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Lost Ark South Vern: Unveiling the Secrets and Challenges

Unlocking South Vern in Lost Ark

To embark on the adventure in South Vern, there are a few prerequisites you must fulfill. Firstly, you need to reach level 50, which is the standard for all of Lost Ark’s endgame content. Additionally, completing the North Vern and Punika questlines is essential, and you must have an item level of at least 1,340. If you haven’t met these requirements yet, it’s recommended to participate in Guardian and Abyss Raids to obtain better gear or upgrade your existing equipment.

After satisfying these conditions, open your quest menu under the ‘guides’ tab. Look for a purple quest called ‘South Vern’ and accept it. From there, return to the Magick Society in Vern Castle to initiate the journey to South Vern. While the main questline is the primary focus, there are other intriguing quests within South Vern, including one that holds a confusing prerequisite. Neria offers the quest ‘Into the Chaos’ after completing the final South Vern quest, but only if you have also finished the main Isteri Island questline.

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Lost Ark Online South Vern Hidden Quests

Discovering Lost Ark South Vern Una’s Tasks

South Vern introduces three new Una tasks, each with its own set of unlock requirements.

South Vern Una Task 1: Unfinished Journey (Daily)

  • Prerequisite quests: Haiger’s Daughter, Lily, and The Meaning of Lilies (both located in southwestern Woodville Village)
  • Notable rewards: Masterpiece 50, which is rewarded after completing the quest 31 times

South Vern Una Task 2: From North to South | From South to North | The River Flowing Through Luganic (Daily)

  • Prerequisite quest: Ealyn’s Summon (Vern Castle, after completing An Invasion of Chaos). This unlocks the quest chain starting with From North to South, leading to the other two quests in order.
  • Notable rewards: Rare Card Pack (after six days), Epic Card Pack (after 15 days)

South Vern Una Task 3: Feel the Fresh Magick!

  • Prerequisite quest: Investigate Candaria’s Holy Statue (unlocks after completing Ealyn’s Summon)
  • Notable rewards: Secret Map (after 15 days)

Lost Ark Online South Vern Hidden Quests

Revealing Lost Ark South Vern Hidden Quests and Rewards

The main questline in South Vern is merely a part of the captivating experience. Within this realm, there are four hidden quests to undertake, offering exciting rewards, including Card Packs. Two of these quests are intertwined with the new continent’s ‘Another Story’ quest chains.

South Vern Hidden Quest 1: Falling Black Leaves

  • Prerequisite quest: Serious Search (northwest Wishnel Village)
  • Location: Southwest Collapsed Ancient Ruins (interact with the dead Braggi body)
  • Rewards: 1 Legendary Uncommon Card Pack

South Vern Hidden Quest 2: Catching The Rat, Squeak Squeak!

  • Prerequisite quest: An Invasion of Chaos (main story quest)
  • Location: Southeast Bellion Ruins
  • Rewards: 1 Uncommon Card Pack
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South Vern Hidden Quest 3: Lost Item

  • Prerequisite quests: Complete South Vern main quests, Lost Goblin (south Wishnel Village), and The Kidnapped (east Collapsed Ancient Ruins). This is also the first quest in South Vern’s Another Story 1.
  • Location: Western Rania Village (interact with the bag between the fountain and the Adventurer’s Guild)
  • Rewards: Solar Grace, Honor Leapstone (Bound)

South Vern Hidden Quest 4: A Stopped Hourglass Is Right…

The fourth hidden quest is part of South Vern’s ‘Another Story 2’, a time-gated questline that takes five days to complete.

  • Prerequisite quests: Moon Looking at the Sky (day three of Termination) and Loner (Port Krona, given by Dog)
  • Location: Port Krona (the building behind Dog)
  • Rewards: Honor Leapstone (Bound), Solar Blessing, Solar Protection, Great Honor Leapstone (Bound)

Lost Ark Online South Vern Hidden Quests

Chaos Line Weekly Dungeon

The latest update introduces Chaos Line, a new weekly dungeon in Lost Ark. However, at this stage, it’s wise to prioritize your time elsewhere. While Chaos Line provides honing materials, most of the rewards are tailored towards characters with an item level of 1,370 or lower.

It’s important to note that the Chaos Line event requires players to have a character at level 1,370. Therefore, the materials obtained may not outweigh the effort, especially considering the dungeon can only be completed once per week per roster. Although there is a slight chance of obtaining Omnium Stars from defeating the dungeon’s bosses, which are used to acquire Great Skill Point Potions, the drop is entirely random.

Upcoming Lost Ark South Vern Content

Smilegate, the developer of Lost Ark, has experienced some development issues and had to delay a significant portion of South Vern’s content release. However, the upcoming content includes Valtan Legion Raids and new Guardian Raids, though an exact release date has yet to be announced. It’s important to note that a character’s item level should reach 1,415 before attempting these raids.

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That concludes our guide to navigating the enthralling content in Lost Ark South Vern. If you’re currently leveling up a Paladin, we highly recommend referring to our comprehensive Lost Ark Paladin builds guide to create the most formidable character for both PvP and PvE combat. The Paladin class is widely regarded as one of the best in Lost Ark, but our guide will assist you in assessing how other classes compare.

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