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Lost Ark – Guide to Argos Abyss Raid Phase 3

Argos, the formidable boss in the newly introduced Abyss Raids of Lost Ark, presents a significant challenge for players due to the intricate mechanics in each phase of the battle. However, the rewards awaiting victorious adventurers make the effort worthwhile. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the third and final phase of the Argos Abyss Raid, offering valuable tips and strategies to ease your journey towards victory.

How to Prepare for Argos Abyss Raid – Phase 3

If you have already triumphed over the initial two phases of the raid, congratulations! If not, we recommend consulting our detailed guides on the first and second stages. They provide crucial information on attack patterns and preparation tips necessary to reach this advanced phase.

For those preparing to tackle the final phase, here’s a summary of the steps to get ready for the upcoming battle:

Prepare Your Item Level (iLvl)

To progress through phase 2 and enter phase 3, your character’s item level must be at least 1400. In the NA and EU servers, players can access the Oreha Abyssal Dungeon, which allows crafting the Chosen Set. Upgrade the pieces of this set to meet the required item level for each phase. However, it is advisable to exceed the minimum item level of 1400 to enhance survivability and alleviate the pressure of prolonged combat.

Prepare Your Engravings

Depending on your role in the party, focus on maximizing your attack power as a DPS or enhancing your healing and shielding capabilities as a support. Engravings recommended for each class may vary, but here is a general overview of the most recommended engravings:


  • Grudge
  • All-Out Attack
  • Barricade
  • Master of Ambush
  • Master’s Tenacity


  • Cursed Doll
  • Expert
  • Heavy Armor

At this stage, it is crucial to have three level 3 engravings, prioritizing damage boosts for DPS roles and healing or shielding enhancements for support roles.

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Phase 3 of Argos Abyss Raid - Lost Ark

Prepare Your Skill Tripods

Optimize your skill tripods, preferably configuring them for raid scenarios. Maximize the level of your tripods, particularly for major damaging skills.

Prepare Your Gems

Ensure that your major damaging skills are equipped with at least level 4 gems, which provide both damage increase and cooldown reduction. The mechanics of the final phase differ from the previous two, and a consistent high damage output will be advantageous in preventing prolonged battles.

Prepare Your Party

Collaboration and communication are crucial in this Abyss Raid. Ensure your party members possess good communication skills, especially considering the game mechanics involved. It is recommended to coordinate with guildmates and determine a specific day each week for Abyss Raid runs, as rewards are limited to once per week. Additionally, having a support member in each party is important since there will be moments when the two parties need to split during the second phase.

Argos Abyss Raid Mechanics – Phase 3

The mechanics employed by Argos will undergo further changes in this phase. Players must be aware of three different weathers: daytime, nighttime, and dawn. Argos will cast various debuffs on each player based on the current weather. Moreover, two out of three types of seeds will be scattered across the arena in each phase. The effects of these seeds will either counter or exacerbate the current debuff, depending on the time of day.


  • Argos will cast a movement speed debuff.
  • Red seeds will explode.
  • Green seeds will remove the movement debuff.


  • Argos will cast a blind debuff.
  • Blue seeds will inflict poison damage.
  • Red seeds will remove the vision debuff.


  • Argos will cast a damage over time debuff.
  • Green seeds will imprison players near them.
  • Blue seeds will provide a shield protecting against the damage over time debuff.

During a specific weather, there will be more detrimental seeds present, with only one beneficial seed available. When the beneficial seed is picked up, its effect will counter the current debuff for the players. Nevertheless, battle items such as Panacea and cleansing skills from other classes can be employed to remove the debuffs.

