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A Guide to the Void Gauntlet Ice Spike PvP Build in New World


In the world of New World, burst damage is a dominant force in PvP. When combined with crowd control effects, it becomes even more devastating. While most Ice Gauntlet and Void Gauntlet builds lean towards a defensive support style, there’s still a place for light armor mages who specialize in Ice Spikes. This build focuses on the precise aiming of Ice Spikes to deliver a three-fold hit to a target, resulting in immense burst damage. With a wide range of crowd control abilities and impressive damage output, this build offers versatility and lethal potential in any PvP scenario.


Petrifying Scream

Unleash a powerful Void-infused scream that deals 100% weapon damage, staggers enemies, and inflicts Root. This ability provides both offensive and defensive benefits, thanks to the fortify effect granted by Fortifying Echoes. As a Void Gauntlet player, mastering the proper use of this skill is crucial. Combine it with Gravity Well or other crowd control abilities to gather enemies in one spot. It’s also effective for immobilizing exhausted players who have evaded other attacks.

Orb of Decay

This ability serves as the primary source of damage output. By casting it correctly and detonating it upon impact, you can strike the target twice, applying two stacks of rend and a damage over time effect. When used against groups of enemies, Orb of Decay offers substantial cooldown reduction due to the passives in the Void Gauntlet skill tree.

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The main purpose of Oblivion is to remove buffs from enemies, thanks to its perk Nullifying Oblivion. However, it also deals significant area-of-effect damage. Its secondary function is to regenerate Stamina and empower all players within its zone, increasing their damage output. Before initiating a Void Gauntlet rotation, using Oblivion maximizes overall damage.

Ice Spikes

When used correctly, Ice Spikes is one of the most damaging abilities in the game. By aiming at the target’s feet and slightly to the right, all Ice Spikes can hit a single target. The largest Spike releases two separate projectiles, resulting in three devastating hits if they all critically strike. Reactivating the ability earlier shortens its range and immediately strikes the target with the Mighty Spike.

Ice Storm

Activating Ice Storm releases a powerful area-of-effect ability with significant damage output and crowd control potential. Targets within the storm experience slowed movement. By utilizing the Unending Thaw perk, the slowing effect can last two seconds longer, making enemies susceptible to being rooted by Heavy Freeze. Ice Storm is particularly effective for frontlines, as it deals stacking damage based on the number of players within its range.


Entombed primarily serves as a survival tool. It can be used during periods of heavy damage to avoid incoming crowd control or simply to reduce damage taken. When used correctly, Entombed also provides cooldown reduction through the Refreshing Frost perk.

Gear and Perks

To optimize the Void Gauntlet Ice Spike build, consider the following gear and perks:

Ice Gauntlet

  • Unending Thaw or Iced Refresh*: Choose between these perks based on personal preference and RNG. Crystalline Curse is an alternative for those with 200 Arcana.
  • Refreshing Move or Keen
  • Vicious or Keenly Empowered or Enchanted
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Void Gauntlet

  • Putrefying Scream
  • Keen
  • Vicious or Chain Ice


  • Ability Perk* or Refreshing***
  • Resilient
  • Freedom or Elemental Aversion***


  • Ability Perk* or Refreshing***
  • Resilient
  • Freedom or Elemental Aversion***


  • Ability Perk* or Refreshing***
  • Resilient
  • Freedom or Elemental Aversion***


  • Refreshing or Freedom***
  • Resilient
  • Shirking Energy


  • Ability Perk* or Refreshing***
  • Resilient
  • Freedom or Elemental Aversion***


  • Health
  • Stamina Recovery
  • Slash Protection


  • Invigorated Punishment
  • Keen Awareness or Ice Damage
  • Hearty


  • Refreshing Toast
  • Purifying Toast
  • Refreshing

Note: The placement of ability perks depends on the available gear. However, it’s recommended to have Iced Refresh, Unending Thaw, Putrefying Scream, Nullifying Oblivion, and Diminishing Orb in your build, regardless of gear.

Gameplay Tips and Rotations

To maximize your effectiveness with the Void Gauntlet Ice Spike build, follow these tips:

  1. Use Petrifying Scream to immobilize your target(s).
  2. If time allows, place Oblivion on the ground, either preemptively or for its buff removal effect.
  3. Utilize Ice Spikes for burst damage or securing kills. Consider prioritizing Ice Spikes based on the target’s health.
  4. Strike the target(s) with Orb of Decay, either before or after other abilities to apply rend.
  5. Detonate Orb of Decay immediately after the initial hit.
  6. Deploy Ice Storm in the presence of large groups for additional damage. This ability can also be used as an opener, similar to Orb of Decay, if there are many enemies within range.
  7. Heavy attack with Ice Gauntlet when the target is affected by Unending Thaw, creating an opportunity for a Heavy Freeze.
  8. Use light attacks with the Void Gauntlet as filler, or utilize Refreshing Harvest during downtime or when cooldowns are about to reset.
  9. Repeat the rotation as necessary.
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For more detailed gameplay tips, secondary weapon suggestions, and ability information, refer to the Void Gauntlet and Ice Gauntlet pages in the Gameplay section.


This guide has provided an in-depth overview of the Void Gauntlet Ice Spike PvP build in New World. By mastering the precise aiming of Ice Spikes and combining them with crowd control abilities, you can unleash devastating burst damage on your opponents. With the right gear, perks, and rotation, you’ll become a formidable force in both PvP and PvE scenarios. For additional information on gem optimization in PvP and PvE, consult our Void Gauntlet Gems and Consumables guide. Consider choosing the Brutal Heartrune of Grasping Vines for increased vulnerability to high damage bursts, or the Brutal Heartrune of Detonate for enhanced individual damage output. As you refine your skills, remember that practice and adaptation are key to becoming a true master of the Void Gauntlet Ice Spike build.

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