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Is Edgemaster Still Disabled In Diablo 4?

In the world of Diablo 4, the legendary Edgemaster’s Aspect developed by Blizzard Entertainment has gained significant attention. This offensive enhancement boosts skill damage based on the player’s primary resource. But what’s the current status of this aspect? Is it still disabled?

What Is Edgemaster In Diablo 4?

Edgemaster’s Aspect in Diablo 4 is a legendary aspect that can be attached to weapons, gloves, rings, and amulets. By utilizing your available resources, it amplifies skill damage. With complete resources, you can reap maximum benefits.

This versatile aspect increases skill damage by 10-20% according to the primary resources at your disposal. It is suitable for all available classes, although Barbarians, who heavily rely on their primary resource, find it particularly advantageous.

Edgemaster’s Aspect is a Legendary Aspect in Diablo 4
Edgemaster’s Aspect is a Legendary Aspect in Diablo 4

The Builds With Edgemaster

Edgemaster’s Aspect truly shines in builds that allow you to quickly replenish your primary resource or inflict substantial damage on enemies within a short span. Here are some examples of builds utilizing Edgemaster’s Aspect:

How To Find Edgemaster In Diablo 4?

To obtain the Edgemaster Aspect in Diablo 4, you must complete Oldstone’s Dungeon, which unlocks the Codex of Power. However, acquiring the Legendary Aspect from the Codex of Power results in the least valuable bonus.

Alternatively, you can obtain it by battling World Bosses and participating in World Events. Additionally, there’s a chance to find it as a loot from a Legendary item, albeit at the cost of sacrificing the said item. Once imprinted, the Aspect can only be used once until you acquire another Legendary item with the aspect engraved.

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Is Edgemaster Still Disabled In Diablo 4?

According to some sources, the effect of the legendary Edgemaster’s Aspect is currently inactive, preventing players from benefiting from its bonus damage. A hotfix for Diablo 4 was implemented on June 9, 2023, disabling Edgemaster’s Aspect due to a bug where Whirlwind and Shout could exploit the damage bonus.

Fortunately, the Diablo 4 Community Manager, Adam Fletcher, addressed the issue through Twitter and the official Blizzard forums. He announced a new hotfix rollout on June 13, 2023, declaring the restoration of the damage bonus from Edgemaster’s Aspect as well as resolving the Aspect of Berserk Ripping and Barbarian’s Two-Handed Sword Expertise issues.

Adam Fletcher on disabled Edgemaster
The Manager was announcing the Edgemaster Aspect being back.

In conclusion, the disabling of Edgemaster’s Aspect could be due to a bug or temporary deactivation by the developers. Players should stay informed about its current status when using this aspect. However, rest assured that Edgemaster’s Aspect is still obtainable and can be imprinted, with no impact on gameplay.

The Bottom Line

The temporary disablement of Edgemaster’s Aspect in Diablo 4 is most likely a result of either a bug or a deliberate action by the developers. Players should take note of its current status when utilizing this aspect. On the other hand, Edgemaster’s Aspect is still accessible and can be imprinted without affecting the overall gameplay experience.

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