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Ranking The Best Classes in Hero Siege

Hero Siege is an action-packed game that offers a variety of character classes to choose from. Each class has its own unique abilities and strengths, making it important to understand their capabilities. In this article, we will provide you with a tier list of the best classes in Hero Siege, ranked based on their effectiveness in battle.


Jotunn, the son of Aurgelmir and Ymir, is a formidable opponent on the battlefield. He excels at dealing punishing blows with his melee and spell attacks, which have a fast cooldown rate. Jotunn has various powerful skills that make him a great addition to any team. However, his defense is not as strong as other characters, such as Demon-Slayer and Marauder, so he needs a supporting Hero to make the most of his skills.


The Marksman is the fastest character in the game, boasting high accuracy and distraction capabilities with his decoy passive. He can target multiple opponents with Cluster Mines and Multishot Turret and pierce through armor. Unfortunately, the Marksman is weak in close-ranged fights, and his defensive powers are not the best, with a relatively slow cooldown rate. However, he can remain protected during the night with Drones and Totems.


The Amazon is an incredibly fast and agile fighter, capable of decimating opponents with her bow and javelin. She has a great balance between ranged and melee attacks, and her two skill trees, Huntress and Valkyrie, allow her to tailor her approach for different situations. While the Amazon may lack the specialization of other heroes, her speed and agility make her a formidable opponent. However, her reliance on evasion as the only defensive tactic and the slower damage output from poison can make her difficult to play with.


Nomad is a powerful Melee character, able to quickly take down any opponent with his close-range wind attacks and wide-area sandstorms. He is incredibly fast and versatile, making him an ideal choice for intense fights. His two skill trees, Wanderer and Vagabond, give him access to powerful abilities. Although he has no long-range offensive capabilities, his deadly close-range capabilities make up for it.

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The Redneck is a formidable hero in Hero Siege, thanks to his proficiency using Melee and Chainsaw attacks. He also can cause area damage with his gasoline-based attacks. His two skill trees, Hillbilly and Logger, make him a great close-range fighter with high damage output. However, his lack of ranged attacks and some underpowered skills make him a bit weaker than some of the other top characters.


The Demon-Slayer is the perfect mix of close-ranged and long-ranged combat. He can switch between attacking with a melee weapon or a gun at any time, making him an incredibly adaptive character. His two skill trees, Gunslinger and Executioner, provide various powerful abilities. The Demon-Slayer is incredibly fast and deals high damage, but mastering his abilities can be difficult, even for experienced players.


The Pyromancer is the perfect choice for those looking to decimate their opponents from a safe distance. With two powerful skill trees, Flame Diviner and Arsonist, this class is amazing for unleashing devastating AOE fire attacks. On the downside, it falls short in close-quarters combat and has relatively low health, making it a less-than-ideal choice for up-close-and-personal brawls.


As a flying character, Demonspawn is one of the few in the game who can easily dodge attacks. His two skill trees, Bone Conjurer and Blood Lord, make him a great defensive character since they give him access to shields and long-range spells. However, his melee attacks are poor, and he lacks AOE abilities, so Demonspawn doesn’t do well in close-range battles.


The Paladin is a master of close-range combat, with powerful melee attacks and the ability to tank for his allies or himself using rotary shields. He has two skill trees, Justiciar and Lionheart, allowing him to provide support through healing light. While not the most versatile or adaptive fighter, the Paladin is a valuable asset on the battlefield. However, he is weak in ranged combat and relatively slower than other characters.

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White Mage

The White Mage is a great choice for a supporting character. His Spell weapons are perfect for providing beneficial buffs and auras to allies. With the two skill trees of Zealot and Divine Being, he can heal and protect allies and grant immunity for a short period. However, the White Mage is not suited for one-on-one combat, as he has weak close-range fighting skills and low health. Despite this, he is still an invaluable asset to any team, providing powerful support and healing capabilities.


The Pirate is an amazing character in the game, capable of taking out multiple monsters at once. Gunner and Plunderer’s two skill trees allow her to unleash rapid and powerful AOE cold damage. However, playing as a Pirate is not for the faint of heart. It can be difficult to master and requires patience and dedication. But for those willing to put in the effort, the Pirate can be a great asset, able to find loot better than other classes!


The Samurai is an ideal class for close-range combat, boasting incredible speed and a variety of melee and claw attacks to take down hordes of enemies. While not particularly effective in long-range battles, the Samurai’s two skill trees, Ronin and Emperor’s Blade, provide various options to customize your playstyle. However, mastering the Samurai’s fast-paced gameplay can be challenging, and the class is not particularly adaptive.


The Marauder is designed for close-range combat, with Chainsaw and Melee as his primary offensive tools. He has two skill trees, Juggernaut and Gladiator, which allow him to set traps and taunts, do massive area damage with his bombs, and hold his own in any battle. However, the Marauder’s weaknesses are long-range combat and agility, so it’s not recommended for higher-level players.


The Shaman is a powerful character with a variety of attack options. His Spell attacks can inflict heavy damage, while his Claw attacks make him a formidable foe in close-range combat. With his Elementalist and Chieftain skill trees, he can adapt to any situation and use lightning strikes to remove multiple enemies. Unfortunately, the Shaman is more vulnerable than other characters and lacks the defensive strength needed to carry a team.

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Shield Lancer

The Shield Lancer is a powerful tanking class that can help protect your allies in battle. He can absorb a lot of damage with a passive that grants him a 5 percent base damage reduction. Unfortunately, his attacking abilities are lacking, making him a bit slow and unadaptable when taking on different types of opponents.


The Necromancer class is a great choice for those who use poison to damage their foes slowly. While their ranged attacks are okay, their close-quarters combat is quite weak. They gain access to a small HP shield, and their passive ability helps them revive allies 20% faster. Unfortunately, their skills are quite underwhelming at higher levels.


The Viking is a powerful Melee combatant, able to charge into hordes of enemies and overpower them. His two skill trees, Shield Bearer and Berserker, are designed to protect allies and attack enemies. He can accumulate up to 5 stacks, making him a formidable opponent. However, his lack of versatility and adaptability makes him sub-optimal at higher levels, and his complete lack of ranged attacks makes him vulnerable to ranged opponents.


The Illusionist is a master of manipulating sand and time. Her skill trees, Sand Manipulator and Chronomancer, allow her to gain a 5% bonus to her energy reserves. She is most effective in ranged combat but struggles in close-quarter fights. Her abilities can be useful in certain situations but are not as effective when playing at higher levels.

Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor is a unique character, capable of dealing area damage to multiple opponents. His weapons of choice are flasks and spells, allowing him to attack from afar. However, his defense isn’t the best, and he’s not very versatile, making him vulnerable in many situations. He can easily be overpowered and is not well-suited for most encounters.

In conclusion, these are the top classes in Hero Siege, ranked based on their effectiveness in battle. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, so choose the one that suits your playstyle the best. Remember to consider the E-E-A-T factors when selecting your character, as a good user experience, expertise, authority, and reliability are essential for success in the game.

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