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Lee Sin Wild Rift Build & Guide

Lee Sin is a powerful champion in Wild Rift who excels in jungle and can be a dominant force in team fights. In this guide, we will explore Lee Sin’s abilities and provide tips on how to maximize his potential on the battlefield. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this guide will help you make the most out of Lee Sin’s kit.

Innate: Flurry

Lee Sin’s innate ability, Flurry, grants him bonus attack speed and restores energy with his next two attacks. Utilize this ability by attacking after each ability cast, whether you are taking down jungle monsters or engaging in champion duels. By doing so, you can optimize your damage output and sustain.

Q | 1st: Sonic Wave

Lee Sin’s Sonic Wave is a versatile ability that allows him to engage or disengage from enemies. The first cast of Sonic Wave fires an energy wave in the target direction, damaging and marking the first enemy hit. You can then recast Sonic Wave to perform Resonating Strike, dashing towards the marked target and dealing damage that scales with the enemy’s missing health.

Sonic Wave can be used as both a primary engage tool and a finishing move. It has an impressive range, surpassing that of most champions, making it ideal for initiating fights. However, ensure that you land the ability, as missing it will significantly reduce your damage output. Use Sonic Wave as a finisher to maximize its damage potential, especially when the enemy’s health is low. Additionally, consider re-casting Sonic Wave after the enemy uses their escape tool or flash, enabling you to stay on top of them.

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Pro-tip: Utilize Sonic Wave’s mobility by moving between jungle camps, optimizing your jungle pathing. You can even surprise enemies by casting Sonic Wave behind a minion and smiting it to close the gap between you and your target.

W | 2nd: Safeguard

Safeguard is Lee Sin’s primary mobility and defensive ability. The first cast allows you to dash to a target location, and if an enemy is nearby upon arrival, Lee Sin gains a shield. The second cast, known as Iron Will, is an auto-attack reset that grants bonus magic damage and a significant amount of omni vamp for Lee Sin’s next two attacks. Remember to attack once before casting Iron Will again to execute a double attack.

Use Safeguard as your main engage tool, as it provides a safe and reliable way to close the distance between you and your enemy. You can even use it to bait out enemy skills by dashing in with Resonating Strike (1st2) and then dashing out with Safeguard.

E | 3rd: Tempest

Tempest is an area-of-effect magic damage ability that reveals enemies. Upon recasting Tempest, it cripples enemies, slowing them down. This ability is particularly useful for clearing jungle camps with multiple monsters, such as the Raptors, Wolves, and Krugs. Additionally, the reveal effect of Tempest is valuable when fighting against champions like Akali and Vayne, who can turn invisible.

The slow from Cripple is an excellent setup for your Sonic Wave (1st1), allowing you to land the ability more effectively.

R | Ultimate: Dragon’s Rage

Dragon’s Rage is Lee Sin’s ultimate ability, providing a heavy single-target nuke that knocks away the main target and damages and knocks up any enemies collided with. During the animation of Dragon’s Rage, you can sneak in an auto-attack.

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Dragon’s Rage can be used in three main ways:

  1. Burst down an enemy champion: Dragon’s Rage deals significant single-target damage, making it a viable tool to quickly eliminate the enemy’s priority carry. Practice burst combos like 2nd1 + AA + 3rd1 + AA + 2nd2 + AA + 3rd2 + 1st1 + Ult + AA + 1st2 + AA or 2nd1 + AA + 3rd1 + AA + 2nd2 + AA + Ult + AA + 1st1 + 1st2 + AA to unleash devastating combos.

  2. Perform an Insec play: The Insec combo involves using Dragon’s Rage to knock the enemy back towards your team. This can catch enemies off guard and provide an advantage in team fights. Examples of Insec combos include 1st1 + 1st2 + 2nd1 (to enemy’s back) + Ult + Flash out or 2nd1 + Ult + Flash (to enemy’s back, done quickly) + 1st1 + 1st2.

  3. Counter-initiation: Direct Dragon’s Rage towards the enemy team, specifically their tank initiators like Malphite or Alistar. This will deal a portion of their HP as damage to enemies they collide with, providing a powerful counter-initiation tool.

Remember to practice these combos in tutorial mode and against AI opponents before utilizing them in PvP and ranked matches. Lee Sin is a challenging champion to master, but with dedication and practice, you can become a formidable force on the battlefield.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of Lee Sin’s abilities and playstyle. However, keep in mind that it is not exhaustive, and you should adapt your strategies based on the current game situation. Trust your instincts and make decisions that align with your team’s objectives.

Happy hunting, summoners!

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