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Blobfish Value & Price – A Comprehensive Guide for Pet Simulator X

Are you a Roblox Pet Simulator X enthusiast looking for accurate and up-to-date information on the value of Blobfish? Look no further! Here, we provide you with the most reliable and frequently updated prices for Blobfish. Whether you’re planning to buy, sell, or trade, this guide has got you covered!

Blobfish Normal Values

  • Normal: 40,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Golden: 48,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Rainbow: 120,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Normal Shiny Price: 80,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Golden Shiny Price: 96,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Rainbow Shiny Price: 240,000,000,000 Diamonds

The current estimated value for a Normal Blobfish in Pet Sim X is approximately 40,000,000,000 Diamonds, while the Golden and Rainbow versions are valued at 48,000,000,000 and 120,000,000,000 Diamonds respectively.

Blobfish Hardcore Values

  • Normal Hardcore: 80,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Golden Hardcore: 96,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Rainbow Hardcore: 240,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Normal Hardcore Shiny Price: 160,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Golden Hardcore Shiny Price: 192,000,000,000 Diamonds
  • Rainbow Hardcore Shiny Price: 480,000,000,000 Diamonds

If you happen to have a Hardcore version of the Blobfish, its estimated value stands at 80,000,000,000 Diamonds for Normal Hardcore, 96,000,000,000 Diamonds for Golden Hardcore, and 240,000,000,000 Diamonds for Rainbow Hardcore.

Keep in mind that prices in the Pet Simulator X market are subject to fluctuations. With each new update, you may witness significant changes in the value of pets.

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How are our values calculated?

To ensure accurate and fair pricing, we employ a diverse and comprehensive set of metrics. These include insights from experienced traders, feedback from the game’s community, observations from player booths within the game, and the actual in-game RAP (Recent Average Price) of pets. By considering these factors, we guarantee the precision of our value estimations.

In order to maintain clarity and consistency, all values are standardized in diamonds. This approach eliminates confusion and potential discrepancies, as diamonds serve as the universal unit of measurement for pet values. It allows all players to easily understand and compare the worth of different pets.

What does the “RAP” value mean?

RAP stands for “Recent Auction Prices.” It is a metric used to evaluate the value of a player’s collection based on the average sold prices of pets in auctions. Each time a pet gets sold through the Auction House, the transaction details are recorded. By analyzing the frequency and amount of sales, the game calculates the RAP value for each pet.

While RAP provides valuable insights, it may not always be the most accurate indicator, especially for extremely rare pets like Titanics or certain Huges. Additionally, the metric can be manipulated when players collude to artificially inflate or deflate prices.

Pet Rarities

Currently, there are several pet rarities in Pet Simulator X, namely Normal, Golden, Rainbow, Dark Matter, and Shiny. Shiny pets, being the rarest, cannot be created specifically, making them the most challenging to obtain. As the game continues to evolve, there may be the addition of more rarities in the future.

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That wraps up our comprehensive guide to Blobfish value and price in Pet Simulator X! For more information on the game, make sure to explore the Pet Simulator X section of our website.

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