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Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon (Clown) Raid: Everything You Need to Know

Lost Ark, the highly anticipated western version of the popular MMORPG, is set to release its next raid – Kakul-Saydon (Clown). As you gear up and prepare for this thrilling adventure, it’s essential to understand the rewards, drops, item level requirements, and tips for this raid. In this article, we’ll delve into all the details, ensuring you’re fully equipped to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon Item Level (iLvl) & Requirements

Kakul-Saydon, also known as Clown, is a 4-man raid with 3 gates, making it significantly more demanding than previous raids like Vykas and Valtan. To unlock Kakul-Saydon in Lost Ark NA/EU version, you must reach a minimum item level of 1475 for the normal mode. Unlike other raids, there is no hard mode available for Kakul-Saydon. However, there is a practice mode called Rehearsal, which can be accessed at an item level of 1385. It’s important to note that Rehearsal and normal Kakul-Saydon share the same weekly lockout.

Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon Rewards

Let’s explore the enticing rewards that await brave adventurers in Kakul-Saydon:

1. Tickets

Both Kakul-Saydon Rehearsal and Normal mode offer tickets as rewards. These tickets can be traded in the shop for honing materials and other similar rewards. Make sure to collect these tickets and utilize them wisely to enhance your gameplay experience.

2. Trumpets

Trumpets are valuable drops obtainable in the Normal mode of Kakul-Saydon. Each gate, including the gate you clear, the chest you purchase, and even the auction, offers a chance to obtain trumpets. These trumpets can be used to level up your relic set bonus, elevating the effects from level 1 to level 2. With enough trumpets, you can enhance your armor and weapon pieces to gain a significant advantage. Upgrading armor pieces requires 10 trumpets, while upgrading the weapon necessitates 25. To fully upgrade the entire set, you’ll need a total of 75 trumpets.

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The trumpet distribution per gate is as follows:

  • Gate 1: 1×Trumpet (clear), 1×Trumpet (chest)
  • Gate 2: 2×Trumpet (clear), 2×Trumpet (chest)
  • Gate 3: 2×Trumpet (clear), 2×Trumpet (chest)
  • Auction: 5

3. Gold

While challenging Kakul-Saydon at an item level of 1475, you’ll still have the opportunity to accumulate LA gold. Clearing each phase of the raid yields approximately 4,500 gold from Clown alone, excluding the cost of buying boxes. It’s worth noting that Clown chests are more expensive than Vykas chests, requiring around 3,100 gold to purchase.

FAQs & Tips for Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon Raid

To ensure a successful raid experience, here are some frequently asked questions and useful tips:

  • Should you do a rehearsal on multiple alts? There’s no need to repeat the rehearsal with all your alternate characters. The rehearsal reward is tied to your account, so by completing it on your main character, you’ll receive the rewards for all characters on your roster. Save time by solely focusing on your main.

  • Enhance your gear for smoother runs: If you want to join public groups (pugs) and make the runs easier, it is highly recommended to have a 5×3 engraving setup and level 7 gems. While a 5×3 setup is not necessary to pass DPS checks, it provides an edge in terms of damage output. Gate 1 Clown is relatively easy, while gate 2 Clown is comparable to gate 2 Vykas in terms of difficulty. Focus on maximizing your damage output without overgearing.

  • Save on auction costs: The initial bidding prices for auction rewards tend to be high in the first week but decrease swiftly thereafter. Consider waiting for the seventh week when prices have significantly dropped. By strategically timing your bidding, you can save a substantial amount of Lost Ark gold.

  • Relic set upgrades: To fully benefit from the relic sets, ensure that you have upgraded 2/4/6 pieces of the set to unlock the respective set bonuses. Plan your upgrades accordingly to optimize your character’s strength.

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With this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to conquer the Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon (Clown) Raid. Gather your allies, strengthen your gear, and embark on this epic journey into the unknown. Good luck, adventurer!

Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon Raid
Lost Ark Kakul-Saydon Rewards

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