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Exploring Chinese Vocabulary in League of Legends

Playing League of Legends (LoL) on Chinese servers can be tough for newcomers. The client and in-game communication are all in Chinese, leaving non-Chinese speakers at a disadvantage. Understanding and effectively communicating with teammates is crucial for success in the game.

If you’re missing any Chinese terms (which is highly likely), please leave a comment below and let us know. LoL has a vast amount of vocabulary, so your input is greatly appreciated. If you’re looking to learn how to pronounce these characters, we’ve provided a useful pinyin guide here.

Useful Chinese Phrases for LoL

While League of Legends is infamous for trash-talking, this guide will avoid profanity and focus on essential words for gameplay.

  • 英雄联盟 – League of Legends
  • 上路 – Top lane
  • 中路 – Middle lane
  • 下路 – Bottom lane
  • 我去上路 – I’m going top lane.
  • 辅助 – Support
  • AD or 下路 – AD carry
  • 眼 – Ward and 放眼 means to place a ward
  • 别冲 – Don’t dive/go too deep
  • 保护我 – Protect me (commonly said by the AD carry)
  • 送头 – To feed
  • 后退 – Pull back/retreat
  • 菜鸟 – Noob
  • 一被 – End the game, close it out. Used after you kill their team and think you can end it.
  • 带我飞 – Carry me
  • 肉 – Tanky. 出肉 means to build as a tank
  • 服务器 – Server
  • 卡了 – Lag
  • 丢包 – Packet loss
  • 网络 – Internet

Chinese Names for LoL Champions

These are not the official names but rather commonly used names to refer to champions. Some names are phonetic translations, while others have special meanings. For example, Lucian is sometimes referred to as “Obama.”

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A full list of champion names and their Chinese phonetic translations can be found below:

{insert image of champion names}

Any Special Requests?

If you have any specific Chinese vocabulary related to League of Legends that you’d like to learn or if you know other names commonly used for champions, please leave a comment below. We’ll do our best to provide the information you’re looking for!

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