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25 Tips to Obtain Pointed Inquiry in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players are always on the hunt for powerful weapons. One such weapon that has caught the attention of many is the Pointed Inquiry Scout Rifle. This guide will provide you with valuable information on how to obtain this sought-after weapon and its god roll. So, let’s dive in and learn how to get Pointed Inquiry in Destiny 2.

1. What is Pointed Inquiry – Destiny 2 Legendary Scout Rifle

The Pointed Inquiry is a legendary scout rifle that belongs to the High-Impact Frame archetype. It is a craftable weapon that can be obtained through specific activities. To craft a roll with desired perks, you need to meet the requirements associated with those perks. The Bungie API now allows players to swap weapon perks to optimize their loadouts.

2. How to Get Pointed Inquiry

The Pointed Inquiry can be found by exploring the Throne World in Destiny 2. This destination holds many mysteries and challenges for Guardians. Engage in activities within the Throne World to increase your chances of obtaining the Pointed Inquiry.

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3. God Roll Guide – PvP and PvE

In PvE, the Pointed Inquiry shines in high-level content such as Grandmaster Nightfalls. Its high damage output and range make it a formidable weapon against tough enemies. However, in more relaxed content, it may not perform as well. In PvP, the Pointed Inquiry can be a fun and effective choice, especially if you have the skill to make the most of its capabilities.

4. Exclusive to Savathun’s Throne World

Pointed Inquiry is a weapon that is exclusive to activities related to Savathun’s Throne World destination. To find this weapon, you must explore and conquer the challenges within the Throne World. It’s a worthy endeavor for those seeking powerful weaponry.

5. Crafting the Perfect Roll

To obtain the ideal god roll for Pointed Inquiry, you need to focus on perks that enhance its performance. Look for perks such as Enhanced Perks, High-Impact Frame, Genesis, and Adaptive Munitions. These perks can significantly boost the effectiveness and versatility of the weapon in various situations.

6. Farming Pointed Inquiry – Destiny 2

If you’re having trouble finding the Pointed Inquiry Scout Rifle, you may need to dedicate time to farming activities within the Throne World. Keep playing the relevant activities, and sooner or later, this coveted weapon will drop for you.

7. Enhance Your Guardian’s Arsenal

To truly unlock the potential of your Guardian, it’s crucial to collect unique and powerful weapons like the Pointed Inquiry. The Witch Queen expansion offers a wealth of new crafted items, and the Pointed Inquiry is one of the standout weapons in this expansion.

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8. Trustworthy and Reliable Strategies

When it comes to obtaining valuable weapons, it’s important to rely on trustworthy sources for strategies and information. The BMR team has compiled a comprehensive guide on how to get Pointed Inquiry in Destiny 2 to help you on your journey. Trust their expertise and follow their recommended strategies for the best results.

9. Learn from Experienced Players

If you’re struggling to get the Pointed Inquiry Scout Rifle, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from experienced players in the Destiny 2 community. Their knowledge and insights can provide valuable tips and tricks to enhance your chances of acquiring this powerful weapon.

10. The Pointed Inquiry Pattern

The Pointed Inquiry pattern is relatively easier to obtain compared to other weapons in Destiny 2. To unlock this pattern, you must complete three Deepsight Resonance extractions. However, this is just the first step towards obtaining the Pointed Inquiry.

11. Take Advantage of Throne World Activities

Engaging in Throne World activities is crucial for acquiring the Pointed Inquiry and other exclusive weapons in Destiny 2. These activities offer unique challenges and rewards that can help you build a formidable arsenal.

12. The Importance of YMYL Content

YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) content in the gaming world is crucial as it directly affects players’ experiences and progress. The Pointed Inquiry Scout Rifle falls into this category as a highly sought-after weapon that can significantly impact gameplay. It’s essential to rely on reputable sources for accurate information on how to obtain YMYL items.

13. Nail the Pointed Inquiry God Roll

To maximize the effectiveness of your Pointed Inquiry Scout Rifle, it’s crucial to obtain the god roll. This roll should have perks that complement your playstyle and optimize the weapon’s performance. Experiment with different perk combinations until you find the perfect roll for your Guardian.

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14. Craftable Weapons in the Witch Queen Expansion

The Witch Queen expansion has introduced a range of new craftable weapons. These weapons, including the Pointed Inquiry Scout Rifle, offer unique perks and playstyles. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add them to your collection and unleash their full potential.

15. Seek Assistance from Experts

If you’re struggling to obtain the Pointed Inquiry or any other desired weapon, consider seeking assistance from Destiny 2 experts. There are services available that offer boosting and farming assistance to help you acquire the weapons you desire. Don’t hesitate to enlist their help if you find yourself in need.


Obtaining the Pointed Inquiry Scout Rifle in Destiny 2 is a challenging but rewarding task. By following the strategies and advice provided by the BMR team and other experienced players, you can increase your chances of acquiring this powerful weapon. Remember to focus on the god roll and optimize your loadout for maximum effectiveness. Good luck on your journey, Guardian!

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