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Brelshaza Gate 6 Boss Guide

Brelshaza, the formidable boss of Gate 6, is a force to be reckoned with. In this guide, we will walk you through the battle strategies and tactics needed to conquer her. By following these tips, you’ll be able to navigate the treacherous battlefield and emerge victorious.

The Wrath of Brelshaza

Brelshaza’s first move sends her off the battlefield, leaving behind her imposing shadow. This shadow will perform a ground slam, summoning a massive black hole at the center of the arena. It is crucial to avoid getting too close to the black hole as it deals significant damage to players.

As the battle progresses, the circle in the middle will gradually shrink, with a pizza-like attack originating from the center occurring twice. Be prepared to dodge and evade these attacks to minimize damage.

Tiny Black Holes and Red Orbs

During the battle, you may notice tiny black holes glowing on specific tiles. These black holes appear randomly on four tiles. Simultaneously, red orbs will start moving towards the giant black hole from the outside. It’s crucial to avoid getting hit by these red orbs, as three hits will result in an immediate demise.

Amidst the red orbs, a few golden orbs will also be present. Each player must collect two golden orbs if they don’t have a tiny black hole on their tile. However, if a tiny black hole is present on a player’s tile, only one golden orb is needed to enter that black hole.

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Players who successfully collect a black orb will remain outside the black hole, while those who fail will be transported into another dimension. Should there be more than four players inside the black hole, the players who didn’t receive a buff will not survive.

Clones and Coordinated Movements

While the battle rages on outside the black hole, each tile in the battlefield will have a clone. These clones can either do nothing or rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. Inside the black hole, clones will appear that can be countered or staggered based on the outside clone’s animation.

To navigate this phase successfully, follow these steps:

  1. Avoid the pizzas and stand at 1/3/5/7/9 o’clock positions.
  2. Gradually move to the center to avoid damage from the shrinking circle.
  3. As soon as Brelshaza prepares to strike the ground, a glow will appear. Run to your pre-assigned tile.
  4. Stand on your designated tile and collect two golden orbs.

If your tile contains a black orb, wait until it starts shaking and gets brighter before entering it. On the other hand, if your tile doesn’t have a black orb, simply avoid the red orbs and wait patiently.

Outside Battlefield – Role of the Four Players

The four players outside the black hole have a crucial role. Follow these guidelines to fulfill your responsibilities:

  • Move between your assigned tiles to check if the clones rotate.
  • When a clone rotates, ping the tile for the inside team to move to that tile.
  • Stay focused on the clones and keep moving between the tiles.

If the clone rotates clockwise, the clone inside will need to be staggered. Conversely, if the clone rotates counterclockwise, the clone inside will require countering.

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Inside Battlefield – Role of the Four Players

The four players inside the black hole must coordinate with the outside team. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Follow the pings from the outside team and move to their designated tile.
  • Counter or stagger the clone that appears on that tile.
  • Collect the buff dropped by the clone to survive.

To stagger a clone, deplete its stagger bar with a whirlwind bomb, which can remove approximately 80% of the stagger bar. This means you’ll only need one additional skill to finish it off.

Meanwhile, to counter a clone, position yourself at the edge of the tile, ensuring your character faces towards the center of the battlefield.

Be wary, as failing to counter or stagger a clone will result in a blue meteor dropping on that tile, depleting its HP.


By adhering to these strategies and working together as a team, you can overcome the challenges posed by Brelshaza at Gate 6. Remember, coordination, timing, and a thorough understanding of each phase of the battle are essential for success. Good luck, brave warriors!

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