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Legend of Slime: A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Idle RPG

What happens when slimes have had enough of being beaten up for easy experience? This game has the answer.

legend of slime idle rpg tips

Taking Control of the Monster Forest

In Legend of Slime: Idle RPG, an iOS and Android title, you’ll assume the role of a slime defender in the monster forest. Your mission is to fend off hordes of adventurers seeking quick experience and loot. To aid your quest, you’ll find and equip powerful equipment, learn new skills, and gather loyal companions.

If you’re new to the genre and seek guidance on how to become stronger, this guide is for you. Read on to discover our Legend of Slime: Idle RPG beginner’s guide!

Becoming The World’s Strongest Slime!

There’s no shortage of adventurers looking for an easy victory against you and your monster allies. To protect the monster forest, you must rise above them and become the world’s strongest slime!

There are various ways to enhance your slime’s power, so let’s explore each option.

Stats and Improving Them

Your slime possesses several upgradeable stats, many of which can be enhanced using gold.

  • ATK represents your slime’s attack power. Normal attacks deal damage equal to your ATK, unless you score a critical hit. Skills also derive their damage from ATK.
  • HP represents your slime’s hit points. When your HP reaches zero, you’ll be forced to exit the stage.
  • HP Recovery determines your slime’s HP regeneration rate. Keep in mind that HP does not regenerate during combat.
  • ASPD represents your attack speed, measured in attacks per second. Increasing ASPD requires substantial investment, as each upgrade only adds 0.01.
  • Critical Hit Chance represents the probability of scoring a stronger critical hit. Each level increases the critical hit rate by 0.1%.
  • Critical Hit Damage represents the damage multiplier on critical hits. By default, crits deal 20% more damage. Each level increases this multiplier by 1%.
  • Double Shot and Triple Shot are unlockable upgrades that allow you to fire additional projectiles per attack. Unlock Double Shot by investing in ASPD, then upgrade to Triple Shot.


Before we proceed, it’s important to note how values are displayed in the game. Instead of using abbreviations like 1k for 1000, the game uses letters. For example, 1000 is displayed as 1A. Each time the value increases by 1000, the letter changes: 1000As is 1B, and so on.


Your slime can equip a weapon and armor. By equipping and upgrading these items, you can bestow powerful passive bonuses upon your slime, increasing its strength in battle.

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You mainly obtain equipment from the equipment gacha. To roll for equipment, you can spend gems. There are two options: 11 summons for 500 gems or 35 summons for 1500 gems, which includes two bonus rolls. Alternatively, you can watch ads for a free 11 roll, up to three times per day. Keep in mind that there’s a 10-minute cooldown between ad rolls.

Rolling on the gacha through ads grants additional bonus rolls for each previous ad watched, up to a maximum of 35 rolls per ad!

The number of free rolls may raise suspicions, and rightly so. To obtain truly valuable items from the equipment gacha, you must level it up by playing it, even if you initially obtain garbage. Rare (blue) gear only appears after leveling up your gacha to level 3, with a 10% appearance rate. Tap the “I” button next to each gacha banner to view the drop rates.

The abundance of seemingly useless items you accumulate serves a purpose. Weapons and armor can be fused with duplicates to increase their levels and base stats. While this allows you to upgrade a larger pool of items, upgrading rarer items becomes more challenging.

Moreover, each weapon passively boosts your attack power based on its rarity and upgrade level. Upgrade all your weapons, even the ones you don’t actively use, to maximize your power.


Skills are acquired from the skill gacha. Unfortunately, the same mechanics as equipment apply here. You’ll need to repeatedly roll to level up the skill banner, utilize ad rolls for bonus items, and sacrifice similar skills to level up existing ones.

Each skill offers unique effects. Some deal direct damage, others provide buffs, and a few even offer spell lifesteal. Simply owning skills grants a passive boost to your attack power, determined by the number of skills, their rarity, and their upgrade levels.

To make use of skills, you must equip them in available skill slots. Once equipped, you can use a skill by tapping on its icon when it’s off cooldown. Since Legend of Slime: Idle RPG is an idle game, you’ll likely switch to auto-skill mode, which can be activated by tapping the Auto button located to the left of the skill buttons.


Companions are obtained from the companion gacha and follow the same mechanics as equipment and skills. Like them, companions require leveling up the companion banner, utilizing ad rolls for bonus rolls, and using duplicates to strengthen existing companions.

Companions offer both active and passive boosts. Passively, owning companions grants an ATK boost based on the number and upgrade levels of your pets. When equipped, companions join the battlefield and significantly increase your slime’s firepower.

