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Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5 Horizonbound: All You Need to Know

The upcoming mid-Set for Riot’s popular auto battler, Teamfight Tactics, is just around the corner. Set 9.5, titled “Horizonbound,” promises exciting new features and updates that will surely shake up the game. In this article, we’ll dive into all the details about the new units, traits, portals, and more. So, let’s get started!

TFT Mid Set 9.5: Is there a release date?

While an official release date for Set 9.5 is yet to be announced, it is estimated that the update will arrive during Patch 13.18. According to Riot’s patch schedule, this is likely to happen on September 13, 2023. However, two weeks before the release, players will have the opportunity to test the mid-Set on the PBE starting from August 29, 2023.

TFT Mid Set 9.5: New units

In Set 9.5, players can explore new regions of Runeterra, adding to the excitement of the Runeterra Reforged theme. Two new regions have been revealed so far, each offering unique units and traits.

Bilgewater: 3/5/7/9

Here are the Bilgewater units coming in Set 9.5 and their corresponding traits:

  • Graves (1 cost Bilgewater Gunner Rogue)
  • Illaoi (1 cost Bilgewater Bastion)
  • Twisted Fate (2 cost Bilgewater Multicaster)
  • Miss Fortune (3 cost Bilgewater Strategist)
  • Nautilus (3 cost Bilgewater Juggernaut)
  • Nilah (4 cost Bilgewater Vanquisher)
  • Gangplank (5 cost Bilgewater Reaver King Gunner)
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Ixtal: 2/3/4

The Ixtal region also introduces new units to the game:

  • Milio (1 cost Ixtal Invoker)
  • Qiyana (2 cost Ixtal Rogue Slayer)
  • Neeko (3 cost Ixtal Bastion)

Other New Units

Alongside the introduction of new traits, existing units will be replaced by new champions. Here are some of the units players can expect in Set 9.5:

  • Xayah (4 cost Ionia Vanquisher)
  • Nilah (4 cost Bilgewater Vanquisher)
  • Mordekaiser (4 cost Noxus Slayer)
  • Fiora (4 cost Demacia Challenger)
  • Silco (4 cost Zaun Sorcerer)
  • Naafiri (2 cost Darkin Challenger)
  • Quinn (3 cost Demacia Slayer)

Moreover, some of the current units in Set 9 will also undergo changes to align with the new traits.

TFT Mid Set 9.5: New traits

Set 9.5 introduces traits based on the various regions of Runeterra. Each region offers unique bonuses to enrich gameplay.


Bilgewater units mark their foes, leading to periodic barrages from waterborne artillery.


Every game, Ixtal units create elemental hexes that empower both themselves and other allies standing on them.


Vanquisher spells have the potential to critically strike. Vanquishers also gain additional Critical Strike Chance and Critical Strike Damage.

TFT Mid Set 9.5: New portals

The mid-Set update also brings exciting new portals to the game, offering fresh gameplay experiences.

Bilgewater Portals

  • Rat Town: Lucky shops can appear randomly, featuring units tailored to your army.
  • Finn’s Market: Round 3-7 is replaced by a special shop offering Completed, Artifact, Support, or Radiant items. Players can select one item for free.
  • Slaughter Docks: At the start of each stage, players receive free rerolls equal to the stage number plus 1. These rerolls are only available for the current round.
  • Ryze Ability for Bilgewater: Ryze summons a treasure chest, dealing damage to enemies within two hexes of the target based on the player’s amount of gold. Additionally, enemies hit have a chance to drop loot and gold, which increases if the ability secures a kill.
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Ixtal Region Portals

  • Ixaocan: Starring up a set number of units in Ixtal grants valuable loot to all players.
  • Serpentine River: Instead of carousel rounds, players vote for a bonus the lobby receives. An anvil component is awarded after each voting round.
  • Cardinal Arcology: This portal always offers a Prismatic, Gold, and Silver augment to players.
  • Ryze Ability for Ixtal: Ryze covers the ground in vines around his target, damaging enemies and providing Armor and Magic Resistance to allies wrapped in the vines.

Freljord Region Portal

  • Valar’s Hollow: Players receive an item anvil on round 2-3 and a support anvil on round 3-3.

TFT Mid Set 9.5: Item changes

In addition to the exciting new content, Riot has made significant changes to the game’s itemization system in Horizonbound. Items are now categorized into four types: Core, Artifacts, Support, and Radiant. This structural change aims to provide a more consistent experience for players. Core items are the ones players will typically build using components, artifacts include certain Shimmerscale items, and support items are obtained through augments or portals.

Furthermore, some item effects, such as Shred and Sunder, have been adjusted to offer a more diverse and engaging gameplay experience.

For a complete list of new items and their recipes, check out CuewarsTaner’s tweet.

Now that you’re up to date with all the exciting changes coming in Teamfight Tactics Set 9.5, get ready to adapt your strategies and dive into the updated meta. Good luck and have fun on the Horizonbound battlefield!

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