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Honkai Star Rail Light Cones Tier List: Ranking the Best Light Cones in Version 1.0

In the world of Honkai: Star Rail, Light Cones play a crucial role. These powerful artifacts act as weapons for your characters, granting them buffs and special abilities during battles. It’s essential to equip your characters with the most suitable and remarkable Light Cones to maximize their potential.

With numerous Light Cones to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which ones are the best and worth investing in. That’s why we have compiled a comprehensive Light Cones tier list for each Path in Honkai Star Rail. This guide will help you identify which Light Cones are worth obtaining through Warping or grinding.

Honkai Star Rail Light Cones Tier List

To make it easier for you to navigate, we have organized our Light Cones tier list according to the Path they belong to. This arrangement allows you to see quickly which Light Cones can be equipped by each character.

These tier lists have been meticulously curated based on our analysis of the most potent Light Cones in the game, community feedback, and careful theory-crafting. However, it’s important to exercise your own judgment when equipping these Light Cones. Some Light Cones in the B tier might suit specific characters or party compositions better than those in the S tier, and vice versa.

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That being said, the S tier Light Cones are undeniably the cream of the crop, and you should aim to have them equipped whenever possible. Light Cones in the A and B tiers are perfectly acceptable to use while you continue your quest for the coveted five-star Light Cones. The Light Cones in the C tier should be your last resort when no better options are available.

Path of Destruction Light Cones Tier List

  • S Tier: Something Irreplaceable, On the Fall of the Aeon
  • A Tier: The Moles Welcome You, Woof! Walk Time!, Nowhere to Run, Under the Blue Sky
  • B Tier: A Secret Vow, Collapsing Sky
  • C Tier: Mutual Demise, Shattered Home

These Light Cones can be equipped by characters such as the Physical Trailblazer, Clara, and Hook.

Path of Harmony Light Cones Tier List

  • S Tier: The Battle Isn’t Over
  • A Tier: Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds, Memories of the Past, Past and Future
  • B Tier: Dance Dance Dance!, Planetary Rendezvous
  • C Tier: Mediation, Chorus, Meshing Cogs

These Light Cones are suitable for characters like Bronya, Asta, and Tingyun.

Path of Erudition Light Cones Tier List

  • S Tier: Night on the Milky Way, Before Dawn
  • A Tier: The Seriousness of Breakfast, The Birth of the Self
  • B Tier: Make the World Clamor, Today is Another Peaceful Day
  • C Tier: Data Bank, Passkey, Sagacity

These Light Cones can be equipped by characters such as Serval, Qingque, Himeko, and Herta.

Path of Preservation Light Cones Tier List

  • S Tier: Moment of Victory, Texture of Memories
  • A Tier: Day One of My New Life, This Is Me!
  • B Tier: Landau’s Choice, Amber
  • C Tier: Pioneering, Defense
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These Light Cones are suited for characters like Gepard, Fire Trailblazer, and March 7th.

Path of Abundance Light Cones Tier List

  • S Tier: Time Waits for No One, Shared Feeling, Post-Op Conversation
  • A Tier: Warmth Shortens Cold Nights, Quid Pro Quo
  • B Tier: Perfect Timing, Cornucopia
  • C Tier: Fine Fruit

These Light Cones can be equipped by characters such as Natasha, providing you with a wide range of options for building a character like her.

Path of Nihility Light Cones Tier List

  • S Tier: In the Name of the World, Good Night and Sleep Well, Eyes of the Prey
  • A Tier: We Will Meet Again, Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat
  • B Tier: Fermata, Void
  • C Tier: Loop, Hidden Shadow

These Light Cones are suitable for characters such as Pela, Sampo, and Welt.

Path of the Hunt Light Cones Tier List

  • S Tier: Cruising in the Stellar Sea, In the Night
  • A Tier: Sleep Like the Dead, Swordplay, Only Silence Remains
  • B Tier: Return to Darkness, Darting Arrow, Rivers Flow in Spring
  • C Tier: Arrows, Adversarial

These Light Cones can be equipped by characters such as Yanqing, Sushang, Seele, and Dan Heng.

For more insights into Honkai Star Rail, check out our tier list of the best characters. This will help you assemble the most formidable party imaginable. Don’t forget to redeem any Star Rail codes and explore the Simulated Universe for additional resources.

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