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Lost Ark Bard PvE Guide: Maximizing Your Support Abilities

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on playing the Bard class in Lost Ark! If you’re a fan of traditional MMOs, the Bard may surprise you with its unique blend of support and mage abilities. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Bard’s stats, skills, and builds, ensuring you have the knowledge to excel in the game.

Bard Leveling Guide

Leveling in Lost Ark serves as an introduction to the class, providing a smooth experience as you explore its capabilities. To maximize your damage output while leveling, we recommend focusing your skill points on the following skills:

  • Dissonance
  • Soundholic
  • Stigma

While these skills are recommended, feel free to experiment and try out different combinations based on your playstyle. As a Bard, prioritize damage-oriented skills when leveling solo.

Best Bard PvE Engravings and Stat Priority

Like most classes in Lost Ark, the Bard offers two distinct builds based on its class-specific engravings: True Courage and Desperate Salvation. Despite some differences in playstyle, both builds can utilize the same engravings and tripods.

True Courage focuses on buffing up allies, enhancing their damage and critical strike chance. On the other hand, Desperate Salvation emphasizes a healer playstyle, providing additional healing after recovery effects expire.

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For both builds, the stat priority remains the same: invest in Swiftness and Spec at a 70/30 ratio.

Lost Ark Bard Guide

Best True Courage Engravings

  1. Awakening
  2. True Courage
  3. Increased Max Mana
  4. Spirit Absorption
  5. Heavy Armor
  6. Drops of Ether

Best Desperate Salvation Engravings

  1. Awakening
  2. Desperate Salvation
  3. Increased Max Mana
  4. Spirit Absorption
  5. Heavy Armor
  6. Drops of Ether

Bard Chaos Dungeon & Cube Tripods and Skill Builds

Bards exhibit great flexibility when it comes to chaos dungeons and the cube. With a wide range of useful tools, they can excel in various builds. Regardless, it’s important to focus on key buffs, heals, and AoE abilities.

One highly effective build for Bards is an all-rounder setup suitable for different scenarios. Remember to use Oratorio in dungeons and Symphonia in raids as Awakening skills.

For new players, reading these builds is simple: look at the colored skills and choose upgrades based on the small images below their names. Additionally, consider adding runes to further enhance your skills.

Bard Dungeon & Cube Build

In chaos dungeons and the cube, allocate your points as follows:

[Insert Dungeon & Cube Build]

Bard Raid Tripods and Skill Builds

Raid encounters require a more specialized approach for Bards. While the class engravings remain the same, you’ll notice different skill selections compared to the dungeon build. The focus shifts towards countering specific mechanics and dealing single-target damage instead of AoE abilities.

![Attack Gems](Insert Attack Gems Image) ![Cooldown Gems](Insert Cooldown Gems Image)

Best Bard Card Sets

For both True Courage and Desperate Salvation builds, we recommend the following card sets:

  • Field Boss
  • OR
  • Farewell, Weapon
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Best Bard PvE Combos

In Lost Ark, skill combos create a powerful chain of moves that surpass the effectiveness of individual skills. Players who master their class combos will witness a significant difference in damage output. However, due to dynamic fights, survival should always remain a priority.

Here’s a core combo for both Bard builds:

  1. Wind of Music (Right before starting a fight)
  2. Heavenly Tune
  3. Sonic Vibration
  4. Guardian Tune (If expecting incoming damage)
  5. Soundholic
  6. Sound Shock

After casting Sound Shock, keep an eye on your initial buffs as they begin to expire. Aim to reapply them quickly to maintain optimal performance.

Thank you for choosing our Lost Ark Bard PvE Guide! With the information provided, you’re now equipped to make the most of your Bard class and conquer the game’s endgame content. We’ll continuously update this guide to ensure you stay up-to-date with any changes.

Note: The content here is based on the original article but has been modified and enhanced to provide a fresh, engaging experience for readers.

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