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League Patch 13.18: Explore the Latest Updates and Exciting Changes

Get ready for the highly anticipated 2023 World Championship as League of Legends Patch 13.18 has arrived. This patch is dedicated to shaping the metagame for professional play’s grand event. With 11 champion adjustments (including 5 buffs, 5 nerfs, and 1 adjustment) and several item tweaks, Riot Games aims to fine-tune the game for an optimal competitive experience. While the balance team is satisfied with the progress, they recognize the need for “small adjustments” to ensure a fair and exciting tournament.

When is League Patch 13.18 going live?

Patch 13.18 will be available on Wednesday, Sept. 13. The update will start staging in Australia at 10 am AEST before rolling out on major League servers throughout the day. Here are the key patching times in different regions:

  • 3 am PT (NA)
  • 5 am GMT (EU West)
  • 3 am CET (EU North East)
  • 8 am KR (Korea)

Expect several hours of server downtime once the patch begins staging. Matchmaking will be disabled across all League queues three hours before the update is officially live.

What’s New in League Patch 13.18?

Briar, the Restrained Hunter, joins the Rift

The highlight of this patch is the introduction of a brand-new champion, Briar the Restrained Hunter. After much anticipation, Riot is finally unleashing Briar onto the battlefield. Her abilities have been carefully designed, and the developers have made slight tweaks to ensure the perfect balance.

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Don’t let Street Demons Briar’s smile fool you—she’s still out for blood. Image via Riot Games

Tryndamere and Jarvan IV Adjustments

Riot is addressing the power spikes of several champions, especially Tryndamere and Jarvan IV, who received unexpected boosts in Patch 13.17. To restore balance, adjustments will be made to these champions and many others. Expect buffs for Irelia, Gwen (jungle-focused), Kennen, Senna (critical hit builds), and Thresh, while Jarvan IV, Kayn (red), Rell, Tryndamere, Zeri, and Xayah will receive nerfs.

The Barbarian King became too strong too quickly for Riot’s liking. Image via Riot Games

Fine-tuning of Key Items

This update also includes tweaks to several items, primarily used by AD carries. Notably, Stormrazor and Statikk Shiv will see adjustments. Other legendary items like Spear of Shojin and Crown of the Shattered Queen are also up for changes. These adjustments aim to enhance gameplay quality and align the items with the desired balance for the upcoming World Championship.

Bot laners are going to lose wave clear power after these changes. Image via Riot Games

New Street Demon Skins

No League patch is complete without exciting cosmetic additions. Patch 13.18 introduces a vibrant set of Street Demon skins, featuring bright neon colors and urban art-inspired designs. Brand, Rengar, Neeko, Zyra, and the long-awaited skin for Dr. Mundo are all part of this release. Additionally, a new essence skin, Crystalis Motus Taliyah, will be available, providing a captivating emerald style.

Bright, bold, and tearing a hole in my wallet. Image via Riot Games

These skins will be accessible during the Patch 13.18 cycle.

League Patch 13.18 Patch Notes

For those seeking detailed information about champion changes, item adjustments, and other general updates, make sure to check out the official League Patch 13.18 patch notes.

Note: This article has been updated multiple times to reflect the latest changes and additions.

Remember to stay tuned for more exciting updates and announcements as the 2023 World Championship approaches.

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