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How To Use Emotes in Teamfight Tactics?

Have you ever wondered how to use emotes in Teamfight Tactics, the popular game mode in the League of Legends universe? Well, it’s actually quite simple. Emotes can be used in the same way you use them in your normal Summoner’s Rift game or even in ARAM. It’s universal across all game modes.

But here’s the thing, while emotes have been a part of League of Legends since its release, Little Legends are a unique feature specific to the world of Teamfight Tactics. These adorable little creatures represent you in the game and have a variety of purposes. They not only show your health points and level in-game but also have the ability to dance, gloat, mock, and even sing.

Each Little Legend has its own personality, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with you the most. However, unlocking them might require some effort on your part.

What Are Emotes?

Emotes are expressive images that are primarily used in League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics as cosmetic flares. They feature various expressions of champions and Little Legends. These emotes serve as a great way to express joy or anger depending on the situation in the game. They can be used to congratulate your teammates on a job well done or to distract enemy champions with some playful banter before making a move.

During a match, you can use up to five emotes, and two of them are specifically for the start and end of the game. You can customize these emotes to express the trials and tribulations that occur throughout a match. You can purchase emotes in the store for RP 350 each. Initially, they were priced at RP 450 but were permanently reduced to RP 350 since patch V8.12. Every account also receives a Thumbs Up Emote for free.

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To equip emotes, you can access your Collection or Champion Select. The loadout allows you to have up to five emotes, along with slots for Start Game, First Blood, Ace, and Win. In-game, you can access the emotes using the assigned hotkey (default: [T]). The Start Game and End Game emotes trigger automatically. However, there is a limit to how many emotes you can trigger within a short period of time. Champion Mastery emotes can still be triggered using their own hotkey.

If you prefer not to see enemy emotes, you have the option to mute them individually from the Scoreboard or disable them entirely from the Settings.

Some Interesting Facts About Emotes

Initially, emotes were only available on social media sites before being introduced in-game with the All-Star 2016 event (patch V6.23). Since then, the emote system has been updated, unlocking permanent emotes (patch V7.20), reducing their price, and adding visual and sound effects (patch V8.12).

There are also a lot of emotes that reference popular internet memes, such as the Lollipoppy creepy face meme, Raise your dongers meme, and Doge meme, to name just a few. These emotes add a touch of humor and familiarity to the game.

Teamfight Tactics Shortcuts And Hotkeys

To make your gaming experience more convenient, Teamfight Tactics offers various shortcuts and hotkeys.

Mouse Controls

  • Left-Click & Drag Champion: Moves the Champion.
  • Left-Click on Mini Map: Displays the player’s board that you clicked on the map.
  • Right-Click on Board: Move your Little Legend to the location of your click.
  • Right-Click on Champion: Show information about the Champion.
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Keyboard Controls

  • D: Refresh the Champion Store.
  • F: Purchase level XP.
  • W: Deploy Champion your mouse is hovering over to the bench or battlefield.
  • E on Champion: Sell the Champion your mouse is hovering over.
  • S: Stop your Little Legends if they’re moving.
  • 1 and 3, Q and R: Cycle through opponent boards.
  • CTRL + 1-5: Forces your Little Legend to do the selected Emote.
  • CTRL + F: Toggle FPS display.
  • 2 or Spacebar: Center the camera on your Little Legend.


Emotes have become an integral part of both League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics since their release. With each new patch, developers introduce new emotes to further decorate the fields of Runeterra. The best part is that you can obtain many emotes for free by playing matches, earning them through Hextech Chests and Orbs, and now with the release of TFT Passes.

So why wait? Start expressing yourself with emotes and enhance your collection now!


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