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Marvel Snap Jane Foster: Optimal Combinations

Marvel Snap Jane Foster possesses a unique On-Reveal ability that allows her to draw all 0-cost cards from your deck and place them in your hand. But how exactly can you harness her power? In this comprehensive guide, I will provide you with a list of the best cards that synergize perfectly with Jane Foster, along with detailed explanations of her abilities and strategies for utilizing her in your battles.

Jane Foster, known as The Mighty Thor, was not initially available in Marvel Snap. However, she has now made her way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and our beloved Free-To-Play Marvel Snap mobile game! With a Five-Cost card and an impressive Power level of Eight, she can greatly assist you in conquering one of the three locations. Curious to know which cards work harmoniously with Jane Foster? Read on to discover more!

Marvel Snap Jane Foster Deck

Jane Foster Deck 1
Image: Jane Foster Deck 1 – Iron Heart, Iron Man, Morph, Arnim Zola, and other cards cost 0 Energy after playing Mister Negative on the Fourth Turn!

Players were pleasantly surprised to receive Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor as a free gift during the Nexus Event, along with refunds. There are four variants of Jane Foster, each showcasing a unique and captivating artwork.

To maximize the overall value of Jane Foster, it is essential to include Thor and Mister Negative in your deck. Here is a complete twelve-card deck that I recommend:

  1. Adam Warlock (Cost 2)
  2. Morph (Cost 3)
  3. Iron Heart (Cost 3)
  4. Mystique (Cost 3)
  5. Lock Jaw (Cost 3)
  6. Thor (Cost 4)
  7. Mister Negative (Cost 4)
  8. Iron Man (Cost 5)
  9. Ronan (Cost 5)
  10. Jane Foster (Cost 5)
  11. Arnim Zola (Cost 6)
  12. Doctor Doom (Cost 6)

If certain cards in this deck are not aligning with your strategy, feel free to make substitutions. The key cards to focus on are Mister Negative, Thor, and Jane Foster. With Mister Negative’s On-Reveal ability in effect, the 0-Power cards will become available to you as early as turn six! For instance, you can replace Devil Dinosaur with Doctor Doom to take advantage of the Ongoing effect of the card.

When you drop Lock Jaw at any location, another card with a higher cost will be swapped out due to Lock Jaw’s On-Reveal ability. This increases your chances of obtaining a high-cost card.

Scenario 1

For this deck to function effectively, you need to have Jane Foster in your hand. If you did not receive her at the beginning of the battle, hope that she appears in your hand before the fifth turn!

During the first turn, you must skip playing a card since you do not have any one-cost cards in your deck suitable for placement at any of the three locations. However, if you have Adam Warlock in your hand on the second turn, drop him on an empty location and ensure that your opponent does not play a card. Adam Warlock’s On-Reveal ability will draw a card from your deck each turn.

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It is crucial to be winning at that specific location for Adam Warlock’s ability to activate. On the third turn, you will have the option to play with Morph, Thor, and Lock Jaw. You can drop any other three cards from your hand, but make sure that they add value to your overall Power! I highly recommend dropping Thor since the Mjolnir Hammer provides a significant Power boost.

On the fourth turn, drop Mister Negative at any of the three locations and witness the Powers and Costs of all the cards in your deck being switched. Then, on the fifth turn, place Jane Foster at the desired locations to summon all the 0-cost cards from your hand and deck!

Keep in mind that these 0-cost cards initially had a cost of three before Mister Negative’s intervention. By turn six, you will have the option to drop Iron Heart, Iron Man, Morph, Mjolnir, Ronan, Mystique, and Doctor Doom at any location based on their respective costs.

Final Blow

Thanks to Mister Negative, these cards cost 0 Energy, and Jane Foster has drawn all the 0-cost cards in your hand. As a result, you have a wide variety of cards at your disposal for placing at each location.

You can choose to drop Iron Man, Morph, and Mystique at one location. Iron Man’s Power will increase to five, and with his ongoing ability, it will double to ten! Additionally, there is a high chance for Morph to transform into the highest Power card from your opponent’s hand.

Drop Mystique at another location, and she will gain Iron Man’s Ongoing ability.

Still, there are numerous options available to you! You have yet to utilize any energy up until the last turn, which allows you to play any card you desire. You have already established a significant Power difference at two locations, essentially guaranteeing victory before the match even concludes!

Scenario 2

In this scenario, if you play Mister Negative on the fourth turn and Jane Foster is still in your deck, her cost and Power will be swapped, rendering her unplayable. Nevertheless, you still possess three-cost cards that can provide sufficient Power at two locations.

Let’s assume you dropped Adam Warlock on the second turn and Morph on the third turn. This will likely result in a total Power gain of +5 at that specific location. Furthermore, if you draw 0-cost cards from your deck, courtesy of Mister Negative, you can still secure victory!

By dropping Iron Man and Iron Heart at either location, you can double your Power at one location through Iron Man’s ability. Iron Heart will bestow additional Power randomly to three of your friendly cards. Additionally, on turn five, you can play Doctor Doom and summon two 5-Power Doombots at the remaining two locations.

Calculate the Power you will accumulate by the end of turn five: Iron Man provides 10 Power, and Iron Heart grants an additional 1 Power to each card. Morph assumes the form of a card from your opponent’s hand, ranging from 3 to 6 Power. Iron Man’s ability doubles the Power at that location!

