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Destiny 2 King’s Fall Raid: Unlocking Top-Tier Loot and Exquisite Armor


Destiny 2’s King’s Fall raid, hailed as one of the best in the game’s history, has made a triumphant return. With its remastered and modernized version, it’s poised to become one of the most popular raids yet. Not only does it offer a challenging experience, but it also boasts a loot pool filled with top-tier weapons and armor.

A Glimpse into King’s Fall Raid Loot Pool

Let’s take a closer look at the loot table of the King’s Fall raid, including its impressive selection of weapons and armor:


  • Doom of Chelchis – Scout Rifle
  • War Numen’s Mark – Class item

⚠️ Requirements: King’s Fall is a free-to-play activity and does not require any DLC.

Infographic: Your Guide to King’s Fall Loot

For a comprehensive visual representation of the King’s Fall raid loot table, check out this informative infographic by irrezolut. It’s perfect for sharing with your clanmates and friends on platforms like Discord or even for printing.

Secure an Extra Red Border Weapon

By completing a hidden puzzle within the raid, you can earn a guaranteed Red Border raid weapon once per week per account. This powerful weapon will greatly aid you in unlocking raid crafting patterns. To find and activate the runes required to complete the puzzle, refer to this helpful video guide by Skarrow9.

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Discover the Hidden Chests

King’s Fall raid also features secret chests that yield weapons you’ve acquired from previous encounters, raid mods, and Spoils of Conquest. Instead of attempting to explain how to find them here, we recommend watching this insightful video guide by Fallout, which makes discovering these chests a breeze.

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Explore King’s Fall Raid Weapons

Prepare yourself for the seven incredible weapons you can acquire from the King’s Fall raid:

Touch of Malice

  • Exotic Perk: “The final round in the magazine deals bonus damage, drawing from the wielder’s life force, and then regenerates itself. Rapidly defeating three targets restores health.”

Midha’s Reckoning

  • Fusion Rifle: High-Impact Legendary
  • Possible Perks: Unrelenting, Pugilist, Field Prep; Reservoir Burst, Kickstart, Successful Warmup, Tap the Trigger
  • Potential PvE God Roll: Field Prep + Reservoir

Quillim’s Terminus

  • Machine Gun: High-Impact Legendary
  • Possible Perks: Ensemble, Heating Up, Slickdraw, Dynamic Sway Reduction, Unrelenting, Wellspring, Stats for All; Headstone, Firing Line, Killing-Tally, Firefly, Eye of the Storm
  • Potential PvE God Roll: Stats for All + Killing-Tally

Doom of Chelchis

  • Scout Rifle: Precision Legendary
  • Possible Perks: Explosive Payload, Rangefinder, Firefly, Unrelenting, Adaptive Munitions, Opening Shot, Vorpal Weapon, Steady Hands; Eye of the Storm, One for All, Dragonfly, Focused Fury, Frenzy, Repulsor Brace
  • Potential PvE God Roll: Firefly + Dragonfly
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Defiance of Yasmin

  • Sniper Rifle: Adaptive Legendary
  • Possible Perks: Osmosis, Lead from Gold, Firefly, Snapshot Sights, No Distractions; Opening Shot, Moving Target, Focused Fury, Demolitionist
  • Potential PvP God Roll: Snapshot Sights + Opening Shot

Smite of Merain

  • Pulse Rifle: Adaptive Legendary
  • Possible Perks: Focused Fury, Demolitionist, Moving Target; Firefly, Swashbuckler, Gutshot, One for All, Adrenaline Junkie, Vorpal Weapon
  • Potential PvE God Roll: Demolitionist + Adrenaline Junkie

Zaouli’s Bane

  • Hand Cannon: Adaptive Legendary
  • Possible Perks: Opening Shot, Hipfire Grip, Gutshot, Ensemble; Eye of the Storm, Steady Hands, Surrounded, Incandescent, Demolitionist
  • Potential PvE God Roll: Opening Shot + Incandescent

Unveiling King’s Fall Raid Armor

Just like any other raid in Destiny 2, King’s Fall offers a unique armor set for each class:

Hunter Darkhollow Set:

  • Darkhollow Mask
  • Darkhollow Grasps
  • Darkhollow Chiton
  • Darkhollow Treads
  • Darkhollow Mantle

Titan War Numen’s Set:

  • War Numen’s Crown
  • War Numen’s Fist
  • War Numen’s Chest
  • War Numen’s Boots
  • War Numen’s Mark

Warlock Set:

  • Mouth of Ur
  • Grasp of Eir
  • Chasm of Yul
  • Path of Xol
  • Bond of Wormlore

Master the Art of Farming King’s Fall

Farming raids in Destiny 2 used to be impossible, as they were limited to one completion per character per week. However, King’s Fall can be farmed using Spoils of Conquest. After defeating the final boss, Oryx, you’ll have the opportunity to spend your Spoils of Conquest to purchase weapons and armor from the Dreadnaught’s Riches chest. Remember, you can only purchase items you’ve already earned by completing encounters within the raid. Each item costs 20 Spoils of Conquest.

Uncover the Exotic Treasures

In addition to the vast selection of weapons and armor, the King’s Fall raid also offers three exclusive items:

  • Exotic Sparrow
  • Exotic Ship
  • Touch of Malice’s Catalyst
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Share Your Thoughts

What are your impressions of the King’s Fall raid? Does it live up to its reputation from Destiny 1? We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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