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13 Best Gothic League of Legends Skins

League of Legends boasts an extensive collection of skins in the Gothic style, catering to all the edge lords out there. To make things easier for you, I’ve scoured through the entire roster of 159 champions and their skins to compile a definitive list of the top 13 Gothic skins. But before we dive in, let’s clarify what “Goth” actually means.

Understanding the Goth Aesthetic

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Goth refers to a performer or fan of goth music, or anyone who adopts a similar appearance characterized by dark eye makeup, pale skin, dark clothing, and bulky metallic jewelry. While goth is primarily associated with alternative fashion in darker hues, it has evolved into a diverse subculture encompassing various styles and expressions.

Defining goth is a challenging task, as it means something different to every individual. However, it’s essential to note that the goth community is known for its inclusivity and acceptance. So, if you find yourself drawn to the goth aesthetic, I encourage you to explore this vibrant subculture.

Canon Gothic Skins

League of Legends already features a series of goth skins, although the collection has seen little attention lately. Nevertheless, these skins remain iconic within the game. Here are the canonical goth skins:

  • Emumu – Emo Goth
  • Goth Annie – Gothic Lolita
  • Gothic Oriana – Gothic Lolita
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Other Remarkable Gothic Skins

While the default designs of the characters exude a certain goth vibe, I’ve chosen to focus on the extraordinary designs that magnify the gothic element. However, it’s worth mentioning that many champions already embrace a goth aesthetic without needing a specific skin. Here are some notable champions with inherent gothic qualities:

Now, let’s delve into the top 13 Gothic skins:

1. Aristocrat Vayne

Aristocrat Vayne skin from League of Legends.
Vayne, a relentless monster hunter seeking revenge for her family’s tragic fate, embodies the essence of a gothic hero. This skin portrays her as an aristocratic monster hunter, lavishly adorned with wealth, and wielding a golden crossbow.

2. Bittersweet Lulu

Bittersweet Lulu skin from League of Legends.
Lulu, a sweet and friendly Yordle known for her enchantments, dons a charming pastel goth look in this skin. However, beware the cost of her granted powers, for they may extract a toll upon your soul.

3. Black Scourge Singed

Black Scourge Singed skin from League of Legends.
Singed, an alchemist driven solely by his twisted experiments, fits perfectly into the gothic narrative. This skin portrays him as a servant of the corrupted queen, spreading her dark influence wherever he goes.

4. Count Kassadin

Count Kassadin skin from League of Legends.
Kassadin, a man consumed by the void that ravaged his life, seeks vengeance for his lost family. The Count Kassadin skin transforms him into a resident of a haunted house, instilling fear in all who dare approach on Hallows’ Eve.

5. Count Vladimir

Count Vladimir skin from League of Legends.
Vladimir, an immortal bloodthirsty vampire, revels in feasting on innocent mortals to prolong his life and consolidate his political power. The Count Vladimir skin intensifies his dark allure, dwelling in a castle shrouded in an ominous mist.

6. Emumu

Emumu skin from League of Legends.
Amumu, a forlorn mummy cursed to inflict pain upon those who approach, yearns for companionship. In this skin, Emumu channels his loneliness and pain into rock music, surrounded by ghostly bandmates.

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7. Ghost Bride Morgana

Ghost Bride Morgana skin from League of Legends.
Morgana, a fallen angel seeking understanding among mortals, employs her magic to punish the corrupt. While her original lore focuses on justice and truth, the Ghost Bride Morgana skin reveals a tale of profound loss and eternal suffering.

8. Gothic Annie

Gothic Annie skin from League of Legends.
Annie, a young orphan wielding fiery magical powers, summons her companion “Tibbers” to wreak havoc. This skin retains Annie’s somber backstory, enhancing her magical abilities with an infinitely dark aesthetic.

9. Gothic Oriana

Gothic Oriana skin from League of Legends.
Oriana, once a terminally ill human girl, has been granted a second chance at life with a clockwork body. This skin envisions Oriana as someone who embraces darkness despite her newfound existence, reveling in the shadows.

10. Noxus Poppy

Noxus Poppy skin from League of Legends.
Poppy, a yordle knight protecting the city of Demacia, wields a magical hammer bestowed upon her by the city’s founder. Although this skin lacks a specific story, one can imagine Poppy’s gothic appearance if she pledged loyalty to Noxus instead.

11. Pentakill Sona

Pentakill Sona skin from League of Legends.
Sona, a renowned musician rumored to possess healing and harmful abilities through her melodies, is a member of the metal band PENTAKILL. In this skin, Sona proves that keyboards can indeed be metal when laced with barbed wire and emitting a sonic scream.

12. Ravenborn Leblanc

Ravenborn LeBlanc skin from League of Legends.
LeBlanc, a master of deception and manipulation, employs her clones and magic to outwit her foes. As the epitome of high society, Ravenborn LeBlanc relishes in throwing lavish parties while punishing those who dare challenge her elegance.

13. Shadow Evelynn

Shadow Evelynn skin from League of Legends.
Evelynn, a demon disguised as a human woman, lures her victims to a torturous demise. This skin embodies the essence of early 2000s emo, with Evelynn epitomizing the alternative MySpace community’s desired aesthetic.

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In Conclusion

So, what are your thoughts? Did I miss any remarkable Gothic skins? Rest assured, Riot Games continues to tantalize us with their plans for the goth skin line. With numerous champions that would suit a goth aesthetic, the anticipation for future releases is high. After all, who doesn’t love adding new skins to their collection, regardless of the style?

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