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Farming the Perfect Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon in Destiny 2


Looking to obtain the ultimate weapon for your arsenal in Destiny 2? The Loud Lullaby Kinetic Hand Cannon is here to make some noise. In this article, we will explore the best methods to farm the perfect God Roll for this exceptional weapon. Whether you’re a PvE enthusiast or a PvP champion, the Loud Lullaby is sure to blow away your enemies. Join us on this journey as we delve into the strategies and rewards that await you.

The Loud Lullaby God Roll Farming Service

Are you ready to elevate your gameplay with the Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon? Our boosting service offers a team of professional players who will secure the weapon you desire. With a range of perks to choose from, you have the power to create the ultimate loadout. Let’s take a look at what our service guarantees:

100% Guaranteed Loud Lullaby Ultimate God Roll

We will tirelessly farm the raid until we find your perfect combination of perks. You can select the ideal perks for each column, such as Hammer-Forged Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Tunnel Vision, and Kill Clip.

100% Guaranteed Loud Lullaby God Roll

If you have specific perks in mind, we will dedicate ourselves to finding them for you. Choose your desired perks for the third and fourth columns, like Tunnel Vision and Kill Clip.

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Guaranteed Loud Lullaby(s)

Need additional Loud Lullaby Hand Cannons for your collection? We’ve got you covered. We will farm the number of weapons you purchase using our efficient farming method.

Additional Rewards

Beyond the Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon, our service also guarantees other rare and legendary drops, increased chances of exotic armor and masterworking materials, as well as various resources and consumables. Additionally, you will earn XP for your Season Pass and Artifact, ensuring your progression never stops.

Customizing Your Experience

We understand that every player has their own preferences, which is why our service offers several options for customization:

Platform Selection

Choose the platform where you want our boosters to complete the Loud Lullaby God Roll farming service, whether it’s PC, Xbox, or PlayStation.

Multiple Characters Discount

For those with multiple characters, we offer discounts. Pay the full price for one character, and enjoy a 10% discount for two characters or a 15% discount for three characters.

Service Type

Select the type of service that suits your needs. Opt for the Normal Farm if you want us to obtain a certain number of weapons without specific perks guaranteed. Alternatively, choose the 100% Guaranteed God Roll for control over the third and fourth column perks. For the ultimate power, the 100% Guaranteed Ultimate God Roll allows you to choose perks for all four columns.

Delivery Speed

Decide how quickly you want your order completed. Our Normal delivery speed places your order in the queue, while Express prioritizes your order, ensuring swift completion.

Your Journey to the Perfect Hand Cannon

To provide you with the best experience, our boosting service operates in Recovery Mode only, with account sharing. Rest assured that our professional boosters will log into your account to farm the desired number of rolls. For added security, we can utilize a VPN from your country.

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To embark on this thrilling adventure, make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • You must have purchased the new season pass for “Season of the Splicer.”
  • Your guardian’s Power Level must be a minimum of 1800. If you haven’t reached this threshold, consider purchasing a Power Level Boost.

Additional Information

The Loud Lullaby is a Legendary 120 RPM Aggressive Frame hand cannon with an 8-bullet magazine. It is a Moon Weapon added in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer. This hand cannon occupies the Kinetic slot and utilizes primary ammo. With impressive stats in Impact and Recoil, it packs a punch.

The God Roll for both PvE and PvP activities is Tunnel Vision and Kill Clip. However, for the ultimate power, the Ultimate God Roll consists of Hammer-Forged Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Tunnel Vision, and Kill Clip.

For a more comprehensive guide on the Loud Lullaby hand cannon’s god rolls, we recommend checking out this informative video.

Embark on the journey to obtain the Loud Lullaby Hand Cannon of your dreams. Let us take care of the farming while you focus on mastering this extraordinary weapon.

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