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Order of the Emperor Arcanist Guide for Lost Ark

If you’re seeking additional information about the Order of the Emperor build for Arcanist, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide you with all the details you need to know.


Arcanist offers a variety of builds, each named after the number of skills taken per type. For example, “116” signifies the inclusion of Stacking, Ruin, and Normal skills in the build. While there may be slight differences between builds, it’s crucial to stick to the fundamentals while playing. To ensure the optimal use of your resources, it’s advisable to test out the builds in Trixion before committing to one.

The Order of the Emperor Build

This particular build focuses on utilizing one Stacking skill, one Ruin skill, and six Normal skills. Despite its name, this build incorporates the use of “Fake Flip” on Call of Destiny to have two Stacking skills. The primary goal of this build is to maintain the “Boundless Mana” state, which is crucial for a high APM class with strong burst windows. With the ability to still utilize “Magick Addiction” during downtime, you’ll always be on your toes with this build. The majority of your DPS will be concentrated within the Return’s window, with a greater emphasis on Normal skills rather than stacking. This build ensures that you’re constantly engaging with skills, making it a lot of fun! The only time you should refrain from using skills is if the boss is dead or untargetable; otherwise, you’re doing something wrong!

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Emperor’s Guidelines

When playing as an Emperor, there are certain rules to follow to optimize your performance:

  • Enter the “Boundless Mana” state as quickly as possible and maintain it by using skills whenever they are off cooldown.
  • Make sure to use the Emperor skill under buffs, such as after the Return skill.
  • Outside of your burst window, keep Evoke on cooldown, as it contributes a significant portion to your overall damage.
  • Call of Destiny and Stream of Edge are the only means to reach four stacks for Celestial Rain, which is important for maximum damage output.

Maximizing Burst Damage

With only one Ruin skill, it’s crucial to always use Celestial Rain at four stacks. Some of the Emperor’s skills have lingering effects that can be influenced by real-time buffs, such as Dark Resurrection. By properly timing your skills, you can fit in more damage within your burst windows. For example, using Return after Dark Resurrection allows you to capitalize on the backloaded damage of the skill. Additionally, casting Unlimited Shuffle and Mysterious Stampede serves as fillers while Stream of Edge builds stacks towards the detonation of Celestial Rain.

Buff Management

To fully maximize your gains, prioritize the Royal (Emperor Only) and Chancellor buffs within your buff window. As Chancellor has a longer duration, using it after Return allows you to benefit from approximately 1.5 damage cycles. Alternatively, you can use Chancellor immediately upon activation if the setup is not available.

Skill Cards

The Star card has the potential to disrupt the “Boundless Mana” state, resulting in a loss of DPS. However, if you are already near 80% MP, less than 25% MP, or if there will be downtime soon, using the Star card is acceptable. The low cooldowns of your skills make it easy to regain the “Boundless Mana” state. You can also choose to hold the card and only use the second slot to avoid drawing the Star card again. As for the Clown card, it is best utilized on Royal (Emperor Only). Other good options include Cull, Wheel of Fortune, or Twisted Fate.

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Additional Considerations

Lastly, when using Wheel of Fortune, it is advisable to synchronize it with Evoke. However, Dark Resurrection can be used as an easier alternative.

By following these guidelines and tips, you’ll be able to master the Order of the Emperor build for Arcanist in Lost Ark.

Order of the Emperor

Additional Resources

For more in-depth information and strategies, check out the following links:

Remember to keep experimenting and adapting the build to suit your playstyle. Good luck!

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