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To view a companion’s stats, tap on their icon. Note that companions initially possess low attack speed. Similar to skill slots, you’ll unlock companion slots as you progress through the campaign.

Funding The World’s Strongest Slime!

The upgrades you’ll undertake require a substantial amount of resources. You’ll need gold for purchasing basic stat upgrades and gems for rolling on the gacha, which means gems are crucial for everything else. Hence, it’s essential to find a steady income of both resources.

Completing Stages and Earning Passive Income

An idle game wouldn’t be idle without automatically farming resources for you.

As you may have noticed on the top part of the screen, the game runs automatically in the background and fights monsters. This means that the game generates gold on its own. In fact, the game continues progressing through the campaign as far as possible, clearing stages while you’re away.

This also applies to stages you can’t defeat. If you’re defeated in a stage, the game will automatically proceed in the last completed stage until you challenge the boss that defeated you. Keep in mind that fighting a boss has a timer, and if time runs out, you lose.

Even when you’re offline, your slime will continue fighting and earning coins. While you’re away, your slime will farm resources for up to 720 minutes (12 hours). When you log back in, you’ll have the opportunity to gain extra resources by watching an ad. If you’ve been offline for a long time, I highly recommend taking advantage of the ad bonus, as it can make a significant difference.

Flying Ads

If you’re grinding for coins to overcome the next level, keep an eye out for flying ad boxes.

These boxes contain valuable loot, such as a large sum of gold or gems. However, you must watch an ad to claim them. These ad boxes disappear quickly, and if you miss one, you’ll need to wait for another to appear. Don’t worry though, as they’re not uncommon.


As you progress through the campaign, you’ll unlock four dungeons that offer abundant resources. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll cover the first two dungeons: Boss Rush and Gold Rush.

In the Boss Rush dungeon, you’ll face off against ten tough bosses in quick succession. Defeating them all earns you gems based on the difficulty of the boss rush. If you can’t defeat the current rush, don’t worry—you can adjust the difficulty before starting a boss rush by tapping the arrows.

In Gold Rush, you raid a cargo wagon. This dungeon has a time limit—the more damage you deal to the cart, the more gold you’ll receive. If you completely destroy the cart, you’ll receive an even bigger reward. Like the boss rush, the amount of gold you earn depends on the Gold Rush’s difficulty.

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To enter these dungeons, you’ll need keys, which can be obtained from daily quests. Alternatively, you can watch ads (up to twice per day) if you lack the required keys.

Dailies, Quests, and More

Legend of Slime: Idle RPG offers plenty of free rewards. As a general rule, tap on anything marked with a red dot or that has a video play button.

The upper right corner of the screen features one-time quests that unlock new content and provide guidance. Below that, you’ll find daily quests, which award gems for completing tasks. On the upper left side of the menu, you’ll find the daily roulette and the battle pass. Make sure to check these regularly for free rewards!

Mining and Researching for the Strongest Slime!

By the time you reach area 3, you’ll encounter obstacles that require substantial grinding to overcome. For instance, enemies will have millions of HP while your damage only reaches the hundreds of thousands.

Mining Operations

Fortunately, there’s a more efficient way to overcome these challenges. By clearing stage 3-10, you’ll unlock access to the mines.

In the mines, you can use pickaxes, dynamite, and drills to extract valuable ore—those stony objects found in the brown dirt. Alongside ore, you can also discover other items, such as gems, in the depths. However, our main focus here is ore.

To destroy a block, simply drag the corresponding tool over it. A pickaxe destroys one tile, dynamite explodes an entire area, and a drill eradicates a vertical section, causing some splash damage at its bottom. Dynamite and drills can be obtained from packages or occasionally found in the mines, while pickaxes slowly replenish over time.

Keep in mind that you can’t snag ore or gems in the middle of a rock formation; you must destroy the rocks to access the goods. Additionally, each time you destroy a block at the bottom level, the camera automatically moves down to the lowest point, leaving any remaining items behind.


After accumulating a substantial amount of ore, it’s time to put it to good use through research.

Research allows you to invest your ore in a vast tech tree, branching out with numerous upgrades. Each research node provides significant passive bonuses that greatly enhance your power, ranging from substantial attack boosts to improved survivability and enhanced pickaxe performance for more efficient research. Research projects require time, but you can expedite them by spending gems or watching ads.

The Journey to Becoming the Strongest Slime

The path to becoming the world’s strongest slime is long, but don’t worry—you have all the time you need.

And that concludes our beginner’s guide to Legend of Slime: Idle RPG. I hope you found valuable insights to aid you on your quest. If I missed anything or if you have any further questions or tips to share, please let me know in the comments section below!

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