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Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Mechs in Into the Breach

Enhancing Your Mech Game in Into the Breach

Mechs play a vital role in the action-packed world of Into the Breach. Without these powerful machines, your ability to combat the relentless Veks and safeguard the precious pods would be severely compromised. In addition to mechs, skilled pilots are essential for controlling these mechanical marvels. However, there’s a unique breed of mechs called Cyborgs, which operate without the need for pilots. Currently, the game features an impressive roster of 27 mechs, organized into nine distinct squads. Each squad offers its own strategic approach to facing the Veks. If you’re eager to discover the top-tier mechs and learn how to assemble the most effective custom squad for your missions, then follow our comprehensive guide below.

Unveiling the Finest Mechs and Loadouts in Into the Breach

Squad selection screen in Into the Breach

While default squads serve their purpose, unlocking new mechs requires coins. However, if you’re looking for the most optimized squads, custom formations are the way to go. But before diving into crafting the most overpowering custom squad, let’s acquaint ourselves with the most impactful mechs available in the game.

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Ice Mech: The Chilling Powerhouse

Belonging to the Frozen Titans squad, the Ice Mech is a long-range behemoth that possesses the ability to fly over any terrain. Not only does it offer exceptional mobility, but it also wields the formidable Cryo-Launcher, one of the game’s most potent weapons. The Cryo-Launcher can freeze enemies at a distance, but beware, as it can also freeze the mech itself. To counteract this drawback, pairing the Ice Mech with a skilled pilot like Mafan, who provides the mech with a protective shield, creates an unbeatable combination.

Laser Mech: Precision and Annihilation

The Zenith Guard’s flagship mech, the Laser Mech, excels at offensive strategies. Armed with a powerful Burst Beam, it can reach targets situated far away. However, to ensure your allies remain unscathed by the beam’s destructive power, upgrading the mech becomes crucial. Any competent pilot will mesh perfectly with this formidable machine of war.

Combat Mech: Unleash Devastation

As the default mech for the Rift Walkers squad, the Combat Mech has proven its mettle time and again, consistently ranking among the game’s finest. While its initial Titan Fist ability may not be awe-inspiring, upgrading it to the Dash ability transforms this mech into a force to be reckoned with. With the Dash upgrade, the Combat Mech can pummel through any target in its path. To maximize its potential, pilot it with Gana, who can deploy the mech anywhere on the map and deal damage to adjacent enemies.

Judo Mech: The Unyielding Tank

Every squad requires a sturdy tank, and the Judo Mech perfectly fits this role. It boasts a substantial amount of health, which can be further enhanced, making it an indestructible force on the battlefield. Equipped with the Vice Fist ability, the Judo Mech can disrupt and hurl enemies behind itself. To ensure optimal positioning, pair it with the expert guidance of Henry Kwan.

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Boulder Mech: Suppressing the Enemy

Strategically hindering enemy spawns right from the start can be a game-changer. The Boulder Mech, designed for artillery purposes, excels at this task. With its rock-throwing capabilities, it disrupts enemy movements efficiently. Pilot it with either Silica or Archimedes for maximum impact.

Charge Mech: The Brute Force Approach

While not the most elegant strategy, bullying your foes can prove highly effective. The Charge Mech charges headfirst into any target, inflicting heavy damage both to itself and the intended victim. By assigning Abe Isamu as the pilot, the self-damage can be mitigated thanks to his Armored ability.

Rocket Mech: Raining Destruction from Afar

The Rocket Mech serves as a ranged specialist, capable of launching destructive missiles that create a smokescreen, completely disorienting the Veks. For this formidable mech, Camila Vera serves as the best-suited pilot, thanks to her anti-smoke ability, effectively safeguarding the mech from harming itself.

Crafting the Ultimate Custom Squad in Into the Breach

Deploying the best squad and best mechs in Into the Breach

The most effective squad you can assemble is one that can be acquired early in the game. This means curating a selection of powerful mechs that won’t break the bank. Here are three mechs that will grant you a significant advantage right from the start:

  • Combat Mech
  • Rocket Mech
  • Boulder Mech

This squad requires a mere 5 coins and delivers a devastating onslaught in the early stages of the game. Each mech in this selection is a demolition machine, boasting immense damage potential.

The Combat Mech serves as the backbone of the squad; deploy it right in the midst of battle, preferably close to the Veks. The remaining two mechs function as artillery units, so position them on opposite ends of the map.

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Of course, your Combat Mech should possess a robust pool of health, so prioritize upgrading that first. Afterward, focus on enhancing the reactors of your artillery mechs for even greater damage output.

Concentrate on eliminating Veks and removing obstacles that impede your progress, and success shall be yours to claim.

With the aid of this comprehensive guide, you are now equipped to select the finest mechs for your pilots and squads. For additional Into the Breach guides and more exciting content, visit GameSkinny using the links below:

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