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Phase 3 of Argos Abyss Raid - Lost Ark

Phase 3 Attacks by Argos Abyss Raid

In Phase 3, Argos retains certain attacks and mechanics from Phase 1 and 2, including:

  • Negative Beam
  • Pounce Explosion
  • Energy Geyser
    • Larger circles can be summoned, similar to the wipe mechanic in the second phase’s Veorix fight.
  • Energy Rain
  • Two-Line Fissure
    • In this phase, the two lines can form a cross pattern, exploding accordingly.
    • Another variant involves summoning four lines in a pound or hashtag pattern, with the explosion radiating outwards. It is advisable to move towards the center of the explosion.
  • Single Energy Area Explosion
  • Warp Dash
    • Multiple warp dashes can be performed in quick succession during this phase. Move towards the edge of the arena to avoid being hit.
  • Horn Attack
  • Stomp Wave
  • Small Wisp Explosion
    • Argos can summon more than two wisp rings in this phase.
  • Large Wisp Explosion
  • Dash Horn Attack

Argos Abyss Raid Wipe Mechanics – Phase 3

Argos employs different wipe mechanics for day and night, as well as a unique one for dawn.

Sun or Moon Blast

During this wipe mechanic, Argos sits down and begins charging either sun or moon energy, depending on the time of day. Two players will be marked with sun or moon markers on top of their heads. Argos can initiate this wipe from any location on the map.

After a period of charging, a stationary marker will appear at the last known position of the marked players. Argos will then jump up and release a blast of energy. Any players caught outside of the markers will be instantly killed. Each marker can protect up to four players, including the marked player, and markers must not overlap, as they will cancel each other out.

It is crucial for the marked players to communicate effectively. Once Argos starts charging, both marked players should inform the others through any means necessary to gather together. They should position themselves just far enough apart to avoid touching each other’s markers but remain close enough to facilitate movement if a player needs to make way for another.

Sundrop – Daytime

During daytime, Argos moves to the center and charges up sun energy. A sun seed will gradually descend from the sky, marked by a yellow dot on the minimap. Argos subsequently releases the sun energy blast. If all players manage to gather at the sundrop location as the blast occurs, everyone will survive the wipe. However, failure to reach the designated spot, even by a single player, will result in a wipe for the entire party.

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It is crucial to keep an eye on the minimap to locate the sundrop spot and actively assist others by pinging the location.

Moondrops – Nighttime

At night, Argos moves to the center to charge up moon energy. Several moon seeds appear on the ground, indicated by purple dots on the minimap. Players must collect all the seeds before Argos executes its attack. If successful, the entire party survives. However, should a single seed remain on the arena, the wipe mechanic will trigger, leading to the demise of all players.

Similar to the daytime wipe, it is essential to check the minimap to locate the seeds. Players should spread out to cover more ground, ensuring the timely collection of all seeds.

Sun and Moon Blast – Dawn

During dawn, Argos moves to the center and accumulates both sun and moon energy. As this occurs, multiple blue seeds drop onto the arena. Picking up a blue seed releases a shield that can protect any number of players within its area from the impending blast.

While this wipe mechanic may seem easier due to its partial wipe nature, players must still be mindful of the presence of green seeds that can trap and impede movement beneath the shield.

Final Notes for Phase 3

  • Vigilance is key during this phase. Avoid fixating on a particular seed and unintentionally stepping on undesired seeds. Scan the immediate area to assess the situation effectively.
  • Enable Combat Effects in the game’s settings to visualize markers and indicators for Argos’ attacks. Additionally, consider utilizing the Colorblind Filter in the Video Accessibility option, if necessary.
  • Test each other’s ping beforehand to ensure that no player experiences sudden spikes during critical moments of the fight.
  • Communicate with your party members in advance to confirm that everyone aims to reach the third phase. Skipping directly to this phase of the raid is not possible.
  • If you find this guide helpful, feel free to explore our other Lost Ark articles, covering a wide range of topics related to the game.

Phase 3 of Argos Abyss Raid - Lost Ark

Please watch this video by T-Party for further insights into the final phase of the Argos Abyss Raid:

[Video Link: T-Party – Argos Abyss Raid Phase 3 Guide](insert video link)

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