Water)
  • Griselda (Fire)
  • Belladonas (Forest)
  • Henri (Fire)
  • Marat (Water)
  • Usher (Light)
  • Leto [A] (Dark)
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C Tier

  • Mary (Fire)
  • Usher (Water)
  • Usher (Dark)
  • Torhino (Dark)
  • Usher (Forest)
  • Carmilla (Fire)
  • Gwyllgi (Fire)

D Tier

  • Otik (Fire)
  • Marat (Fire)
  • Monolith (Fire)
  • Griselda (Water)
  • Laura (Water)
  • Gottorp (Fire)
  • Koume (Forest)
  • Rhamaan (Fire)

Heir Of Light Tier List FAQ

Let’s address some common questions that may have crossed your mind while browsing our tier list.

What Is a Tier List?

A tier list is a ranking system that categorizes items or weapons (in this case, characters) into specific tiers. These tiers help players compare the characters and make informed choices. Additionally, tier lists help players steer clear of underperforming characters, ensuring they make the most of their time in the game.

How Did We Curate Our Heir Of Light Tier List?

Our tier list is the result of a meticulous process that takes into account various factors, including:

  • Personal experience
  • Community feedback
  • General consensus from other tier lists

However, it’s important to note that tier lists are subjective and primarily based on opinions. If your favorite character doesn’t align with our tier list, feel free to embrace your personal preferences!

For more information about the game, be sure to visit the official Heir Of Light website.

How Often Do We Update Tier Lists?

We update our tier lists regularly to ensure they stay current and accurate. Updates may occur due to:

  • Release of new characters
  • Character updates and balancing

That wraps up our comprehensive tier list. Don’t forget to grab the game from the top of the page, explore the articles mentioned in paragraph three, and check back frequently for any new character additions and their rankings.

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