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Legends of Learning Review – An Engaging Edutainment Experience

Kids learn best when education is combined with entertainment and play-based activities. The appeal of gamification in learning is undeniable, and even I find myself enjoying the learning games my kids play. Legends of Learning is an online platform that offers over 2000 math and science games designed to engage students in various learning scenarios.

Legends of Learning Review - Play & Practice

We have recently explored the Legends of Learning online learning platform, and let me tell you, this platform offers a plethora of exciting features. The platform adopts a third-person viewer perspective, allowing kids to navigate using the familiar AWSD or arrow keys on their keyboards. The immersive music and eye-catching graphics give the platform a cool and enticing feel. While exploring, students can encounter other players’ avatars but are unable to interact directly to ensure their safety.

Now, let’s dive into some of the key areas and features of Legends of Learning:

Legends of Learning Settings:

Before exploring the various locations and educational content, users can customize their experience by changing their subject (math and science) and grade level. By clicking on the person icon at the top right of the screen, they can access a range of settings for the gameplay, such as noise levels, speech, and screen size.

Legends of Learning Review - Play & Practice

Users can choose to play with background music and spoken instructions, making it accessible for kids who may struggle with reading. Additionally, the top navigation bar allows players to switch between their beasties squad, learn how to strengthen their powers through training, change outfits and emotes, and claim rewards.

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Legends of Learning Areas of Play:

Legends of Learning offers different sections within the platform, each providing a unique learning experience. Some areas are available to all, while others require an “Adventure Pass” or are accessible only after specific hours or on weekends. Here’s a breakdown of these areas:

  • Academy: This area offers a space dedicated to learning and review activities. Students can engage with content tailored to their grade level and subject, providing a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Arcade: With over 2000 math and science games aligned with state curricula, the arcade area is a treasure trove of educational entertainment. Students can choose from a wide range of games to enhance their understanding.
  • Town: This area, available after 3 pm EST and on weekends, provides an immersive social environment. Students can connect with others, explore shops, and collect unique items.
  • House: The house area offers a personalized space where students can decorate and make it their own. It allows for creative expression and customization.
  • Wilds (Adventure Pass): Adventure Pass holders can venture into the wilds and embark on hiking expeditions, encountering wild beasties and discovering vendors offering exciting hats and clothes.
  • Math Basecamp (Adventure Pass): The Math Basecamp is a research-based and game-based area aimed at helping students master various math concepts. The games in this section are both educational and enjoyable, enabling students to compete and set new high score records.
  • Winter Village: Immerse yourself in a snowy wonderland and engage in winter-themed educational activities.

Legends of Learning Review - Play & Practice

Legends of Learning Beasties & the Wilds (Adventure Pass):

In Legends of Learning, students can collect and train beasties, akin to collectible pets or cards used in gameplay. Beasties can be trained and battled at various levels, providing an engaging and competitive element to the learning experience. The Wilds area allows players to explore the outdoors, find new beasties, and purchase cool hats and clothes from vendors along the way.

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Final Thoughts:

Legends of Learning offers a gamified approach to learning for kids, creating a fun and engaging environment. The wide range of activities and incentives, such as coins and collectibles, motivates students to continue their exploration. While the platform is suitable for elementary to middle school-age students, it is particularly beneficial as a supplement to school-based learning. The adventure-themed music adds an extra layer of excitement to the learning process.

For detailed reports on your child’s progress and the ability to track each student’s performance, Legends of Learning provides valuable tools for parents and teachers alike. The platform’s dedication to creating an immersive and enjoyable learning experience earns its place as a valuable educational resource.

So why not embark on a learning adventure with Legends of Learning? Visit their website and start exploring today!

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