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How to Create Your Own Rune Set

Are you interested in delving into divination or simply curious about it? If so, rune casting can be an excellent starting point. While mastering the art may take years, you can easily create your own rune set and learn the basics with the abundance of online resources and books available today.

There are various runic alphabets to choose from, but the most commonly used for rune divination is the Elder Futhark, which consists of 24 letters. Some rune sets include a blank rune known as the Wyrd rune or Odin’s rune, but it’s important to note that there is no historical evidence of its existence. Therefore, the decision to include it in your set is entirely up to you.

It’s essential to understand that rune reading is not intended to predict the future. Instead, it serves as a means to access your subconscious mind and gain guidance regarding a specific issue or question. Be prepared for direct and straightforward answers from the runes!

Should You Make Your Own Rune Set?

If you’re new to rune casting, you may be wondering whether to create your own set or purchase a ready-made one. There’s nothing wrong with buying a rune set – it’s convenient and offers a wide variety of materials such as crystals, metal, or glass. If you find a set that resonates with you, don’t hesitate to make the purchase.

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However, making your own rune set can establish a deeper connection between you and the runes. It carries your energy and personal touch, making the experience more meaningful. Additionally, creating your own set is a budget-friendly way to explore this divination method if you’re unsure whether it’s the right fit for you. Regardless of your choice, you will need to consecrate your rune set.

Choosing the Materials

Traditionally, rune sets were crafted using natural materials, many of which are free and readily available. Consider the following options when creating your DIY rune set:


Wood is an ideal choice, particularly due to its significance in Norse Mythology. The ash tree, associated with Yggdrasil, holds particular importance. If possible, use a branch from a fruit-bearing living tree. Remember to seek permission before cutting the branch and leave a small offering of water as a gesture of gratitude. You can paint, carve, or pyrograph the runes onto the wood for a longer-lasting result. If access to natural materials is limited, you can purchase blank wood slices or a basic wooden rune set.

Stones or Pebbles

Visit a nearby beach or river and collect small, flat stones. Keep in mind that carving them may prove challenging, and painted runes may wear off over time.


Using bones is a more controversial option and requires specific considerations. Ideally, the bones should be sourced from animals that died of natural causes.


Clay is a beginner-friendly material to work with, although it may chip easily if not properly baked. Remember to seal the clay for durability.

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Ensure that you have 24 pieces (or 25 if including the blank rune) of your chosen material, each with a similar size and shape. All the pieces should fit comfortably in your hands. It’s wise to have a few extras on hand in case of accidents. Once the pieces are ready, it’s time to carve or paint the Elder Futhark alphabet onto them. You can find a full list of the runes in our Elder Futhark cheat-sheet. While the most traditional approach involves using your own blood, the choice is yours.

Play soothing music, focus your intentions, and say the name of each rune aloud as you carve or paint them. This will help familiarize yourself with the runes.

Consecrating Your Runes

Consecrating your rune set is a crucial step that requires you to be in a positive frame of mind. If you’ve had a rough day or are feeling sensitive, it’s best to postpone the process. Establishing a connection with your rune set before using it for the first time is vital.

Various consecration rituals exist, and some practitioners believe it isn’t necessary at all. Ultimately, the decision to consecrate your set and the choice of ritual is up to you. Here’s a simple method you can follow, but feel free to explore other options through a quick search:

The Candle Method

Light a candle and place all your runes on the left side. Take a moment to meditate and focus your mind on the task ahead. Next, pick up one rune, say its name, meditate on its meaning briefly, and pass it over the candle flame. Place the rune on the right side of the candle, and repeat the process for the remaining runes. If you haven’t memorized the rune names and their meanings yet, keep a cheat sheet in front of you. For further study on rune reading, consider these five recommended books for beginners.

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Learn More about the Elder Futhark Runes

If you’re eager to explore the meanings of the Elder Futhark runes, consider joining our monthly rune special in our Clan. Start building your Book of Shadows and expand your knowledge. [Click here](insert link) to join!

Remember, creating your own rune set is an enriching experience that allows you to personalize your divination journey. Enjoy the process and embrace the wisdom that the runes have to offer!

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