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On turn six, you can choose to play Doctor Doom if you did not play him on turn five, or you can drop Arnim Zola, another 0-cost card thanks to Mister Negative’s On-Reveal Ability. However, if you already had Arnim Zola in your hand when you played Mister Negative, there is no need to play him on turn six. It would be more advantageous to drop Doctor Doom instead!

Jane Foster Deck 2

Jane Foster Deck 2
Image: Jane Foster Deck 2 – Low-cost cards with On-Reveal abilities paired with Odin in the final turn!

If you feel that the previous deck heavily relies on having Jane Foster in your hand before dropping Mister Negative, I have an alternative solution. By removing Mister Negative from the equation and adding Odin to the mix, you will need to include cards with On-Reveal abilities.

Here are the cards required to establish an effective deck:

  1. Yondu (Cost 1) [Optional]
  2. Iceman (Cost 1) / The Hood (Cost 1)
  3. Medusa (Cost 2)
  4. Star-Lord (Cost 2) / Groot (Cost 3) [Optional]
  5. Lizard (Cost 2)
  6. Okoye (Cost 2)
  7. Iron Heart (Cost 3)
  8. Thor (Cost 3)
  9. Wolfsbane (Cost 3)
  10. Spider-Women (Cost 5)
  11. Jane Foster (Cost 5)
  12. Odin (Cost 6)

Odin synergizes perfectly with Iron Heart, Wolfsbane, Medusa, and Star-Lord. His presence instantly reactivates the On-Reveal abilities of these cards, granting you a significant Power boost at your other locations.

Wolfsbane will provide your other cards with +2 Power if you drop her at the location where the other cards are placed. Likewise, Okoye will grant +1 Power to every card in your deck, which significantly benefits you if played early on.

Feel free to modify the above deck by incorporating a few pool 3 cards. For a thorough understanding of pool cards, consult our comprehensive guide on “Marvel Snap Pool 3 Cards [Explained]!”

Scenario 1

On the first turn, drop Yondu to discard the top card from your opponent’s deck, or play Iceman to increase the cost of one of the opponent’s cards in their hand by +1. Ensure that you place these cards at different locations.

The goal is to have them trapped within Odin’s On-Reveal ability by turn six, as they will no longer be of value to you.

On the second turn, ensure that your opponent plays a card at the same location where you drop Star-Lord or Groot. This will grant them an additional +3 Power at that specific location, resulting in a total of six Power.

During the third turn, drop Thor, who will add +4 Power to the central location. Similarly, on the subsequent turn, play Iron Heart to grant an additional +2 Power to three of your friendly cards. This will leave you with Thor, Groot/Star-Lord at one location and Iron Heart, Yondu/Iceman at the remaining two locations.

On the fifth turn, drop Jane Foster in the middle location or another suitable location. However, avoid placing her at the location where you intend to play Odin on the final turn!

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Final Blow

The final turn will yield a massive Power boost for your remaining cards, as by now, you will have summoned Mjolnir, which costs 0 Energy to drop, and Odin!

Before playing Odin, drop Mjolnir at the location where Iron Heart, Yondu/Iceman are situated. Following that, activate Odin’s ability and watch Iron Heart grant an additional +2 Power to three of your other friendly cards. Mjolnir will further enhance Thor’s Power once you drop it, and Odin will reactivate Mjolnir to provide an additional Power boost to Thor.

Scenario 2

In this scenario, you have the freedom to play the one-cost cards as you wish, ensuring that you deploy Star-Lord or Groot at the best location to activate their On-Reveal abilities.

If you only possess one card on the third turn, Iron Heart is your best option. Rest assured, you can still benefit from Power boosts in subsequent turns.

In cases like these, you can replace Yondu or Iceman with The Hood. Although The Hood is a one-cost card with a -2 Power, he possesses a unique advantage. By dropping The Hood at a secure location, you will gain access to the Demon card. The Demon boasts a Power of six and only costs one!

Consider utilizing the Demon as a backup card if Mjolnir does not end up in your hand during the final turn.

Drop Thor on the fourth turn, and if you happen to draw Jane Foster on the fifth turn, summon her to obtain Mjolnir in your hand. On the sixth turn, repeat the steps by dropping Mjolnir first and Odin second to ensure you benefit from the double bonus provided by Mjolnir!

Cards such as Spider-Women can prove to be advantageous if your opponent accumulates a significant amount of Power at a single location. Spider-Women can afflict all four of the opponent’s cards with -1 Power, resulting in a total reduction of -4 Power! She can serve as an excellent substitute for Jane Foster, and during the final turn, Odin can further enhance her abilities.

Final Thoughts

With that, I conclude my Marvel Snap Jane Foster guide and sincerely hope that you can effectively utilize her in your deck! The synergy between Thor and Jane Foster is exceptional because she can draw Mjolnir from your deck once you drop Thor. Mjolnir provides an additional four or six Power to Thor, and it costs 0 Energy to deploy at any location.

Previously, Thor had a cost of four Energy and a Power of six. Players could further increase Thor’s Power by dropping Mjolnir. Additionally, Devil Dinosaur had a Power of 0 and a cost of four Energy. Players could easily swap Devil Dinosaur’s Cost and Power by placing Mister Negative at the location.

However, recent patches and updates have slightly impacted the effectiveness of Jane Foster decks involving Thor. Thor is now a three-cost card with a Power of four, while Devil Dinosaur is a five-cost card with a Power of three. To learn various methods of unlocking rare cards in the game, consult our guide on “Best Ways To Get Cards in Marvel Snap.”

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