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A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Support Role in Overwatch 2

Are you new to Overwatch 2 and looking to excel in the Support role? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will break down everything you need to know about playing Support and help you become a valuable asset to your team.

What is Overwatch Support?

Overwatch Support

If you’ve read our beginner’s guide to Overwatch 2, you might already know about the Support role. But what does it actually entail?

The Support role is all about providing assistance to your team in various ways. As a Support player, you will primarily focus on two main abilities: healing and buffing. These abilities allow you to keep your teammates alive and enhance their overall performance.

Playing Support offers a unique perspective on the game, and you’ll find yourself in high demand because not everyone enjoys this role. However, Support characters play an integral part in any successful team, as a well-timed heal or a crucial buff can turn the tide of a battle and lead to victory.

Who Excels at Playing Support in Overwatch?

Support roles aren’t for everyone. Those who excel in this role are typically not interested in being on the front lines or dealing heavy damage. Instead, they prefer to be helpers who work behind the scenes, providing healing and buffs wherever they’re needed.

If the Support role doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry! Overwatch 2 offers a wide range of characters to suit different playstyles. Check out our guide on the best beginner characters in Overwatch 2 to find the perfect fit for you.

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Best Overwatch 2 Support Characters for Every Situation

Mercy - Overwatch 2


Mercy is one of the best Support characters for targeted heals. Although she carries a pistol, it’s not very effective in combat. Her primary focus is on healing her teammates.

Mercy possesses the Guardian Angel ability, which allows her to swiftly reach targeted allies. She also has a slow-fall ability, enabling her to float instead of falling. In addition to targeted heals, Mercy can resurrect fallen allies, although this ability has a 30-second cooldown.

Her Ultimate ability, Valkyrie, allows her to fly into the air, providing either a damage boost or healing to a group of allies. Since Mercy lacks offensive abilities, it’s advisable to stay hidden and keep moving to avoid being targeted.

Lucio - Overwatch 2


Lucio is widely regarded as the best Support character for buffs, thanks to his area-of-effect (AoE) effects. His character revolves around music, making him a fun and unique character to play.

While Lucio carries a weapon that can launch sonic projectiles and knock enemies back, his primary abilities are based on two songs. One song heals allies within an AoE circle surrounding him, while the other song increases ally speed.

Another advantage of Lucio is his ability to skate along walls, making it easier to escape from enemies. His Ultimate ability, Soundwave, temporarily increases everyone’s health.

Lucio’s healing abilities are passive, adding further depth to his gameplay. Additionally, his speed boost is excellent for helping allies leave the starting area quickly and gain an early advantage over the opposing team.

Moira - Overwatch 2


Moira is the most versatile Support character in Overwatch 2, but she can be quite complex for beginners. Moira embodies both light and dark, allowing her to deal damage and provide healing simultaneously.

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Her hands serve as her weapon, and she needs to deal damage to enemies to regain her healing energy. This means you’ll have to balance damage and healing throughout the game.

Moira’s Fade ability allows her to disappear and move away from enemies, but she can’t heal or deal damage while in this form. Additionally, she can cast a Biotic Orb, launching an energy orb that damages enemies and heals allies.

Her Ultimate ability, Coalescence, fires a powerful beam that damages enemies and heals allies. It’s like a Biotic Orb on steroids.

While Moira offers incredible versatility and can greatly contribute to any team, her mechanics are more complex than other Support characters. It will take time to master her abilities fully.

These are just a few of the best Support characters in Overwatch 2, but there are several others worth exploring, such as Zenyatta, Brigitte, Baptiste, and Kiriko.

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