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The Ultimate Guide to Cold Comfort in Destiny 2

Unveiling the Cold Comfort God Roll and Optimal Perks

Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep introduced a range of impressive rocket launchers, and among them is the mighty Cold Comfort. This formidable weapon has quickly ascended to the throne of explosive ordnance alongside the renowned Hothead. And it’s no wonder why.

Cold Comfort comes equipped with an array of exceptional perks that allow it to capitalize on its strengths and add a dash of uniqueness. Particularly noteworthy is the origin trait, Restoration Ritual, obtained from the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon. This trait revolutionizes magazine overflow, setting a new standard for Destiny 2 rocket launchers. Alongside Apex Predator, Cold Comfort stands as one of the top rocket launchers of the season.

Unlocking the Cold Comfort PvE God Roll

Determining the ideal roll for Cold Comfort can be a daunting task, given its extensive perk pool. While god rolls may vary to some extent based on personal preference, Cold Comfort features standout perks that demand attention. To help you make the most informed choices, here is our recommendation for the Cold Comfort PvE god roll in Destiny 2:

  • Barrel: Opt for either Quick Launch or Volatile Launch for maximum effectiveness.
  • Mag: Choose Impact Casing, Alloy Casing, or High-Velocity Rounds to suit your playstyle.
  • First perk: Envious Assassin is the go-to option, but Impulse Amplifier and Tracking Module are worthy alternatives.
  • Second perk: Bait and Switch or Explosive Light provide the desired damage output.
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This god roll focuses on amplifying damage numbers through Bait and Switch or Explosive Light. Simultaneously, it maximizes damage windows with the aid of Envious Assassin. Impulse Amplifier serves as a viable backup, enhancing reload speed, while Tracking Module can be considered if you struggle to hit your targets accurately.

Cold Comfort’s Finest PvE Perks: Third Column

Our Cold Comfort god roll showcases perks rarely seen in rocket launchers, let alone combined. Envious Assassin, introduced with Lightfall, excels at overflowing Cold Comfort’s magazine, granting it three rounds. This perk synergizes with kills from other weapons, ensuring remarkable uptime during damage phases. Additionally, the Restoration Ritual origin trait loads an extra round at the end of the magazine when you defeat an enemy or revive an ally. This enables you to potentially fire four rockets consecutively without the need for a reload.

While Impulse Amplifier and Tracking Module offer their merits, they pale in comparison to the sheer firepower and versatility provided by Envious Assassin. Nonetheless, these two perks offer a reliable backup option. They lend Cold Comfort a comforting edge, especially since the weapon cannot be crafted.

Cold Comfort’s Finest PvE Perks: Fourth Column

One of the reasons Cold Comfort shines brilliantly is its final perk column. Just like Apex Predator, it can roll Bait and Switch, granting a substantial 35% damage increase when you damage a target with all your weapons. Alternatively, Explosive Light, with a still impressive 25% boost, can be a more practical choice. Feeding this perk is made easier thanks to the abundance of Orbs of Power found in the Lightfall sandbox. While we favor Bait and Switch, Explosive Light remains a formidable option. Chill Clip, on the other hand, is a niche case primarily applicable when employing Gjallarhorn due to its Shatter damage and Wolfpack Rounds. However, either of the two primary choices will serve you well.

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Avoid succumbing to the allure of Bipod, as it slashes 40% of your damage, making it an instant dismantlement, unless you enjoy using rockets for crowd control. Similarly, Collective Action may appear enticing, but you can derive greater value from Explosive Light with greater ease.

When considering the parts of Cold Comfort, Alloy Casing is our preferred choice due to its faster reload speed. However, Impact Casing offers a slight damage increase, while High-Velocity Rounds functions similarly to a mini Impulse Amplifier. Any of the three options will work well, and given the inability to craft this weapon, it may not be worth endlessly farming dungeon encounters for the elusive perfect roll if that’s the sole distinction.

Please note that this article is based on the sandbox at the beginning of Season of the Deep. We will update its contents in the event of significant balancing changes.

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