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How to Successfully Complete Every Soul Fighter Bounty Mission in League of Legends

Riot Games has recently unveiled the exciting Soul Fighter event with the release of LoL Patch 13.14. This event introduces a range of cool new skins and never-before-seen free rewards. However, many players are struggling to understand how to tackle the Soul Fighter bounty missions in League of Legends. Fear not, as we are here to assist you in unraveling these missions and unlocking the fantastic rewards that await. By completing these missions, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire numerous special and secret treasures.

All Bounty Missions from Level 1-10: The Soul Fighter Event

To complete these missions, the specified champion must be present in the game. You can either play as the champion yourself or have another player on your team or the enemy team select them. However, it is essential to note that the champion must be used in a matchmade game for the mission to count. Matchmade games consist of Summoner’s Rift (Ranked and Normal), ARAM, and the new Arena mode. Additionally, you can opt to play against AI opponents to complete all the missions effortlessly. As you clear each mission, the subsequent champion’s mission will be revealed.

Now, let’s dive into the details of how to conquer each one:

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Gwen: Bounty Level 1

“Her scissors snip dresses, every thread restores health, but before she heals others, she must first heal herself.”

  • Solution: Engage in a matchmade game and utilize Gwen’s passive ability to self-heal. Fortunately, Gwen’s attacks inherently heal her, making this task relatively easy.
  • Reward: Soul Fighter Gwen Wanted Icon

Lux: Bounty Level 2

“A sister of light, abandoned, must run; be careful, her power, it shines like the sun.”

  • Solution: Your objective is straightforward: eliminate an enemy with Lux’s ultimate ability.
  • Reward: Soul Fighter Lux Wanted Icon

Naafiri: Bounty Level 3

“A new champion has entered the fight. Pair up in the ring, but beware of her bite.”

  • Solution: Choose to play with or against Naafiri in Arena mode. Additionally, if Naafiri gets banned by you or another player during a game, the bounty will still be considered complete.
  • Reward: Soul Fighter Naafiri Wanted Icon

Jhin: Bounty Level 4

“Theatrical, meticulous, artistic, insane… Murder in 4’s is this man’s alm.”

  • Solution: Focus on killing an enemy with Jhin’s fourth auto attack.
  • Reward: Soul Fighter Jhin Wanted Icon

Pyke: Bounty Level 5

“Across life and death, he formed a bond. Now dive with him, into the Lands Beyond.”

  • Solution: Employ Pyke’s Ultimate ability to eliminate an enemy while also utilizing the W skill, Ghostwater Dive.
  • Reward: Soul Fighter Pyke Wanted Icon

Evelynn: Bounty Level 6

“The first human infused with the power of souls. First, take their lives. Then, take control.”

  • Solution: Charm an opponent with Evelynn’s W skill and proceed to eliminate them.
  • Reward: Soul Fighter Evelynn Wanted Icon
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Sett: Bounty Level 7

“A fighter with the power to turn hurt into strength. How much damage can one man take?”

  • Solution: Absorb a total of 30,000 damage with Sett. This can be achieved over multiple matches.
  • Reward: Soul Fighter Sett Wanted Icon

Shaco: Bounty Level 8

“He desires nothing, he’s shapeless and spry. He’ll march forward blindly in the wake of the Eye.”

  • Solution: Ensure that there is a Shaco on your team who kills and activates the Rift.
  • Reward: Soul Fighter Shaco Wanted Icon

Viego: Bounty Level 9

“Her screams of anguish shield this lover from the fact that neither tenacity nor strength consumed can ever bring her back.”

  • Solution: Purchase Banshee’s Veil and Elixir of Iron while playing as Viego. Although this is not part of his kit, completing this mission is a bit peculiar. Consider tackling this objective in a Coop vs AI match for a smoother experience.
  • Reward: Soul Fighter Viego Wanted Icon

Samira: Bounty Level 10

“She moves like a spirit, her attacks exude style. Her flair and her flare are both undeniable.”

  • Solution: Simply equip Ignite and Ghost as your two spells.
  • Reward: Soul Fighter Samira Wanted Icon

That concludes our comprehensive guide on the Soul Fighter bounty missions in League of Legends. We hope that it has provided you with the necessary knowledge to complete these missions successfully and claim your rewards.

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