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Bloons TD 6: Mastering the Perfect Paragon Achievement

How to achieve a level 100 paragon and unlock the coveted Perfect Paragon achievement in Bloons TD 6? While it may sound daunting, this guide will provide you with a simple and straightforward approach to attain this prestigious feat. Whether you’re playing solo or in multiplayer mode, follow these steps to strengthen your gameplay and maximize your chances of success.

Maximizing Power for the Perfect Paragon

To reach the maximum level paragon, you need an abundant supply of power. Each tier 5 tower in your arsenal will contribute 10,000 power, so carefully choose your towers. However, by utilizing the Dart Monkey, you can benefit from placing four tier 5 towers instead of the usual three. Additionally, sacrificing $25 dollars will grant you 1 power, up to a cap of 10,000 power (excluding tier 5 towers). For a guaranteed level 100 paragon, sacrifice 33 Dart Monkeys built in the 2-4-0 configuration, which will amount to $253,770, just slightly exceeding the cap by $3,770.

Pops and Power: A Balancing Act

The number of pops achieved across all towers is another crucial factor in accumulating power. Every 180 pops contribute 1 power, with a maximum limit of 90,000 power. Aim for a total of 16,200,000 pops across all towers to reach this maximum power threshold. By achieving this, your total power will stand at 120,000, which is sufficient for a degree 79 Dart Paragon. To complement these efforts, utilize Geraldo’s (the hero) power totems, each worth 1,500 power. Acquire 54 paragon power totems to accumulate 81,000 power, slightly surpassing the required amount. The additional totem will help you surpass the limit and secure the coveted Paragon Dart Monkey. Remember, these guidelines can be adapted for other paragon towers; adjust the number of power totems accordingly to compensate for the absence of a tier 5 dart monkey.

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Step-by-Step Strategy

Now that we’ve outlined the key principles let’s discuss the steps involved in achieving the tier 100 paragon in the most efficient manner possible. Here’s the recommended order:

Step 1: Tower Placement

Place the maximum number of tier 5 monkeys you can afford. Throughout the game, ensure that your monkeys accumulate a combined total of at least 16,200,000 pops before purchasing the paragon.

Step 2: Dart Monkey Configuration

Construct 33 dart monkeys with the 2-4-0 configuration. These monkeys will play a pivotal role in generating the necessary power.

Step 3: Geraldo’s Power Totems

Once Geraldo reaches level 20, take advantage of his paragon power totems. These totems refresh every round, so make sure to place all 54 totems to maximize your power accumulation.

Step 4: The Final Upgrade

Wait until all the requirements from Steps 1, 2, and 3 are met. At this point, you can proceed to upgrade your paragon to tier 100 if you’re playing solo. In multiplayer mode, ensure that all players, except for one, have their tier 5 towers ready before upgrading. This will reduce the number of paragon power totems required.

Overcoming Challenges

If you find yourself struggling and unable to upgrade in time, consider building an additional paragon to tide you over while your other towers accumulate pops. This strategy will elongate the process, but it can be a worthwhile endeavor if you have the time to spare. Remember, the additional paragon will consume the paragon power totems you’ve accumulated, so plan accordingly.

Achieving a Perfect Paragon is not an easy task, but with the right strategy and dedication, you can conquer Bloons TD 6 and earn yourself the prestigious level 100 paragon tower. Good luck on your balloon-popping journey!

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Perfect Paragon

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